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Just Say No To Logan's Roadhouse
By -

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Logan's Steakhouse located on Germantown Road at the Wolfchase is absolutely NASTY and promotes bad service. My wife and I went there tonight and will we will NEVER go back. We ordered the "deal" - Appetizer, 2 steak diners, 2 sides, and a dessert for $20. What a heck of a deal, right? Not so much.

We ordered the Buffalo chicken wings for our appetizer and someone other than our server brought out some chicken tenders. We told them that wasn't what we ordered, thinking they just mixed up our order. The lady took them back and our server came out a few minutes later and asked us if someone brought out some chicken tenders to us. We said "Yes sir", he then asked "What was wrong with them?", to which I replied "We didn't order them, we ordered Buffalo Chicken wings."

He replied "Oh, so you want me just to toss them?" which I took to mean, do you just want me to trow them away?", and I replied, "I don't care what you do with them since I didn't order them". So he took them in the back and "tossed" them in some wing sauce and brought them back out to us. We almost didn't eat them because they were not what we ordered and I thought he was just being a jerk to us. After replaying the conversation in my head I realized that he asked me if I wanted him to toss the chicken tenders and meant toss them in wing sauce and I thought he meant throw them away. Simple misunderstanding. It happens.

Our waiter then said "I will be right back with some rolls and your salads." About 3-5 minutes later I ran out of my drink and set it to the edge of the table so that he could plainly see it. Right about this time an adult German roach crawled across the low wall cap that separates the booths from one another. I saw it as well as the lady and gentleman next to me in the next booth. Our waiter stopped by their table and they reported seeing the bug, and he said he would go get a manager.

About 15 minutes later another lady brought out our steaks and potatoes. As she placed the plates in front of us, she noticed the looks on our faces. She asked what was wrong and we told her that we had never gotten our salads or rolls yet. She then asked if we wanted her to bring us a salad, to which we replied, "Not now, we already have our food." She apologized and offered to bring us yet another side, I told her, "Don't worry about it, it is not your fault". She then asked what we both were drinking so she could fill them up. I told her that I didn't want her too.

I wanted to see just how long they would sit empty. She apologized again. At this point I told her that we saw the roach that the booth next to us saw and reported to our waiter. She did not act shocked that we saw one, and told us that she would let someone know. Our waiter noticed that we were talking to this waitress and brought us out our refills.

A few minutes later our waiter came out of the kitchen with a man that looked to be a manager of some sorts. He (the manager) looks at both our booths and makes his way to our neighbor's table and stopped halfway there and turned and went back into the kitchen. He never came out and spoke to either table about the roach.

Our waiter cam to our table and said "So, I hear that you guys saw the roach too." I said, "Yeah, it was kind of hard to miss." he then said, " We told the manager but what is he really going to do about it? Come out here and apologize, offer to take care of the meal, or something else? There is really nothing to do in this situation." He then proceeded to tell us about his previous job working at a restaurant in Jackson, TN and how they had problems with roaches too. Like I cared about his work history. He asked us if there was anything else he could do for us, and we told him to put our dessert in a to-go box that we were ready to leave.

He brought our check to the table and walked off. It was the $20 deal, two drinks, and taxes. I believe it was $27.92. I thought maybe that he would have adjusted something on the price for not bringing us two of our sides, but it was the full price. I didn't say anything because us not getting our salads rested 100% on him and not the restaurant, and sitting there without a drink for over 15 minutes, so I decided not to leave him a tip.

We decide to stay and eat our meal despite the roach sighting and so I felt like I owed them the price of what we ate and didn't deserve anything for free. We could have left after we saw the roach crawling around, but we stayed anyway. I took the time to write this out to let everyone know how the Logan's Steakhouse on Germantown Road, in the parking lot of the Wolfchase Mall operates. Nasty place, horrible service, and a non-caring managerial staff.

Dissatisfied With Customer Service
By -

SMYRNA, TENNESSEE -- My office that I work for (doctor's office) went to Logan's for a farewell lunch for one of my co-workers. We had placed our order, at which time our drinks were brought to us and then we waited. Then salads were brought to those who ordered them. We then proceeded to sit in the restaurant for a total of 45 minutes waiting for our food at which time the doctor informed the waitress that we could not wait any longer, that they need to bag our food to go.

They brought the bags to us and we paid for our bill. When we got to our office and began to give out the food, we found out that 3 peoples food were missing. The doctor called to the restaurant to complain and the assistant manager stated that she could not give back our money today, that the general manager would have to do that tomorrow. Our office has done business with this restaurant on many occasions with the drug reps who come to our office and brings food. I believe this is a very poor way to conduct business with anyone who visits their restaurant on a regular basis. This is a good way to lose a lot of business.

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