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Defective Product and Worst Customer Service
By -

DRAPER, UTAH -- Dear Jerry Quindlen, here is case number **. I have received the e-mail that case has been marked as solved, I have not received back my camera nor my requested to refund has been discussed with any one. Very interesting. I have been a using many products from Logitech and I always have issues as those product still under $100 I never had to call Logitech customer support. Recently I have purchased Wilife outdoor camera (command center 2.5) about 2 months back and it stopped working as of September 24 2009.

I finally called Logitech support on November 2nd to resolve the issue after 2 hour call with customer services person (**) it come to conclusion that camera is defective and I really did not have good experience with type of services provided to me, after that when I was checking review of the product and experience about other people and I found out it is similar experience what I have. Here I am attaching that website for your review: **.

At the end of call I ask ** that if he can have his supervisor call me following day because I really like to discuss returning of this product after reading other people experience. I do not want to invest in product which waste my time troubleshooting every week and provided him 3 different time block of my availability and his answer was that his supervisor is so busy that he will call me when he will have time and in fact he never call me. So finally called back yesterday and customer service representative have send me return label.

Again I have spend 2 hour installing product (cost me $100), 2 hour trouble shooting now another 1 hour de-installing (cost me $50) and that will go on. Please can you some assure me that replacement I will get for my camera which will not have ongoing a problem and customer service representative are helpful and company will cover the cost if reinstallation and reinstallation or please refund my money. I really do not have courage to deal with company customer service representative who are rude and make a fun of people. I am very disappointed.
I hope other people read this and stay away from this product.

I left the message for CEO office and no reply at all. So they do not care about consumers.

Bloody Awful Support and Product
By -

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- Here is a copy of an e-mail complaint and support letter I sent to Logitech: "I am very displeased with you people. I'm sure it won't bother you but I need to write this while I'm still mad. I bought a quickcam express 5 days ago, it doesn't work. I contacted tech support on the web (your illustrious "free" (wink, wink) web tech support) and explained my problem. I received an e-mail, finally, 3 days after I sent it. The e-mail told me I had to call tech support.

Oh gee! Now I get to waste even more money calling long distance to get something fixed that should work in the first place! that's fine. I got over that. I just wanted the darn thing to work. After sitting on hold for 20 minutes, I finally got a "tech" named **. He told me to go to and that this page would solve all my problems! What a lifesaver! (Or is it lazy? Hmmmm....) I promptly went to this site filled with dreams of using my wonderful camera soon! Boy was I excited! I went through each step. They didn't work.

The test for the most part didn't even give recognizable results in correlation to what the web-page said would happen. Isn't that invigorating!!!! So..... I call your long distance number again. This time I sit on hold for about 30 minutes. I finally get another "tech", I'm sorry I don't remember his name. Well, he has some wonderful ideas. He says, "completely remove any and all traces of previous installations of the webcam and then download ver. 6.0.1 from the logitech site. that should fix all your problems!" Such confidence! Such skill!

But then, a nasty disclaimer! "If that doesn't fix your problem then you might try reinstalling windows 98." "But sir," I said "I only have a restore cd from eMachines. I have never had any win98 discs! oh woe! WOE!!", "That's not a problem silly consumer. Just restore and everything will be fine." Well, needless to say I was very impressed with this young man. "truly, this fella knows his stuff!", I thought to myself. I thanked him profusely and went about un-installing the webcam installations. I even deleted the registry keys so that the computer didn't even remember that there had been a webcam on it. I was told to do this , mind you.

Now here I am, palms sweaty with anticipation, mind racing about the infinite possibilities of the amazing technology procured at Best Buy. I reinstall the software from the website. Go through the re-enumeration process in the order I was instructed, reboot, install the camera and..... TA-DAAAAA!!!!! Oh wait...... hmmmmmm..... nothing. That's odd. Well I guess I better restore my system. Now, I hate restoring my system. We've all had to do it. Luckily with restore there is the option to do it without formatting your hard drive. So when you finish, you only have to re-install 75 or so programs. Not the 78 you might have to if you format.

Anyway, I restore. Once again filled with false hopes of streaming video of myself and my surroundings. I go through all the same steps again and still nothing. Imagine that. Well I guess I have to waste more money on the phone again! Sure am glad I have that $10 rebate from Logitech!!!! So now I call (holding for a brisk 15 minutes this time) and I get another tech. Don't ask his name, I couldn't understand him very well. He says I have to call eMachines and get win98 discs from them (more wasted money!!!! WEEE-HOOOO!!!).

I then need to re-install said windows 98, reformatting my hard drive, mind you, and losing any files I might have written, downloaded, created, etc. Have I ever been this excited you might ask? Well one time I got 8 stitches in the side of my hand very near a nerve cluster. That was almost as lovely an experience. So at this point I figure, I've spent 39.95 on the camera (minus a very generous 10.00 rebate), about 75.00 on phone calls (with more coming!!! Got to call eMachines remember!) and a lot of frustration on a camera that makes a handy paperweight, 105.00 paperweights. Good name for a band, but I digress.

In closing thank you Logitech! thank you for a truly exciting foray out of my normally calm and structured universe. Please forward this to any and all supervisors, CEO's, presidents and janitors. I have procured an upper echelon e-mail address and I will be sending this to them as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. **"

Well, there you have it. A very thought provoking letter in my opinion. I received this response 2 days later: "Thank you for using Logitech's Electronic Technical Support. My name is **. The following information addresses your original question. You may wish to print this out and/or save this on your computer. I thank you for your extremely well written complaint. I have forwarded it up the chain. I'm sorry about your unpleasant experience. If you have additional technical questions regarding your product, please visit our web site at and submit your question. Thank you for your interest in Logitech."

Now, kudos to **. I am reasonably sure he did send this up the chain and I appreciate it, but, I never received anything else from Logitech since that day about 2 months ago. I did have an e-mail to send it "up the chain" as ** put it, but, it got returned with a mailer daemon. So here it is, I still have the 105.00 paperweight. By the way, if any of you people out there decide to start a band by the name of "105.00 paperweights" I will be expecting royalties. Ta ta!

Does Anyone Know An E-mail Contact For Logitech?
By -


Customer Service SUCKS!
By -

FORT WHITE, FLORIDA -- Logitech's customer support rates -1 with my experience trying to get my cordless desktop lx710 laser cordless keyboard and mouse working on my Dell Computer running XP. I've now spent over 2 hours on the phone not toll free. I purchased it online at Complus, so I have no choice but to deal with Logitech. I'm going to give them one more shot and then I will use it on my old Dell running 2000Prof (it works great on that set up). I've bought Logitech surround sound set up and a remote, which you set up while connected to the computer and the internet... no complaints there but it is a different tech support for those items.

I just can't accept that their technicians (in Nevada) can't solve the problem. They told me they would replace it and it never came, when I called they said they need to try more things?? I think the guys I worked with are totally lost! I guess it's somewhat my fault for not buying it at a retail store so I could have received a replacement or credit... Life is a learning experience..

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