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Poor return policy
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ANDERSON, INDIANA -- I contacted LogJam prior to my purchase to confirm that their iPod Interface Kit would work with my 1999 Mercedes CL 500. Their email: "If your '99 CL500 has the Mercedes D2B fiber optic audio system, and it has the Mercedes fiber optically connect CD changer in the rear of the vehicle, then the I-MB-D2B iPod interface will work in the vehicle. Yes, you can return the interface if we say it is compatible with your vehicle (and we do) and it turns out that it isn't, then you can return the device for a full purchase price refund."

I received the item and it did not work in my car because the 1999 CL 500 only came with an analog connection, not a digital connection to the CD changer. I contacted LogJam for a refund because it was not compatible with my car, and I was told that it was my fault for not knowing the difference between an analog and a digital connection. They refused to refund my money.

I contacted the manufacturer of the device, their supplier, Dice Electronics. Dice was very helpful, they looked up my make and model and told me that that device would not work with my car. They also told me that they supply the compatibility list of all of the makes and models to their resellers, so LogJam should have known that it was not compatible. Furthermore Dice Electronics said, in their professional opinion, that it was unrealistic to expect an end user to know the difference between an analog and digital connection.

I tried to reason with the owner of LogJam, and for twenty minutes he just kept repeating that it was my fault for not knowing the difference, then he finally agreed to issue me an RMA. The RMA never came, he stopped responding to my emails, and did not return any of my calls. It was $499.95. I was cheated pure and simple. I have seen other reviews saying the same thing. Buyer beware. They are more concerned about the money than customer satisfaction or their reputation.

Will Not Accept Returns
By -

ANDERSON, INDIANA -- "To Err is Human" ... We all make mistakes and I believe that a company should accept returns of their products within a reasonable amount of time for any reason. I ordered a HON98AUX from LOGJAM ELECTRONICS because he LARGE heading it said for 1998-2005 Honda Cars. I didn't read the fine print that said "only civic". I have an Accord and it didn't work. When I tried to get a refund they refused. There are plenty of other websites that supply electronics like this and offer no questions asked returns. My advice is DO NOT TO USE LOGJAM ELECTRONICS unless you are prepared to eat their products if they don't work.

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