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Installed broken A/C
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Bought a new home in Houston in the summer of 2008. We asked the previous owners to provide home warranty. They obliged and purchased Allied Home Warranty for my home. In April of the following year we had an AC go out. We called Allied and they put us in contact with their A/C repair company; Lone Star A/C & Appliance Repair, LLC.

From the beginning this was a terrible experience. The "salesman", I mean repair guy, tried his hardest to sell me a more expensive A/C unit. I asked him about a discount because I'm with Allied and they didn't provide one. We went back and forth about upgrading and he got quite angry when I told him that I wanted to go with the 13 seer A/C that was covered under warranty. I'm assuming they use the cheapest A/C on the market and virtually make nothing on the deal, b/c it cost me about $1800.

He wanted to sell me an A/C for almost 4 times that amount. I contacted this company in early April b/c my A/C wasn't working. They told me I'd have to pay a service charge. I couldn't believe it. I've had the A/C for less than a year and they wouldn't service it for free. I told them I didn't want to work with them b/c I don't trust them and I went with a different company.

The other company told me that it appears that the A/C unit was dropped, either at the factory or by the disgruntled "salesman" I dealt with, b/c all the freon leaked out. The coils were busted. He further told me that this was one of the worst A/C units out there and that I should request they completely replace it, b/c putting a band-aid on. it won't fix the problem over the long haul.

I then contacted the manufacturer, Airwell-Fedders. Their A/C's are so terrible that they won't let you speak to anybody, no receptionist, no call center, nothing. They prompt you to enter what type of A/C unit; Window or Central. Then they ask for zip code. They then refer to call another company for service. I called them and they said, "Bring in your A/C and we'll look at it." They don't even service central A/C units. They gave me the number to a company they thought might look have the contract soon.

I called this company and they told me no, but gave me the number to get in touch to real life people at Fedders. So I tried many times and got a quite rude person. The first thing the person asked was why did I call them I should have called the people who installed the A/C. I told them I called them b/c they built the thing. She said for me to contact the installers, which is what I didn't want to do.

I filed a BBB and they can't do anything about it, b/c the company policy says that service is only warrantied for 30 days. So instead of getting more of the runaround I called a technician to install a "real" A/C. I may be paying on it for a few years, but it beats fixing it every time it gets hot in Houston. I would never recommend any of these companies, not Allied Home Warranty, not Airwell-Fedders, and definitely not Lone Star A/C & Appliance Repair, LLC.

FYI: The primary company I spoke with told me that they couldn't wait to be rid of the contract. The second company told me they were terrible. The company that fixed my A/C told me they were terrible. STAY AWAY FROM THESE COMPANIES and get a real A/C like Trane or Carrier.

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