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All Scams Pulled
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- This car dealership pulled every scam you can read about. They added a warranty to the loan papers that I did not ask for, had me sign blank paperwork (yeah, that was really dumb of me), allowed us to drive off the lot with no paperwork. When I called to ask about "my copies" they said the papers had been sent off to their business office (which they said was not on-site like other car dealerships). LIE!! I even had a woman call my house to say I had been approved for the loan, told my husband what the percentage was and the amount of the payments.

But when we insisted on getting our copies of the paperwork and went to pick them up, I was suddenly "not approved" for the loan. I did do a formal complaint with the Texas Dept. of Transportation but the investigation concluded that there had been no violations of the laws that TDT enforces. Apparently, Lone Star is very good at covering up their scamming ways. I'm sure this scam is not pulled on everyone but only on those that they think will not get approved. Instead of being honest and telling us that it may be difficult to get my 19 year old (employed) daughter on the loan because she had no credit history.

Their only concern was to try make a sale and "pretend" like she was on the loan when in fact, they were only going on my information. So although all the Mitsubishi dealerships in the area are owned by the same individual here in San Antonio, we went up the street to another Mitsubishi dealership, had them do the loan, transfer that same car my daughter had in her possession to their dealership. The sale went through with no problems and we were handed all of our copies before walking out the door.

Horrible Customer Service
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SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I had a very good car salesman who quit not long after my purchase at the dealership. It took me a while to make my decision on the deal. Once I did I went to finance and signed my paperwork under the "assumption" that they would find a bank to approve me and not to worry. I left without any copies (not thinking and too excited) and had the car for 2 weeks. They gave me a call and said to come into the dealership to sign papers. Much to my surprise they wanted me to sign a whole new deal that I was not agreeing with and told them they were not taking the car back after me having it for 2 weeks already.

I have never had such awful customer service in my life, EVVVEERRR!! I was treated like the dirt they walked on and not as a person who was buying a car from them (who already had a reliable car). It is amazing to me the people who are put into positions of customer service who have no idea how to treat individuals. I would suggest that if you do not want your credit ruined and you want great customer service DO NOT go to this dealership!!! People deserve great service especially if you are a buyer.

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