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L'Oreal USA, Inc. Hair Coloring Consumer Reviews

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My Head Hurt for 3 Days & 3/4 of My Hair Fell Out! I'm in Tears.
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JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I've been using L'oreal hair color, Frost & design & Hair lightning products since I was 17 yrs old. I am 49 now. I know how to use the products correctly. Approx. between Oct. 2011 & Jan.2012 I bought Loreal's Frost & Design here in Jacksonville FL. May 2012 the Friday before Easter Sunday I used the Frost & Design on my hair. As it was on my head I asked my family members if they smelled it because I smelled nothing at all & there is always a particular smell while using it. I thought maybe it is now odorless, although it did not say that on the box.

After rinsing my hair & blowing it dry I noticed that I did not have a noticeable lighting effect in my hair as usual. Approx 3 to 4 days later the top of my head hurt so badly that I put aloe vera gel & tea tree oil on it & saturated it to ease the pain, I left it on for 2 days straight. Once I washed the aloe vera gel & tea tree oil out of my hair, I had handfuls of my hair in my tub & in my hands. I just cried uncontrollable. My hair continued to fall out for about a month and a half after that. My hair was very thick & curly & now I look like I have had recent radiation and chemo.

There are no words to describe how I feel. I did call L'oreal & they said they would pay for my doctor's visit but assured me it was not due to their product & no one else has had this happen to them. Most of my hair came out at the roots and some hair broke off. I made an appt with my doctor & he ran many tests & told me that nothing at all showed up in my blood work to show any medical reason as to why my head hurt for 3 days & lost most of my hair thereafter. I have loved & trusted L'oreal all my life. Now, I am so afraid to ever use any L'oreal hair products ever again. Every woman LOVES their hair & I surely loved mine.

Now I wear hats & my smile is gone. I plan on hiring a lawyer for justice & compensation. Women, be careful & I say "Save your used empty boxes for proof for at least a week after you have colored your hair, just in case this happens to you." If this has happened to anyone else, please call L'oreal & write a report here. There must be a re-call asap & all victims need to be compensated. I'd prefer just to have my hair back as it was, but it is too late for me. (extremely sad)

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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- I have tried it twice and it did not cover up my gray. I am pretty upset. Now have to get another color to do it again.

Do you still make the blonde color 9.5 ab
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