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Takes Only the Biggest Dollar Cases in the End (My Opinion)
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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- When I first heard of this firm, I thought multi-million dollar settlements meant good lawyering. I am very disappointed in this firm. I had referred some people there. I kept getting negative feedback but thought it was a sour grapes mentality. I then was in my office when one of their attorneys called and the phone was put on speak phone. I cannot believe the disregard for the clients feelings, facts of the case or anything but their blind insistence that there was a case there but they did not want to handle it. I thought perhaps there was an undisclosed conflict.

The individual who I had referred there is a sweet and giving woman who has helped everyone pro bono in their time of need. I had another lawyer and doctor look at the case today and they could not fathom why this firm dropped the case. They pointed out things that Lubin & Meyer missed -- such as a surgeon giving an organ a clean bill of health at the time of surgery yet it was cancerous and the fact that the person who the patient was supposed to follow up with had terminated his physician relationship with her without her knowledge (not legal in this state -- they missed that too.

In my humble opinion this is what happens when you get a case with little damages (relative to a death case) and lawyers with only four years out of school. I interviewed someone who worked there and I understand the firm is big on getting numbers of potential claims in, but rushes the review and drops the cases more often than not --leaving the client in a tenuous position at best. Worse, this client was lied to about the status of litigation and was told to get rid of her docs and that it was filed. Put yourself in her shoes. So, before you go there, or refer someone there, demand to know how many cases each attorney is actually handling.

Then call some other firms and ask how many they are handling. I don't care how big a firm is if there are only so many attorneys to appear in court. This could have all been avoided if they had, at the end of four to six months, declined to take the case, but instead they said they took the case and even named the court, so again, what kind of professional conduct is this? The file was returned with items missing as well, most notably doctors notes crucial to establish compliance... but this woman was never given her day in court with this firm and assumptions were made.

Do you want to spend 10 months of your life having what could be your last hope of providing for your family managed in this way. I also want to warn that malicious, libelous posts are being ghost written by (?) in an effort to have the former client subject to a libel suit. Of course, truth is an absolute defense to libel, but we cannot control their making postings and attributing them to her. She has said nothing but the truth in her posts in order to warn the public she loves. She has been a military judge, civil administrative judge and takes the law seriously.

This may be a good firm for you if you have a potential multi-million dollar settlement. If you don't you may want to look for a more appreciative and caring firm. If you have had the unfortunate experience of having to bury your child, they may be the firm for you. I can't explain the misrepresentations and the callous disregard for allowing a review of the records in this case, but I can say it is true in my opinion. No one should be given the bum's rush. I regret that they did not leave this lady with her dignity or a reasonable time to file a suit. It is going to be very hard to file under the statute given their unnecessary delays.

I suggested this firm to this person and feel responsible for the pain and suffering and delay that was caused, but I did so believing that they get good results, and they often do. So, I wish Lubin & Meyer would answer how many people they sign retainer agreements with, represent themselves to doctors as attorneys for the client, and then ten months later decline to represent after stating that a case was filed.

Again, any audio recordings of calls proving anything were done quite accidentally with new phone system, and was a fluke until we learned how to shut recording off, but I am glad it exists so that when this matter comes to a hearing, it is not a matter of who said what. I truly wish it went a different way for everyone's sake. The firm didn't get updated records and it was apparent they had no idea how sick the client/former client was from the calls I heard, or they would have shown some respect.

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