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Fraudulent Company, Cheap, Defective, Import Flooring, Won't Honor Warranty
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Rating: 1/51

SAN LUIS OBISPO, CALIFORNIA -- Flooring is not stable, grew about 1-1/2" inches after installation, even though it acclimated for over a week. The Lumber liquidators recommended contractors that we used had to come back 3 times and cut it to fit and also put a relief in the drywall so it could expand more. Continues to shrink and grow by about an 1" over 20 ft -- can't even install baseboards, when it grows it causes floor to buckle upwards, so we've had to remove boards to allow doors to open and close. Tried to get a refund so we could put different flooring in the house. Lumber liquidators said that because we lived within 1/2 mile of a lake that they weren't responsible.

After we asked for an explanation of how that invalidated the warranty they said the problem was because we had a crawl space. We told them moisture barriers were installed by their recommended installer and even so, that still didn't explain why the second story had the same problem. Then they sent an "independent" guy out and stated that his report said moisture levels were normal so it's not their problem... they won't show us the report and will not give us a refund.

To me normal moisture levels and floor that grows shrinks by an inch means the flooring is defective. We are going to have to go to court. This is a shady company and they ignore the truth and all the facts to try to get you to believe that their product is fine. I'm a licensed contractor myself who should have known better, but thought that with a 2 year old who's going to tear up these floors anyway, that we should save $3k and buy a product that we wouldn't be too upset with if it got damaged.

We ended up about $10k invested for flooring that is worthless and a house that looks like a construction site while waiting months upon months for Lumber Liquidators to make the situation right, which they still haven't done. I'm guessing they buy this flooring for about 20 cents a square foot and sell it for $3; it's disgusting to see that they won't offer their stated warranty.

Do Not Buy From Them
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Rating: 1/51

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM AND TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS!!! All the reviews here could be my review. They will find any excuse not to pay. Crooked company. There is no doubt that the wood is bad -- they found a way not to pay. I special ordered some oak flooring and it took a month. It arrived and about halfway through the first box the wood was warped, all different widths and thickness and some were even chewed up. I told my contractor to do the best he could thinking I would deal with a refund later.

Well after 2 months of ignored email, and not returned voice mail calls, they sent me a copy of the instructions which in few small print says that if any wood is installed that is defective they will not pay for anything. Be very aware of these shysters. My contractor had told me that they will find some reason not to pay and he was right. Big companies don't give a **. I really want 0 stars.

This was my delusional review when I started the process: I have been waiting a year to have a hardwood floor. I finally ordered the wood and it took 2 months acclimated in air conditioning and 40% humidity until my very qualified installer put it in. He struggled with it because the wood was broken, the widths were different sizes, almost all the pieces were warped so they had to be nailed from the top, and even one end was a different size than the other end. I have missed work just to have this ** put in. I am hoping that Lumber Liquidators will refund all my money and reinstall it and in the meantime I will have to deal with an ugly floor.

Do Not Use Them - They Will Not Honor A 30 Year Warranty After 5 Months Post Installation
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Rating: 1/51

HARTFORD -- Let me get it out of the way and say you get what you pay for. I'm a Connecticut Resident and have experience in wood finishing. The Bell Hickory Hardwood boards were installed earlier this year. About 2 months ago, the hardwood floors, which are refinished Bellawood Handscraped Hickory, started to crack in multiple areas. Before I purchased from LL (Lumber Liquidators), the company assured me the "chemical finish process" these solid wood boards go through make the wood much more durable than that which is not refinished. Needless to say, I filed a complaint with LL about 7 weeks back and asked them to fix the cracking boards.

As I have experience working with wood finishes, I understand the physics of polyurethane, moisture content, and the effects of relative humidity on woods of varying species. After 7 weeks and 2 inspectors sent from LL, an email came through stating they find my use of water and soap to clean the floors is against policy. If LL actually cared about their product and the consumer, they would know polyurethane does not allow water to penetrate into the substrate, in this case, wood. Water VAPOR does.

The 1st inspector they sent out, yeah, he said it's definitely a manufacturer defect. So LL called a 2nd company to send another inspector who said, "Oh, you use water to clean?" What do they want you to clean anything other than sand off with?!?! They sent me an email today telling me they cannot cover their own defective product and wanted me to sign a contract within 5 days of receiving it which will give me $500 store credit. In exchange, I cannot say anything to anyone about this and the matter would have to be confidential so that the company saves face. $500? Really? I'll never buy anything from them ever again.

Stay Away From Lumber Liquidators
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Rating: 1/51

My wife and I went to Lumber Liquidators in Norwalk Ct to buy Bamboo flooring for a Salon, the salesman, who was a very nice man, told us we didn't want Bamboo, we would be much better off with vinyl for what we were using it for, we still wanted Bamboo. My wife went back again a couple of weeks later to order, another salesman, pushing the vinyl also. They decided to give my wife the number for a installer so he could come out and look. Again, another really nice man. He tells my wife, she doesn't want Bamboo, I quote, "I've done many Salons, you definitely want vinyl". She finally agrees to take their advice.

They show up just like they agreed, the guys were great and the job was complete in a day. Here comes the trouble. Right away the floor starts getting scratched, within a week it's not good at all. We call the installer who does come out to look, he tells her he's never seen anything like that and the material must be defective, he says to put in a claim with LL. Well, they send someone out to look, a couple of weeks or so she gets an email more or less saying that it's not their fault, that people shouldn't be wearing certain shoes on the floor, also they shouldn't be using carts either. The carts have hardly any weight them at all.

In other words, they don't want to know anything!! And this flooring was totally what they told her she needed for a salon. I feel really bad for her, she finally saved up enough money to get new floors and now this. Now, maybe two months later they look terrible for new flooring. Oh, and one of the planks are lifting already. We put cheap flooring down in the break room and dressing room from Home D. It's been down for over a year or two. Not a scratch!!! Thumbs down to Lumber Liquidators!!

Now she's going to have to pay an attorney to get somewhere with them. We should have gone to a local reputable company that would have taken care of the problem. You think you're saving money but that's not always the case!! Thank you so much for listening everyone!!!

Defected Stair nosings, Absolutely NO Warranty, Won't Stand Behind Product
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Rating: 1/51

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I am a professional licensed contractor out here in Arizona. I had a client I installed 1700 sq feet of "Remington Oak" Schon engineered wood flooring for. The project included upstairs, downstairs, and the staircase. All the leading edges of each stair tread received a stair nosing. Well after a year and a half, I returned to my client's residence to give an estimate for some cabinetry. My client points out "6" stair nosings with hairline cracks going with the grain.

All have these cracks in same location, on the back section of the nosing. These were installed with polyurethane construction adhesive, and one finish nail on the left and right side of the "Leading edge" (meaty part of the material) no fasteners anywhere near crack locations. 6 months or so prior to this discovery, we had one with a much more noticeable crack in same location. I replaced the nosing under "My" warranty and paid Lumber Liquidators full price for the unit. This was the last one they had (they were discontinuing Remington Oak).

I called their "Customer care line" and filled out the claim form and was assigned to **. Well, I sent the letter via certified mail, and got confirmation of delivery. No response for a couple weeks. I had to call back, complain, then magically received an email. I got excuses like, the weather, busy, etc. Then miss ** states she never received the form. I provided name of individual who signed and photo of signature. I was avoided repeatedly, like many other people on here.

Case in point, they don't stand behind their product. The stair nosings are meant to be on the stairs, and should perform in a reasonable manner. My clients are middle aged folks with a cat, and are very neat people. I feel the product is sub par, something in the milling process, drying process, is to blame. Very weak along the grain. Don't sell something if it doesn't stand up to its purpose! The customer "care" and I use that term loosely, is a bunch of mediocre wage kids, who have a check list of questions and excuses in front of them. I think Lumber liquidators got greedy, blew up too fast, and won't last much longer.

Excessive Shrinkage & Gaps - Formaldehyde in Resin
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Rating: 1/51

NEW JERSEY -- Lumber Liquidators is the dollar store of retail flooring. I bought the Morning Star Bamboo and it's junk. One of the reasons I bought this floor is because they advertise it being "green". How can it be green if it has formaldehyde in it! So what are you saying? It's good for the environment but it may give you Cancer? Would you want your children playing or crawling on this floor? My husband and I have both experienced sore & dry throats and it has a very distinct smell. We were fine before this floor was installed.

And another thing to keep in mind, there was no indication on the labeling or the box saying it was formaldehyde compliant. This is in gross violation of The Formaldehyde Standards Act for Composite Wood Products that was put into law by President Obama in 2010. After 2 months when it was installed we started getting large gaps and separations that ran the whole perimeter of one wall. The installers came and repaired it and 3 months later it happened again. Called LL and they sent out one of "their " inspectors. What a joke this guy was. We went by all the guidelines, bought a humidifier, meter, the works!

Literally baby Sat this floor which is totally ridiculous but we did it and this guy still found fault. I have come to the conclusion it really doesn't matter what you do because they will find a reason to blame you or the installer. They have a nice little racket going on. And their 30 warranty doesn't mean diddley squat! That's even a bigger joke! All I can say is don't let their low prices fool you. If you buy from them and have a problem it will be the biggest headache of your life. Just read the reviews because they are telling you the truth. I know, because I was one of their victims. If you are reading this and decide not to buy their products then you are one of the lucky ones!

Customer Service Abuse
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Rating: 1/51

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to the Raleigh NC store to buy in-stock flooring. I asked about the return/refund terms before the purchase. I was told by a female employee I could return the flooring as long as it was unopened. I was surprised about the lengthy multi-page receipt which included a full page of fine print though. I signed in several places on several sheets of paper for the purchase, took the flooring, and left the store. About a week later I needed to return the flooring. I was told that I would be charged a 20% restocking fee.

When I questioned the 20 % restocking fee, the manager, **, approached me and mocked me for not reading the fine print on one of the pages of the receipt document. I was very shocked at his outrageous behavior, but continued to question the fairness of the policy which had not been fully explained when I questioned the female employee who had completed my receipt the week before. I told the manager that she had not advised me about the restocking fee, but the manager insisted in a belligerent way that I was to blame for not listening.

At one point he leaned across the counter and threatened me. He kept his hands on the counter but his face was only about 10 inches away from me. He insisted I sign the return agreement but refused to sign it himself. When I asked him to sign it he placed an "X" on the signature line and threw it under the counter. One thing I don't need to find in a retail environment is an angry, obnoxious, belligerent employee behind the counter who threatens me by saying, "I know your address." This manager acted in a way that would make a customer question his psychological stability. I don't know yet if he actually refunded my purchase price as he refused to sign to acknowledge my return.

Worst Customer Service Experience
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Rating: 2/51

CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased $13,000 in flooring for my second home in another state. I also used Lumber Liquidators installers - $6,000+ estimate. The order was shipped in multiple deliveries because they couldn't get the order correct. The stair treads were never completely delivered correctly. The store manager ** refused to help us and we had to enlist the corporate customer care team. The installer thought he could complete the job in 2 days and because it is a second home we have to pay every time our caretaker opens and closes our home. He has been there 10 times and the project is not completed. We were still missing 2 stair treads.

I called the store and ** the manager told me he had 2 in inventory and because of all the problems would ship overnight for free. The package never arrived so we called on Wednesday for a tracking number and was told we would get a callback. My wife called 2x on Thursday for a number and never received a callback. I called the store later and they gave me a tracking number.

On Friday I called FedEx only to learn there was never a pickup. I called the store on Sat and was told ** would call me back. The installer called and talked to ** who said the treads were in the warehouse and I could pick them up. I called ** to confirm I could get them and ask why I was lied to about the treads being shipped. ** got angry, said some inappropriate things about bodily harm to me and removed the treads from their inventory system so I couldn't pick up.

The installer got fed up and bought 2 treads from another store and is scheduled to come back again to complete the job. My wife returned the unused flooring and glue to the store after it was approved by customer care. They charged a 20% stocking fee and were angry at my wife saying they would now miss their quota for the month and made here wait 1 hr before they would remove from her car.

When I called Customer Care to tell them about this latest issue their response was "I never lied to you". This has taken over 45 days, I have spent 10's of hours on the phone trying to fix, and incurred over $400 in fees to open my house for the installer and is still not complete. They clearly don't care about service regardless of how big your order is. If you do business with them manage your expectations accordingly.

Read warranty and understand it protects LL not you
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Rating: 1/51

I waited for years to have the money to buy wood flooring for my house. I feel completely stupid and duped. Lumber Liquidators sells poorly manufactured floors and does not stand behind its products. The floor began to split on the glue line within 6 months of installation. After months of rudely worded form letter rejections LL hired Inspect Solutions who could not find anything wrong in my home or environment and therefore concluded that the installers knew the floor was damaged and installed it anyway.

I hired an inspector, who stated that it is a manufacturing issue and it is not floor checks as the Inspect Solutions claimed but glue line splits. He showed me a research article by the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) to show what my floor is doing. LL will not even acknowledge the inspection or the NWFA article and continued a ridiculously flawed argument against the installers.

After filing with BBB, I was offered a store credit that on the face seems fair but when you consider that I don't have the money to pay 2500 dollars to pull up the floor and have it reinstalled with no guarantee that the new floor will be any better, it is meaningless. And if again, I happen to get a bad lot or poor quality floor, I can start the cycle again. BBB states that cannot compel anything beyond LL's limited warranty that states a store credit is the only remedy.

I thought I had asked all the right questions and wrongly thought that LL was a reputable company but the bottom line is that they are a big company that knows how to protect themselves so they can take the chance of selling substandard products because if it fails they don't have to accept responsibility of making it right. The floor is so bad, I cannot walk in stocking feet. And I have to live with the constant reminder of how naive I was because it will be a long time before I can afford to replace it.

I recommend buying wood flooring from a reputable retailer who will stand by the product and treat customers with respect. Read the warranty, a store credit is great if the product is something you can simply take back but a floor should not fail in 6 months and if it does, you want a company that will make it right and at a minimum treat you with respect.

For me, I will have to see if the store credit is something I can sell so I can start to save for a replacement or determine if there is an implied warranty that will apply in my state and seek a remedy through litigation... sigh, I am so sad.

Customer service sham - reverse blame
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Rating: 1/51

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- WOW what crooks. We bought 900 sq ft of this and in a total of 36 boxes. We started to install after installing 28 boxes of the same color we come to the finish of 9 boxes. TO MY SURPRISE THEY WERE ALL OPPOSITE COLOR I MEAN NIGHT AND DAY color and unfinished. I would only assume the truck loader would have half a brain and when loading does make sure I'm getting the same lot. Considering I bought at the same time wow no brainer.

To top it off I call customer care and they start asking me questions of how it was installed and what glue I used. Really!! Turn it on me. I ask them what does this have to do with the color of the wood? The reply was it is the general questions we ask so I ask for the manager name and the reply there all in a meeting. So in the end they have no wood in that color other than what I bought and now I'm fed and my customer is the victim. I thought to myself has LL been around for around week?

I'm I on an episode of the 3 stooges (DO WE CHEAT-EM AND HOW). P.S. I can't believe they tried to say I made the wood change color my favorite was when they put me on hold for 45 minutes and had to sit in the parking lot for seven hours.

In response to LL feedback at bottom- They lie they never fixed the problem. I DID and when they called I was bribed within store credit. I never told I them would shop there again. LL please don't right things that are not true and in which they told me I was to receive the $300 in store credit 3 day ago. I have still not been taken off.

Do yourself a favor, shop somewhere with some honesty and integrity they do not make good on their end believe me. When they transfer you someone named ** this person never called me and never sent the in-store credit. This problem could have been easily avoided and cost me over $500 and my men had to take a 2 day sit at home (no Pay) that helped their families. LL keep the lies coming. P.S. It's nothing to with the product it had to with the shop not taking the time to check the (lot) and giving a $2000 order the care it deserves. Smoke and mirrors.

Company Response 05/10/2012:

LL Response: We spoke with the customer today after several missed phone calls between both parties. We feel the pallet received did in fact have some boxes included that were not a match for the lot delivered. This would have been unknown at the time of receipt. We explained that Customer Care asks a series of questions to uncover the problem, but in this case the customer was out of patience and found little help in answering questions. He agreed the agent knew little about the whole story because he was in a rush to correct the problem. I had the team in a meeting to drive a customer service initiative to improve service, so it would have been appropriate for the agent to ask for a call back number in this rare instance where coverage was not available a training initiative. After speaking with the customer they agreed and became very frustrated by the project delay caused by the 9 boxes in question. LL has since made this situation better and achieved customer satisfaction. No matter where you source materials this can happen no matter how big or small the order may be. We happen to sell more flooring than anyone else and instances like this one are a rarity. Thousands of transactions occur each day successfully and with a great deal of satisfaction from price, quality, service, and support before, during, and after the sale. The customer will be returning for another purchase and a second opportunity for them to see how well our “normal process” works. The customer also understood bamboo can have color variations as most natural products do, so we addressed the problem and turned a negative situation into a positive experience.

Company Response 05/11/2012:

LL Response to Bamboo concerns: We spoke with the customer and corrected the error with the mixed product, and the customer very satisfied with our response. We have taken action to resolve other concerns mentioned and always appreciate customer feedback. Thousands of transactions occur each day without the slightest problem, but when something goes wrong where LL is responsible, we make it right. They will return for future purchases and it's from this kind of repeat business we earn a customers trust when making good on a bad situation.

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