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Bait & Switch
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- On August 9th, I had stopped by Lustine Dealership to purchase a Vehicle. I and the Sales Rep (Tom **) had agreed on a car and on the Terms for a car loan. I was told I was approved for an Auto Loan with monthly payments of $278.00 and an interest of 5.3% with $200.00 down payment. I was satisfied with the purchase and drove back home to Richmond, Va, which is an hour and a half south of Woodbridge.

On August 19th, Andre ** (Financial Rep), had called me to say that I would have to go back to the dealership and re-sign some paperwork. After work I decided to drive back up there to sign the papers and finalized the entire process. Mr. ** told me that the original contract was not approved due to the Auto Loan not being approved after all, and that I would have to then sign another contract since he had gotten me approved for another Auto Loan.

I was satisfied with the chance to have another loan so I asked if anything had changed in terms, which Mr. ** said "just a little."€ The new interest rate had doubled to a 10.5% and the monthly payments were now at $327.00. I told him that I didn'€™t like the terms and that I could not afford the payments. He said that if I didn'€™t sign this new contract I would be forced to return the vehicle immediately. I told him that I couldn't do that at the moment, since I had no other way to get back home to Richmond.

I left pretty upset because that I would not be able keep the car and at the fact that Mr. ** was very uncaring about the situation. I spend the week making arrangements to drop off the vehicle and to have a friend drive his vehicle on Saturday the 24th of August so that I could get back home.

On Thursday the 22nd I called and left a voice mail message with Mr. ** to inform him that I would be returning the vehicle as instructed by Mr. **. On the 24th I arrived at Lustine at 11:00 AM to return the vehicle. I asked to see Mr. ** and was directed to his location; he greeted me and introduced me to his Sales Manager. I explained what I was doing to him and that I would like my $200.00 down payment returned to me. He agreed to look into the situation and refund me the money. I waited in an office for an hour, and then Mr. ** and his Sales Manager entered the office and told me that the car and original contract was worked on and that the car is mine.

I was very surprised by all of this since I was under the impression that they were working to give me my refund. I told both of the Sales Men that I didn'€™t want the car or their business and that I had not asked them to work up a new contract. I was very clear in telling them that I was not doing business with them after the terrible experience I had on Monday with Mr. **.

Spending the time driving, my gas and the stress of being told I would have to return the vehicle was too much. They even had Mr. ** enter the office and asked him if he had indeed say that if I didn'€™t sign the contract I would have to return the car. He said yes, that I would have to return it if not signed. I felt better after Mr. ** confirmed what I had explained and thought it would over.

The men decided to tell me that they had pulled some strings in order to get the contract approved again and that I would have to keep the car. I told them once again that I didn'€™t ask for them to do this and that the contract as of Monday the 19th was not a valid contract. I told them I would be leaving and that I expect the issue to be over and done with. Then the Sales Manager followed me and began to tell me that I was under contract to them for the vehicle and that I could not leave.

He became hostile and demeaning with me. I told him that I was not under any approved contract with them and that I would be going home now. I left the dealership very frustrated and upset over the treatment and entire ordeal with them.

Lustine Dodge of Woodbridge AWFUL
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Rating: 1/51

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- So you would think picking up license plates would be easy, today is July 9, 2014 and my 2nd set of 30 day tags expire tomorrow and the GM Mr. ** refused to give me an additional set of 30 day tag after watching them look for my tag for 30 mins.

I visited Lustine Dodge of Woodbridge back at the beginning June to request for my official license plate to put on my new car, but they said that they haven't received them yet, so they issued me a 2nd set of 30 day tags. This past Sunday July 6th, I called in and left a message for someone to call me back as the second set of 30 day tags were soon to expire and I have yet to hear about my actual license plates and didn't receive a call back.

I call this afternoon to come to find out that the plates were at a sister dealership next door the whole time. Great we found them!!! But why just discover this today, POOR SERVICES, did anyone take into account at the other dealership "why do I have these plates" or when I came in the first time "why hasn't he/she received their plates, let me look into this" POOR SERVICE!!! Everybody is looking for a paycheck but not willing to work for it.

I drove into the dealership this evening to come to find out my official license plates were STILL MISSING, Tomorrow is July 10 and my second set of 30 day tags are going to expire. I used to be a very proud owner of Dodge, but after the taste that Lustine Dodge of WoodBridge has put in my mouth I will never recommend a Dodge/General Motors or for that matter Lustine Dodge of Woodbridge ever again.

You figure a simple apology would of worked, but all I got from the GM Mr. ** was "please don't give me a hard time." Don't get me wrong he looked and looked hard. But simple communication would have solved this issue. Wrapping up my story I still don't have my official license plates and 2nd set of 30 day tags are expiring tomorrow.

After Sale Service Was A Joke!
By -

Last year my wife got a '07 Dodge Charger and was happy with it. About 4 moths later I decided to get a '07 Dodge Nitro R/T. Turns out the Nitro is a piece of crap. I had problems with the brakes making a moaning noise and had it back to the dealer 5 times and was always given the run around; this is a "normal operating condition of the vehicle" etc... There was clearly a problem.

I was told one time by a service representative there was a problem and it would be fixed (I think on the 3rd visit) That service representative then "disappeared" and was no longer there. Steve **, the service manager was the one with the final say and my problem was never fixed. I tried to call the 1-800 customer service number for Dodge, but that turned out to be a even bigger joke! Totally Useless. I was helped by Jessica (no last name would not give one).

The bottom line of that conversation was; "our service managers are our eyes and ears in the field we go with what they say." Well what happens if you don't agree with the service managers assessment? Who do I talk to then? A: "There is no one else to talk to." Do you have a supervisor I can talk to? A: He will not take your call and said the service manager is the final say." That is Dodge's customer service. I took it to another dealer, but the first dealer had "black balled" my file and I was told the same line at dealer #2.

With less than 10,000 miles on the car, less than 1 year old, I traded it in (for a loss) and got a new Honda Accord. I was just sick and tired of the run around and the total crap service and having a new car that was always in the shop. I looked online a week after I got rid of the Nitro and found it for sale "Car fax certified 1 owner, low miles, NEW BRAKES, every option..." So I was not crazy at all, to make the car sellable they had to replace the rear brakes completely, rotors, pads everything!

Maybe I could have kept fighting, but I just did not want to own a Dodge after my experience with their idea of "service." Do not do business with Lustine or with Dodge. I will be happy with my Honda with no problems and the highest quality rating from Consumer Reports.

Company Response 05/24/2010:

This is Mike Engle, General Manager at Lustine Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Please call me if you never found a satisfactory resolution to this complaint. I only took over the dealership in December, and want to do all I can to turn around the reputation of the dealership. My direct number is 703-494-1900, extension 3611.

By -

WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- Eagerly anticipating the purchase of a 2005 Dodge Ram 1500, I ventured to Lustine Dodge in Woodbridge, VA. Upon arrival, I was greeted by Ron **. I told Ron my specific requests. Following some investigation, Mr. ** established that he could not locate a 2005 truck, but he had an available 2006 with identical features. Knowing the price that was comfortable with me, he said that owning the '06 was equally feasible.

Later the same afternoon, I returned to the dealership with my wife. Ron ** stated that the numbers had been worked, and it was not possible to own an '€™06 for the price that we were willing to pay; the dealership offer was approximately $5,000 more than our bottom line figure.

Mr. ** continued the conversation. He acknowledged that his database located one 2005 Dodge Ram with the features that I had specifically requested earlier in the day; however, this truck was located in Maryland. It was then brought to our attention that we would have to sign a contract to purchase the vehicle should the dealership transport the truck to Woodbridge. My wife and I refused because that there was not a way to inspect it prior to making such a large financial commitment.

Following heated discussion with Mr. **, Larry **, Internet Sales Manager, intervened. Persistent in his declarations, Mr. ** continued arguing in regard to the "€œguarantee"€ that my wife and I had to offer in exchange for the vehicle transportation. My wife and I then requested the keys to my present truck in order to leave the dealership.

While leaving the dealership, Mr. ** followed my wife and I and asked what would prevent me from buying the Dodge Ram if it was brought to the Woodbridge location. Adamantly, I responded the truck must be new and not damaged. In addition to these priorities, my wife and I also wanted to resume discussing the cost. He then clearly stated that he would personally get the truck the following Monday. I would be called on Tuesday to examine the truck at the dealership.

Tuesday quickly arrived. I called the dealership to check on the progress of the truck transportation. Unbeknown to me, Larry ** informed me that he, along with Mike **, Sales Manager, had decided not to transport the vehicle due to my untrustworthiness as a customer. He blatantly said that he was not going to waste his time if I was not willing to sign the contract or place a deposit. Due to the poor service my wife and I received from Mr. ** and the sales team, I contacted the owner of the dealership. He seemed genuinely concerned and apathetic towards my situation. He told me that he would find the underlying cause of my problem and return my call later in the day.

Forty-five minutes later, Mike ** returned the call. Unaware of the situation and unapologetic, he said that it is company policy not to offer customers the option of transporting another vehicle from another dealership. He and Larry ** never discussed my situation or cost of the vehicle. Mr. ** insisted that he would rectify this situation and work with the figures so that I may purchase a new truck for the cost I and my wife were suitable spending. Again, I had to wait for a return phone call.

Mike ** was not able to fulfill his financial statement. Unconcerned with the loss of business and negligent treatment that my wife and I received, he did nothing more to fulfill or satisfy our business needs. Extremely dissatisfied with the customer service of Lustine Dodge, my wife and I will now gladly take our business elsewhere. We, along with our family members and friends, will never give our business to an unworthy and unappreciative dealership such as Lustine Dodge of Woodbridge.

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