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Do Not Purchase From This Dealership!
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Rating: 1/51

GREAT NECK, NEW YORK -- Luxury auto of Great Neck is such a horrible company. Do not purchase any vehicle from them. My experience with them has been outrageous. I brought a 2005 Infiniti from them. The Infiniti had issues with it. I gave the company a chance to fix it. While fixing it they broke the window so I had to wait longer to get the vehicle back. They refused to get me a loaner so I was paying for a car but taking the train, then traded it in for a Denali - okay car a few small issues "I" fixed because they don't take care of things quickly or accurately.

The Denali was a headache so I asked can they traded it in after 8 months. They agreed so I asked for a Lincoln navigator - 7995 was the cost. After the bill of sale was done the salesman JD stated it was 11500. He then went on to state because I traded in the Infiniti. I was like “that was 2 cars ago, the bank paid you guys for that. Why are you charging me for that?” He said he'll add it then take care of it. He never did. The navigator was a okay car so I thought after about 2 days driving it the car had issues stopping.

I almost crashed in this piece of ** because the rotors, the tires were balled and the brakes were worn out. The car shook uncontrollably and there was a loud clicking under the hood. Not to mention the mirrors didn't work nor was the back windshield wiper working. It could have never passed inspection like that. I took the car back after 6 days. I was taking the train. Then I get the car back the next day. The trembling of the car is harder, the clicking is louder I can hear it with my windows closed in the city of NY and now a check engine light.

I asked for another vehicle. Craig the owner says all of this is normal. I have not driven this car and it's been not even 30 days. With the issues I have with them don't buy anything from there. They have done this too many. I wish I read the reviews before going.

Scammers, Liars, Thieves!!!
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Rating: 1/51

GREAT NECK, BELLEROSE, NEW YORK -- I bought a car from a High Speed Motors in Bellerose NY. This dealership goes by 3 different names. Car Castle, Luxury Autos of Great Neck and High Speed Motors. They ripped me off on the cost of the car. It was advertised at $13,999 and my contract ended up at over $16,600. They told me that since I only put down $2200 that they told Wells Fargo, my finance company, that I put down $3000 so I would get a better rate but the $2200 was never even taken off of the total of the car. They pocketed that money and scammed me on that.

I know there isn't much I can do about that but they also conned me into buying an aftermarket warranty claiming that it covered everything and that I could go to an Audi dealership and only have to pay the $100 deductible. The car broke and I brought it to dealership. The dealership contacted warranty company and lo and behold, the dealership never sent them payment or contract for warranty so there was no warranty. I have been calling them twice a week at the least for the past 2 months looking for my refund of $2,500.00. They kept telling me that they are waiting for a refund from the warranty company.

I called the warranty company, they told me that they were never sent payment. They don't know why they would be waiting for a refund from them. Still waiting for my full refund... I read reviews on these three business names after the fact and I should have done that before I even bothered with them. I cannot believe how many people they have done the exact same thing too. They have been scamming since 2008 at least, that when the latest complaint was that I found. They need to be aired out, the people of the tristate area need to know what they are doing and to stay away from them.

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