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Philips - Magnavox does not back their products
By -

KNOXVILLE, TENNESSEE -- Back in 2008, I purchased a 42" LCD Magnavox TV (model # 42MF437B/37). About a year and a half later, I noticed a vertical line down the middle of the screen when the TV is on. Currently, there are a few more additional lines that appear on the screen. I called Magnavox to ask them about the problem. After being given the run around, and told that Magnavox no longer supports that model of TV (I'd have to go to a private repair service to have it fixed), I finally requested to talk to a supervisor (Reference # **). After speaking to the supervisor, and asking what Magnavox was going to do to solve my problem, I was, again, told the same thing.

Magnavox was not able to do anything to help, I'd need to see a repair service on my own. I have yet to see a repair service for the TV, but after looking on the internet about this problem, I've noticed the majority of people with the same problem have said it's cheaper to buy a new TV. When I told the supervisor at Magnavox this, I also told her I was not happy with Magnavox's lack of responsibility for their products. I also mentioned that this is a prime example of why most American companies are failing - because those companies will not back their product.

When I asked her that apparently Magnavox only builds their products to last, at the most, 3 years, she really didn't have a response (go figure). Of course, all she could say was she's sorry, but there's nothing the company can do for me. I also told her that if indeed I did purchase another TV, it surely would not be a Philips-Magnavox product. I will even expand that promise to any other type of electronic product built by Philips-Magnavox, whether it be an electric razor, DVD player, etc. So, for all you out there thinking about buying a Philips-Magnavox product - DON'T. They are not built to last, and it would be a waste of your money.

Unhappy With Product And Customer Service
By -

I purchased an MP3 player on 19 Jul 08. It worked fine at first. It really wasn't used a lot, not like a teenager uses them - listening to them all the time. Then one day I wanted to add some music to it, and guess what! It didn't work. Today's date is 16 Nov 08. Of course, the warranty was for 90 days, period! Never mind that it probably wasn't used 30 days. After contacting customer service at the 800 number, I followed their instructions for downloading the device manager and update. It didn't work since the MP3 player didn't work. The computer wouldn't recognize the connection.

I called customer service back as instructed. Tough!!! Warranty was no longer valid. So, I lost $40 for nothing. In this economy, that's not peanuts. I expressed that I felt the product should be replaced. The "supervisor" rejected my opinion. I did inform the customer representative that I would not buy another of their products and that I would let everyone know my opinion of their products and customer service.

In the good old American way, which apparently doesn't exist any more, they would have made good on their product. They didn't and won't, so I think their company should be ignored when you are purchasing products. I also emailed a copy of above to: ** Thank you for having this web site for consumers!

Gross incompetence by the "Contact Center" for Magnavox customers.
By -

WASHINGTON -- Let me just say first I am not a difficult consumer to please, I am nearly 50 years old, and have never written a letter of complaint about anything to anyone... but here goes. I own a Magnavox 26" HDTV with a built in CD player, it is little over a year old, although the CD player failed, that is not the issue here. The power cord to the TV set was stolen during a burglary of a storage unit, since the TV was in a separate unit, it wasn't stolen, but at this point, it might as well have been.

I looked on the Magnavox website for a power cord, but the only likely item was called an "Adapt" but no photo to confirm what it was. I called the contact center, at 800-705-2000, and was on the phone for over an hour with the service rep, and he couldn't give me an answer either, and suggested I buy a new TV set to get a cord (Wholesale price $590+) I protested and he finally said "Tell you what, I will put in a request with our parts department." I said "Can I just call them directly?" He replied "No, but I can have them call you back within two weeks." Two weeks pass, no call.

I call back, and get a different guy, after he corrects the spelling errors in my address, he finds a photo confirming the part I want is an "Adapt" or part # ES9007I, I ask whether it will be shipped UPS or USPS as I have PO box, he says "No problem, it will be UPS or Fedex", it will be there in 5-7 business days. I ask if I can at least get it in three days, and he says it is impossible... so I ask for his supervisor. His supervisor not only refused to speed the shipping, he refused to give me contact info except for the Marietta GA snail mail address for Magnavox. I aske for his supervisor, and he said "I don't have one."

So... two weeks pass. No part. I call them again, and they say "It was shipped DHL, here is the tracking number."
So I call DHL, they say "We couldn't find your home, so we gave it to the USPS, we will call you back after we trace it." (Remember they don't have a PO box number for me) Two hours later, they call to say that for some reason, the package was shipped to Pennsylvania somewhere, and delivered. (Lost) They tell me to contact Magnavox. So I call Magnavox, and say "Look, can you send the part UPS or Fedex and ship it 3 day... you at least owe me this at this point."

They once again rebuff me and tell me they will send another part, this time UPS for sure (once again, I am refused any contact info for anyone above this obviously lower level individual, when you aren't trusted to even authorize speedier shipping for customer satisfaction). I get an e-mail confirming my order has been sent... DHL again. I call them back, and say "Look, we already know what is going to happen here, DHL will once again turn it over to the USPS, who can't deliver to my physical address due to no mailbox." They refuse to ship the part, as "We already have one order in progress, we can't ship another one until this one is confirmed lost or returned."

This is an insane amount of incompetence. I ask to speak to the supervisor, and you guessed it, same answer... and I was told to go to the Magnavox website for the e-mail to complain. Guess what? "E-mail services are not available at this time, please call our contact center." 1) Where in the world do they find service reps this incompetent? 2) How sad is it when a supervisor is an empty suit who cannot be trusted with authority? 3) Are, in fact, these people failing to pass on my complaints to cover their own behinds?

Mind you, I don't want anything complicated, just a power cord, I just pray these folks are not in charge of supplying anything important for aircraft or space missions.

Poor Product Performance
By -

RHODE ISLAND -- My husband purchased a Phillips Magnavox flat screen 32" LCD TV with DVD player from Sam's Club on January 29, 2007 for the amount of $838.40. The DVD player would give us problems ejecting and then stopped working altogether with a DVD stuck inside. Magnavox referred us to a repair shop, Elwin Electronics, where we could carry in our TV to be repaired. The TV was brought in on Feb. 21, 2007 and I was told it would be approximately one week to repair. I called one week later to check on status. The repair shop had ordered a DVD assembly kit on 2/26/07 and was waiting for it to be delivered.

I called the following week to check on status of repair and was told that did not resolve the issue and that a DVD player had been ordered on 3/5/07 and they were awaiting the arrival of that part. I called the following week to check in and they still had not received that part. I spent over 2 hrs. making phone calls to Magnavox and the repair center to get the any information regarding the part to this TV and what recourse I had. Magnavox informed me that the DVD player is on back order and there was no estimated wait time on this part and a refund was NOT an option.

They forwarded my case to another department and contacted me that they would only replace my product with one of the same and that the replacement TV would be sent to the repair shop within 10-14 days and I could pick it up there. Today 4/4/07 I went to the repair shop, picked up my new replacement TV, brought it home set it up and tried to watch a DVD. 15 minutes into the movie the DVD player froze and will not eject the DVD. I immediately called Magnavox and am back to square one lugging my TV back to the repair shop. This is 6 weeks now that I've been dealing with this and have been without my brand new TV.

I would like a full refund or the option to have another model TV and DVD player, but as separate units, along with a 90 day warranty. I look forward to your reply and immediate resolution to this issue. A copy of this letter has been forwarded to Magnavox at P.O. Box 671539, Marietta, Ga. 30006-0026 via complaint form at planet I thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.

Magnavox 32"" LCD HDTV
By -

In mid-October my girlfriend ** and I purchase one of your 32 inch flat panel LC HDTV from SEARS. Luckily we also purchased Sears Master Protection Agreement which includes the ten year service package it's a good thing we did. The sound on the HDTV quit working the week after Christmas. We had an expectation of a superior quality product when we purchased a product with the Magnavox name, the HDTV functioned properly for less than 90 days when our problems began.

We called Sears and were informed that a technician could not come out before the 2nd of January. We had to wait a whole week of College Bowl games, Pro Football games, and New Years Celebrations for the technician to come and give us his opinion. After scheduling the appointment we went to Sears and spoke with a sales person with the hope that Sears would replace the HDTV for it had worked correctly for less than 90 days. We were informed that products would only be replaced if they malfunctioned in less than 30 days. So we took on the complicated task of setting up a surround-sound system to replace what was malfunctioning on the HDTV.

When the technician came to our home he couldn't fix the HDTV, he ordered some parts and did not return until the 17th of January. On his second trip he replaced the scaler board that fixed the problem with the audio and used a DVD to test his repair leaving before we reprogrammed the cable TV channels. As soon as we tried to watch the standard cable TV channels, it was clear that the scaler board was defective or wrong. The picture on the screen got all messed up there's ghosting, flickering, big black translucent squares, overexposure and the color is all messed-up.

Immediately we rushed to the phone to call Sears and see if they would resend the technician. Over the phone they scheduled an appointment for the fallowing Friday, January 6th between 8 am and 12 pm. We waited for the four hours and no technician showed. At noon we called Sears and were told our appointment was not in their system. We had no options except to schedule another appointment. This fourth appointment was scheduled for January 25th. The technician came back and said that this scaler board also is bad so he ordered a third scaler board. The technician came and installed the third board on Friday February 3rd.

Immediately it was clear that this scaler board was no different or better than the second one. Again we have ghosting, flickering, big black translucent squares, overexposure and the color is all messed-up. Luckily the technician had retained the original scaler board. He replaced the third scaler board with the original one. We are now back to the beginning with the audio problem and are currently waiting for the fourth scaler board to be installed on February 10th.

Poor Customer Service By Philips Magnavox Service Contract Dept.
By -

My Magnavox LCD TV is just two years old, purchased from Circuit City. I have an extended service contract (In Home-Full Service, Parts & Labor - Minor Adustment to Full Replacement) with Philips Magnavox consequent to a mail solicitation from their Service Contract Department when the original one year warranty expired. The TV has built-in left and right hand speakers. When one of the speakers started having a sound distortion I called the 800-number listed in the contract. I didn't ask but assume this is at the SCD main office.

I explained the problem to the female service technician. She asked me if the speaker was "blown." I replied that I didn't know what a blown speaker was and gave her a fuller description of the sound distortion. She said that, yes, that is a blown speaker and it is not covered under the warranty. I turned the contract over and read the exclusions and pointed out that a blown speaker was not one of them. She put me on hold for several minutes while she conferred with a supervisor. Coming back on line she advised that the supervisor confirmed that a blown speaker was not covered.

I then asked to speak to the supervisor. I was put on hold again and after about ten or fifteen minutes the connection was abruptly broken. The call had taken about 30 minutes in total. Instead of calling back I called a local Magnavox service center in Marietta, Ga. He immediately pulled up my information based on the contract number and told me someone would call me back to set up a service call.

I am delighted to say that within two days the TV has been repaired (loose speaker mounting screws) following a five minute phone call. However, I find it incredible that Magnavox allows such incompetence at the main Service Contract Dept. even though the local service here in Marietta is absolutely outstanding.

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