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Stay Away From Mak Mint Used Cars
By -

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- The first issue we have Mak Mint is that of False Advertisement. On December 10, 2009, we went to the Mak Mint Used Car Website. We were told this vehicle was still available for $3995 and we should fill out the application for financing which we did. We were told we were approved and to come into the dealership with our down payment of 1525.00. Our money was accepted by Smiley and we were approved by Wally of the Enterprise Automotive Group for financing. We then insured the vehicle through Geico.

After submitting all paperwork required of us and being told to wait for every reason you can think of from (December 10th until December 16th). For example, they couldn'€™t verify Greg'€™s employment so we got letters faxed from his job. They told us they didn't receive the fax 3 times. Then they said there was a problem with me having a California driver'€™s license. Then they needed additional proof of address besides the utility bills we already provided. On Dec 17th they saw we were out of patience, they then informed us there was no title for the vehicle.

Smiley told us to come into the dealership which was December 18th. On December 18th, Smiley told us the engine blew on the vehicle we purchased and they couldn'€™t refund us our money but they would replace the vehicle with another Ford Expedition. We said fine. We were given a 1998 Ford Expedition, VIN # ** as replacement. We were told we would receive the installment contract with our payment terms in the mail. We took possession of the vehicle on December 18, 2009, 5:40 p. m.

And the very next day December 19, 2009, the truck started making very loud noises and started bouncing and jerking out of control so bad that it could not possibly be driven without causing a bad accident or running into someone. We contacted Mak Mint Used Auto to let them know the problem and the person on the phone told me I must have been playing with the four wheel drive and he didn'€™t know anything about the purchase of the vehicle so we'€™d have to talk to Smiley since he was the salesman. Smiley was not available for us to talk to until the next day.

When we did reach Smiley, he told us to have the truck towed back to the dealership and he'd €œsee what he could do€. We didn'€™t hear from him again that day. I contacted the owner, Keith, the day after the snow storm, December 20, 2009 and he agreed to have the vehicle towed. Two days later, December 22, 2009, Keith from Mak Mint finally sent a tow truck to come and get the vehicle. When the tow truck came, we found out the lower control arm on the rear left was extremely rotted, broken, and completely separated from the truck. The airbag suspension on the left was broken and the drive shaft under the truck had rusted so badly it completely fell out onto the street!!

However, we were assured the vehicle was going to be repaired at no cost to us and we could pick it up on Monday, December 29, 2009. To add insult to injury, we got the contract and payment information from the lender and it says were paying over $5000.00 for this truck that we don'€™t have. The interest rate is 24.90%. The total amount we have to pay back is $6012.54. In addition to that, it says we signed up for additional life insurance and disability insurance. We did not agree to any of this! In the interim, our first payment is due to this finance company on January 16, 2010 and our insurance payment is going to be due as well.

We have not had this truck in our possession and in working condition except 1 day which was Friday evening, December 18, 2009 through Saturday morning, December 19, 2009. On December 31, 2009, we were given a 2000 Ford Expedition, VIN # **. The first thing we noticed wrong was that the truck only started in neutral. We accepted the vehicle because Smiley assured us that this was a minor problem related to a pin needing to be changed in the gearbox on the dashboard and my fiance has a job that requires him to have a vehicle.

During the time we had been waiting to get a vehicle in running condition, my fiance had already been suspended from work because he couldn'€™t perform his job without a vehicle. We even asked Smiley if they could provide a loaner car since my fiance's job is dependent on his having a vehicle and the vehicles given to us so far have been defective. He told us they do not provide loaner vehicles. Smiley told us to just call him after New Year'€™s Day and he would have the truck fixed.

As we were driving home we noticed there were other issues with this vehicle as well. The transmission was slipping and besides the truck only starting in neutral, the arm that you used to put the vehicle into gear with (drive, neutral, reverse etc.) was broken with the wires hanging out of it. The driver side arm rest was broken with cloth stuffed into it to hold it in place, the ABS light on the dashboard stayed on continually, and the radio goes on and off involuntarily. We also discovered the next day after we got the vehicle that it would not start at all unless we got a jump from someone every time we needed to leave to go somewhere.

But again we were assured the vehicle would be fixed after New Year'€™s Day. We have attempted to contact Smiley on numerous occasions every day from 1/2/2010 through 1/9/2010 yet we were told he was not in and he was the one we had to speak with. We left our phone number, we left messages but our calls went unreturned. We asked for Keith whom we were told is the owner but he was never available. For example to be specific on January 9, 2010, we called Mak Mint at 11:00 am and no one answered. We called again at 2:30 pm and Smiley told us to call him back in 5 minutes.

When we called back yet again at 2:36 pm, we were told by the receptionist Smiley is not in and to call back. This is how they have been being brushed off during this whole nightmare. January 13, 2010 my fiance went to the grocery store. When he came out of the store, the vehicle would only go into reverse. It would not go into drive or any other gear. We called Mak Mint at 4:00 pm and we were told by Smiley to have the vehicle towed back to Mak Mint and he would have it fixed. Although we don'€™t think it's fair we should have to pay for a tow truck when Smiley knew the truck was defective, we had the truck towed back to Mak Mint.

We afterwards contacted Enterprise Auto Group Jan 15, 2010, 1:30pm, and spoke with Jessica because we don'€™t feel it's right for us to pay a 334.00 car payment for a vehicle we do not have and have not had in our possession (except for 10 days) because of the dealer not giving us what we paid for in good running condition according to the law. In addition to this, we have lost income and been financially hurt because Mak Mint did not give us the vehicle we paid for and got financed for (which they advertised on the internet).

Mak Mint did not replace the vehicle we originally purchased with a reasonable substitute which would have prevented Greg being suspended from and in danger of losing his job. Mak Mint did not fix the defective vehicle nor have we been provided with another replacement. We were never given the "€Lemon Law"€ disclosure which we found out all used car dealers are supposed to give. The interest rate on our account was never disclosed to us. We still have not received any paperwork for this vehicle from Enterprise Auto Group.

We contacted Cristina who is a supervisor for Dependable Credit Corp. (the lender) on Jan 15, 2010 2:20pm to let the creditor know what has been going on concerning our account. Cristina said she would give us a call back however, we have not heard from her or any representative of Dependable Credit Corp. Our original purchase date was December 10, 2009. Over one month has passed and we still don''t have a truck, we are still riding the bus, taking cabs, taking trains, and my fiance may have to find a new job in this economy.

Stay Away
By -

BROOKLYN,, NEW YORK -- On 1/10/2010 I bought a used BMW from MAK MINT. When I test drove the car with the salesman (Smiley) I advised him that the check engine light is on, and that I smelled oil; (Smiley then assured me that before I pick the car up it will be serviced and the problem fixed by the 16th so I can sign the bank paperwork with (Walley) the bank representative. I signed the paperwork and was there waiting on the car. After about 3hrs I was told, I can't get the vehicle until Monday (MLK day). Of course Smiley was nowhere to be found! I called on Monday about 2pm and was told to come pick the car up the next day.

So on Tuesday after having my car for 4 days, I went to the other lot to pick the car up and to my surprise the check engine light was still on. At that point Smiley told me to bring the car back on Saturday to have the car fixed (1/23/2010). I brought the car to the mechanic shop. After a couple of hours, I was told by the mechanic that there are a lot of things wrong with the car and that the dealership is willing to go half $400 (this is for the problem they were supposed to fix). I am in the process of getting a lawyer to file suit under misrepresentation. STAY AWAY FROM MAK MINT.

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