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Very unprofessional experience
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I have never had a more unpleasant and unprofessional experience in consumer shopping as I received at the Malcolm Cunningham Ford dealership located in Atlanta, Georgia. Unbeknownst to me, the vehicle I had arranged to purchase and was traveling from upstate South Carolina to pick up wasn't prepared to be purchased that day. I contacted the sales department via their internal emailing system late afternoon on 07/16/10 from their website inquiring availability and a quote. The first email I received was from Malcolm Cunningham himself. In it, it read “we appreciate you selecting the Atlanta Area customer satisfaction leader for your online purchase.”

The next email was from Nakiesha **, however it was signed by Sal ** establishing the vehicle's availability. After back and forth price negotiation over email, I was contacted by a salesman at 11:30 am on 07/17/10 over the phone to discuss the bottom line price. After we finally reached a deal, he asked me when I would be there to pick it up.

I was traveling from South Carolina, which he had knowledge of since I mentioned it in my email and discussed over the phone. We arranged a 4pm meeting. Ten minutes before our meeting; as I was approaching the dealership, I received a phone call from the salesman explaining how I couldn't take the vehicle home nor would I be able to test drive it because the vehicle had been recently stolen and the parts department didn't receive the tires and rims.

I was completely appalled by the dealership's lack of simple common courtesy and ignorance for contacting me ten minutes before our meeting. I didn't appreciate the dealership's attitude from their disgruntled employees or their total disregard for my inconvenience. I had traveled 3.5 hours with my husband and twin 6 year old daughters just to turn around and go home for another 3.5 hours frustrated to have to return home without our new car purchase. I have been a proud Ford owner for the past 10 years. I expected Ford would give their clients more support and respect than what my family and I had to endure.

Don't Buy From This Man
By -

DECATUR, GEORGIA -- 2007 Jeep Laredo PROBLEMS... 1) 2 days after I purchased the car Sept. 20, 2010, the starter switch kept catching and the car would not start. The dealership fixed that problem.

2) The driver's window and front passenger's windows get stuck going up and down. Particularly the passenger's window. I have to push the button 3-4 times before it will move up. Did not have money to get problem checked.

3) When it was time for an oil change, I had the tires rotated and found out that my tires were missing some bolt or screw that was responsible for keep my car balanced and inline. The mechanic said that it should have been spotted and fixed before the car was sold.

4) Approximately 6 weeks to 2 months after purchasing the car, the gear shifter computer had to be replaced. My car would start to idle at 50-60 miles per hour. I had to pay for the computer replacement and labor along with $300 for a weekly rental car from Enterprise.

5) Around December, the automatic remote to the doors started not to work. I would push the button several times, and the doors would not open. Using common sense, when it suddenly stopped working completing, I change the battery and it still did not work. The dealer says the key is $150 and $25 to program.

6) The remote not working led me to manually open the doors. I then find out that when the driver's lock was turned to the left twice, it did not open all the doors. I have had a Chrysler before which made me call Chrysler and ask should all the doors open, and was told that function was standard on all their vehicles. All the doors SHOULD open.

7) 3/22/11 my check engine light came on AGAIN! The next day I took it to repair shop again because they are around the corner from me. The same code came up again for the gear shift computer.

I am afraid to drive this car on a daily basis because I do not know what is going to go wrong or when it is going to put me down. What I do know is I can't keep making car repairs, rental car payments, car note and insurance every month for one car I bought in good faith. I do not even want the car anymore because I do not trust it. However, I do want them to replace or exchange my car and give me credit for the payments, and repairs I have vested in this one.

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