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Bait And Switch
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Rating: 2/51

I had received a free night for a Marriott stay with a certificate that I received from Visa that states good for free night at a category 1-5. I waited to use it before the expiration date until I was going to stay at a category 5 hotel. I just tried to use it and I was told that my certificate is now only good at a category 1-4. This sounds like the old bait and switch. Can a hotel or business actually change what was promised on paper?

Wrongful Termination
By -

MACON, GEORGIA -- I was hired on to the Marriott team in early October. The hiring process was disorganized, and I almost turned the job down after the official job offer because of the ordeal. I was scheduled prior to completing orientation, the newly hired director of human resources seemed to be rather incompetent in his position and it took days to complete each step in the drawn out process.

Once I was finally cleared to work, I was asked to come train for the first day on my birthday. It was stressed that they were going to be very busy and desperately needed me to work. I agreed and stayed until after 11:30 PM on my birthday. After only 1 day of training, I was on the floor by myself with no manager or supervisor. The supervisor that hired me was never actually scheduled to work with me so I never knew who exactly I needed to report to in case of issues, complaints, or even who to ask for wines and alcohols that needed to be stocked.

Within a week, I came into work and received listed form letter from a supervisor I had never met (Tashina). She listed several duties that my trainer had not gone over with me, and some that I had explicitly gone over with another supervisor. When I finally met Tashina she was rude, unprofessional and handled herself like a teenage entry-level employee. I was surprised to learn that she was actually a supervisor.

She immediately addressed my shoes, which having worked over 2 weeks already, had never received any criticism. She then turned to my co-worker/trainer and said that my shoes were out of dress code, and my pants weren't the right "material". After I was told about the conversation, I waited for her to approach me about my clothes - and never heard from her.

On Halloween, Tashina was scheduled to work all night. She left early to be with her family (I have a 2 year old and would have loved to actually spend the holiday with MY child as well). I had a cami tank top under one of my regular cardigans, but after arriving at work, I was rather uncomfortable leaning over the bar. I made a mental not to wear it again and during the remainder of my employment there, I never did.

However, the next shift that I worked, I was told that Tashina told several other employees that "she didn't know where I thought I worked" and "Kori looks like she works at a strip club". I was MORTIFIED that this was a conversation between a SUPERVISOR and one of my co-workers!

The following was saved on my phone on December 2nd, coincidentally, 3 days before I was suspended for a BOGUS made up event involving giving away free drinks: On December 2nd I was about 5 min late. Tashina talked to wait staff about my tardiness. Said that she had told me I had to be early that day and that I was "always late" Which was NOT true. Told chef I wasn't coming in, and had to find a bartender to work for me because I had called in (I text her and told her I was running a few minutes behind). Text me while I was in the hotel; clocked in at 4:20 but had been there for over 15 min.

When I arrived though, all she said was "oh good, you're here" Instead of mentioning to ME any of the comments about being late. I went to grab food in the cafeteria. When I came back Tashina made sure I saw her check her watch twice.

Meanwhile she was standing around chatting with servers - there was someone at my bar that she could have assisted, but instead spent 85% of the night talking to the two servers on the floor. I'm sure all 3 of them had more productive things to do - such as help run the bar's food, since it's difficult for me to care for guest, remain behind the bar AND run food, and dishes. At about 6:30 I told her and another server (that she was gossiping with) that I was going to grab a jacket before it got too cold and a different shirt. She looked at her watch twice and just nodded.

Sunday, NOV. 27th I had a sweater v-neck. Eli stopped me in the restaurant and told me I needed to cover up and do something about "that". A front desk girl "Bennie" overheard it and went to the front desk complaining that I should be written up because I've been told "repeatedly about my clothes". I returned to the bar to ask one of the servers if she had heard anything about my clothes. She said she had heard Tashina mention once that she "was going to speak to me".

During that conversation, Eli returned with an oversized burgundy sweatshirt. He said he knew that they had spoken to me before about this and that "we weren't going to make a big deal about it". I put the sweatshirt on but was so embarrassed that both times I was reprimanded, was in front of a co-worker. NOTE - no supervisor has ever spoke to me about my attire being out of uniform.

Thursday DEC 1st, I saw Trish before my shift started and asked her about my sweater, explained the incident from Sunday and was told my shirt was fine. The night of the Lady Antebellum concert, we were called in an hour early to accommodate the concert attendees. Aisha put her bank in the bar cash register and when I went to put mine into the Starbuck's register, Tashina told me we were "sharing" the register and that she would move her bank over to one side.

I was APPALLED at the suggestion, but still being new and the bar was already relatively busy, I utilized two sections of the drawer and kept my larger bills in my bank bag, which was slightly confusing - especially given the pace of the event.

At one point one guest requested pineapple juice, and we didn't have any stock (the bar has had continuous problems keeping it stocked). Tashina muttered under her breath that "that was why she wanted the bar stocked yesterday". All the liquor, wine and beer was completely stocked with extra mixers - the ONLY item we didn't have was the pineapple juice.

Around 8, Tashina mentioned something about not getting out till 3 am. I asked Aisha why she thought it was going to take 4 hours to close. Then she told us we were staying till 2 am. Neither of us knew about the change to our schedule and both were annoyed at the disorganization.

We were both discussing why we weren't told previously and I was explaining that I had to be up for church the next morning when Tashina poked her head around the corner and said we could leave at 12 and two other servers could take our places.

When the concert was over, our bar was completely packed. I started taking orders, but when I returned to my register to start a check, there was a female standing at my register with my drawer open! I saw her name tag so knew she was with the Marriott, but wasn't told that other employees now had access to my assigned bank that I am liable for at all times.

I became extremely flustered because when I FINALLY got to my drawer, the RVC had been changed and my card no longer could access my tabs and open checks. I had to wait for Tashina to change the RVC but every time the other server got into the system, it kept happening over and over again.

I was waiting 5-7 minutes between every order because she or another server were constantly in my drawer and it was hard to concentrate when I was worried of my bank was going to be short. I finally said that I would start closing out all my checks so that the other bartender could take orders because patrons were getting VERY upset and irritated.

I could tell Tashina was mad that we weren't staying, but she had told the other bartender to come and there was no efficiency in having 5 bartenders behind one bar. I finally got all of my paperwork done and went into the back office to complete my close-out.

When I came back out, all of the concert-goers were gone, but a wedding party had trickled in. I went behind the bar to help out a little because I could tell they were all struggling. I was loading dishes when Tashina slammed the door, and muttered under her breath (I say this because it was passively directed for me to hear) that she told Ray that we had REFUSED to stay and he was going to discuss it with Mr. **.

I opened the dishwasher back up, finished loading and then went immediately to Ray's office. I asked him if he had a minute and explained that they had only asked me the day before if I could come in an hour early, but somehow failed to mention staying until 2 am.

I told him about sharing the drawer and told him that yes, I didn't want to stay until 2 but when the other bartender showed up, I couldn't work if I wanted to. He seemed surprised that Tashina mentioned him, which led me to believe that she had just been ranting and hadn't even told him the situation at all!

Two days after telling Ray how uncomfortable I was with sharing the drawer, Tashina came to the register and said we were going to have to share the drawer again. Obviously, the situation was not handled because this is against ALL company policies.

*Lady Antebellum- After I spoke with Ray, I came back out and continued helping. Tashina had multiple open checks with no hotel room or name - it was far too busy not to have some kind of system. She didn't know how to make 3 out of 4 drinks that were requested and kept asking me how to do different things in the computer. She was completely inadequate behind the bar and voided a LARGE amount of money from her computer at the end of the night.

Nov 27, she called me to ask if I could drop her bank because she had forgotten to drop it. December 2, she described that Brandy had been fired because she didn't respect Tashina because she was black. I felt as though this was her comparing my employment and Brandy's. I fully respect Tashina's authority, however it's difficult to maintain that respect when she is not conducting herself as a supervisor.

I love working at the Marriott and usually look forward to what the evening holds before each shift. It does make me uncomfortable though when it seems that there is a lot of gossiping being done by supervisors instead of professional conversations between manager and employee. I had informed some of the employees of my intent to speak with human resources about all of these events but ironically, I was suspended before I was even able to complain.

On December 5th, when I reported for my shift, I was told by Tashina that Ray (the Banquet's supervisor) wanted to speak with me. I went over his office and couldn't find him so I clocked in, and while at the punch-in station, found him headed back to his office.

He closed the door and told me I was suspended for giving away drinks and that a manager on duty had "witnessed" it. He informed me that the incident had occurred that past Fri. I told him about an separate incident that I thought he was referring to, he assured me that he didn't have the whole story and would spend the week "researching" the statement that was given.

I gave a written statement to Ray giving details about Friday and was told that If I had any concerns I could speak with Rick, the human resources director. Since I was sure there was obviously a mistake, I took the initiative and time to speak with Rick.

He flat out lied and told me he had no idea what was going on, feigned shock that I had been suspended and wasted my time as I rehashed what happened Friday night. I left feeling assured that this was protocol and that I would be back to work on Saturday. I spent the week worried about my job, my bills and how Christmas would be affected by week out of work.

On WED, a friend called me concerned because the Marriott had posted an open position for a bartender. I texted my co-workers and was told that the position had been posted at work as well. I was distraught that my job was already posted and I hadn't even had the meeting to find out what the accusations were about.

When I arrived on Friday morning at 10 AM, I was told that a manager on duty had seen me give 2 AMSTEL LIGHTS away to two gentlemen guests. I was so mad I started crying. Rick admitted that he knew the whole time "but he couldn't tell me". The manager that supposedly witnessed it wasn't at the meeting, and the time that was given didn't even match up with the guests that would have been at my bar.

Not to mention...... THE BAR DOES NOT EVEN SERVE AMSTEL LIGHTS. I even mentioned to Ray and Rick that that was very odd because few people drink Amstel Light, much less to men drinking it. I explained to them I didn't remember serving Amstel Light at all, and that the manager on duty was walking around the lobby, walking the corridors, and also working the computers at the front desk... How would he possibly have the seen the entire transaction from start to finish and be sure that they didn't pay?

I asked if I was even the server on camera serving the beer. I was told no, that it wasn't on camera AT ALL!!!! I am shocked that this is how the MARRIOTT, an esteemed employer handles employee relations. I worked VERY hard and was passionate about my job. There wasn't a shift that I worked that a guest (often several) didn't compliment me on my service, my conversation or drinks.

I was never told of any complaints, and strived to satisfy every guest that came to my bar. I don't know the REAL reason I was fired, but it certainly wasn't because of two beers, brands that aren't even available at the Macon Marriott bar. I'm sure that the corrupt employees mentioned have done far worse, but I know how bad their decisions affected me. Thank you for your time. Also I have yet to receive my separation notice or w-2.

Rob at Marriott Ocean Club
By -

I have been loyal customers of Marriott Hotels, and 10 years as a Marriott Vacation Club owner. We enjoy the Ocean Club in Aruba, which we have enjoyed three of the past five years. Not only do we love this property and other Marriott Vacation Club locations as a whole, we also invite numerous friends and family to join us on our vacations, booking more rooms at these Marriott properties for these vacations.

Our most recent trip in Aruba was scheduled from October 9th-17th 2009, although this vacation came to a grinding halt on the evening of October 15, 2009, leading to our departure from the Ocean Club and Aruba a day earlier than originally planned.

I have been a guest of the Marriott Resort in Aruba for many years; in fact three of the past five years I've chosen to vacation at your resort. As I had mentioned, my most recent stay was over the past couple of weeks. Although previous vacations have been extremely enjoyable and employees of the Marriott Ocean Club have been attentive and helpful, I am unfortunately left with a sour taste after this past experience.

During this vacation we experience several issues – including one devastating issue, the theft of all our electronic equipment. The events of this week are in chronological order: On October 9, 2009, I checked into the Marriott Ocean Club Resort to find our room 5685/ 5684. We were unhappy with this room assignment since we had: requested a lower floor, and we were facing the Surf Club Resort, also contrary to our requests.

Two days later, on October 11, 2009, the Ocean Club front desk advised us that we could move to the first floor location, which in the past we have enjoyed many times, however we were still not facing the ocean or the pool. This time we were assigned to room was 5185/5184 that once again had lousy views, facing the Surf Club Resort.

My wife wanted to change room again, but I advised against this, as we did not want to spend our vacation changing rooms. I feel after being a Marriott Vacation Club owner for over ten years and having just purchased another Marriott vacation week that I would at least have had the consideration of having minimally a pool view or ocean view room.

Prior to our arrival at the Ocean Club, I had sent an email to the Ocean Club requesting additional services we might need upon our arrival. We did request one addition, a full service cleaning to our suite to be done on the fifth day of our vacation. Every day when we went to our room for lunch, housekeeping was in our room. We asked on each occasion why they were there, as we had not requested daily service.

Unfortunately, we never did get a straight answer from the staff until later. During this time, we always left our laptop out on the kitchen counter, thinking no one would be in our room during certain days. Similarly, other electronic devices were not concealed. We did not expect anyone in our room; therefore, we did not take steps to secure these belongings.

We were vandalized on the evening of October 15th 2009 sometime between 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM; apparently someone knew what was in our room and were watching us to see when we were leaving the premises for an evening out. Although there were no signs of forced entry, we know all security is not 100% secure.

We were thankful, when we returned later that evening, that whoever had entered our room, invaded our privacy, and stole our property, were not still there when we walked into the room. At least we were not physically assaulted. Missing were many items, including all of our electronics, which will reach a value of close to $4000.00. We found left behind in the room an old paper towel with dirt or oil on it, and an unused condom.

We called security, which came and were very helpful to us, followed by the Aruba police. They took pictures and told us they would be moving our room that evening so they can do more investigation that next morning. The night manager came down to our room and gave us our new room 5436/5437, which, incidentally, we wished we had been placed in that room at the start, as it was exactly what we had requested to begin with.

The night manager indicated that we wanted housekeeping every day, to which I replied, “No, you need to review your emails.” She did, and we were given credit back for five days of housekeeping, leaving the charge for the one day we had requested.

At this time we also indicated our vacation was over due to this traumatic occurrence, and requested the Marriott to assist us securing flights and paying any travel charges incurred to return home on October 16, 2009. They told me I would need to do this the following morning.

During the time the police and security were in our room, we kept stressing to them that the exit doors at the end of our hallways, one going to the Surf Club area and other leading to the pool, were never locked or even shut on several occurrences, as we never once had to use the room key to get into the building. We were told no one had brought this issue to the resort's attention. We informed them that we were bringing to their attention and requested to have it fixed, as this was another unsafe security breach.

The next morning we walked over to the former room, 5185/5186, to make sure that we had removed all our personal items from that room as we were in no condition to do so the previous evening due to the stress of the situation. We also wanted to see if the police had come back as promised. We were shocked to find both exit doors at the end of the hallway open, with still no need to use room key, and to find a maintenance man in the room, watching TV.

The room had already been cleaned, and housekeeping advised us some items had been sent to lost and found. The following concerned us: why had the issue with the doors remained unresolved, why was someone watching TV in the room, and, more importantly, why had the room been cleaned prior to police arrival, as potential evidence was in that room. I would hope that the Marriott would not let another family stay in that location until the police and security investigation were both closed.

We spoke to the manager in charge that day, and discovered nothing could be done to reimburse us until the investigation closes. This meant that neither our room bill could not be credited nor our difference in airline tickets. Our vacation was cut short, as we were originally scheduled to leave the resort on Saturday October 17, 2009. We always travel with a large group of people, and this particular vacation we were accompanied by ten of our friends and family. All of our traveling companions have been shocked and surprised by Marriott for attempting to handle this devastating situation without any type of compensation offered to us.

After a month now of our return and many calls to Marriott, vacation club, Ocean Club, etc... We have gotten no place except that they said it is handed over to their insurance company, however their insurance company only handles the actual items stolen and only if Marriott is at fault which Housekeeping does not fall under Marriott. Explain that one!! Plus in speaking with the higher management at Marriott Ocean Club they deny all that was said and promise to us. And Aruban Police will not return calls or Emails.

So end result Marriott does not stand behind their name and do not care about personal safety or satisfaction from their customers... and Aruba has now become a very unsafe island. While we were there a man got mugged in front of La Cabana and was fighting for his life. Think twice before going to Aruba, especially Marriott properties and actually think about ever using Marriott again.

Dissatisfied Customer-Rewards
By -

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- Recently from reward points to hotel reservations, to poorly kept rooms, I have become very dissatisfied with your service at the Town Plaza Suites, from rooms that were petite that was not my reservation; unclean with coffee cups, water bottles left, pans in the sink and these photos are attached on Saturday, May 16, 2009. The camera was not dated because we had to move quickly to go to the Springhill Suites and ** did not want to come up to look; the time was 6:30 pm. With staph infection and swine flu so easy to transfer, I don't know if the room was disinfected at all.

Rewards had me hold on last May 8, 2009 while they call Marriott hotel at Northeast Atl to see if I really stayed there April 8-10, 2009 and July 20-25, 2008. Then coming back and saying there was no record of me staying at the hotel when I'm giving my receipt no. and date when my checking account was debited. Then I gave them the name of front desk manager, ** and they called back and he verified all my information. There is no trust in your hotel for me any longer.

The rewards center had to verify my stay for August 1, 2008 and Labor Day weekend at the Atlanta hotel and even mentioned to me that I stayed free when in essence Richmond County Schools sent a check for $387 for July and I hand delivered this to the clerk and the other dates were deducted from my checking account.

On yesterday when I arrived at your Town suites, Columbus, Georgia and called back to reservations, James helped me while I called ** at the desk to cancel my reservation and set up at Springhill Suites. I used the points to pay for this reservation. The back of the room at Town Suites portrayed a basketball goal, toys, yard that was poorly maintained and one-bedroom mobile homes with no wall to keep customer privacy. When I went down to depart after our phone conversation, ** had left. I then explained to the clerk again, while I was leaving. He told me the manager was ** and to notify him as well. He then offered me drinks and candy.

Finally at Springhill Suites, ** said I was a "Basic" member and could not use points and had to call her manager to see how they could put in the points because she did not see how I could use them although ** at Reservations had set me up using my points. Thankfully, my mouth did not out-speak my mind because she was a basic worker at one of your properties. She then insisted on swiping my card although the room was free. She was very adamant about her manager's names—with an attitude: “** is guest services manager and is the General Manager and gave me the cards for both. If the drive had been less than five hours, I would have driven back home!

Later I spoke to a clerk at Springhill who was ex-military and he was kind and said ** should not have use those words but ** said she was new and does weekends and probably should have called the manager after she had put me in and assigned a room and let the manager (s) handle it, and apologized again--what a friendly guy. He also said not to let that detain me from visiting the property again.

She assigned me a room at the very end of the hall and my disabled mom could not walk to it!!! When I brought it to ** attention, she said: "Could you and the girl with you switch rooms then?" My mom is under doctor's care for a leg would at Doctor's Hospital in Augusta, GA and Edgefield for her mind/aging.

It is with my sincere hopes that these matters will be addressed in the most appropriate manner. My Rewards number is **. To say the least, when I travel, be it one hour or five hours, there is no room for feeling this type of frustration, intimidation, and dissatisfaction.

Marriott's $250 Smoking Scam
By -

My mother just got a $250 charge on her account for "smoking in the room" which is absurd because my mom is the biggest anti-smoker in the world. She spent hours on the phone with Marriott, going all the way up to the VP of Marriott, asking them if it really was true - why would she fight it this much? They said they had pictures of cigars and papers rolled up and tobacco leaves on a plate! Really??

I read reviews online that some hotels offer their housekeepers get $10 bonuses for every smoker they catch. SO what, you don't tip them they make their OWN tip??? The VP refunded all but $50. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of. As a smoker or non-smoker how are you ever going to feel safe booking a hotel room knowing that you will have to find a way to make sure you are not scammed! What ever happened to "the Customer is ALWAYS RIGHT"??

Fraud Charges
By -

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I stayed at this hotel during my mother's 60th Birthday... I received my credit card a month later and they charged an extra 250.00 on my card. When I called them they claimed there was smoking in the room. Not possible as we are all non smokers. I argued with them with no result in a credit to my account. They have no cigarette butts as proof... The only thing they could tell me is there were ashes in the sink. Hello... I know better. I am sure this was pocketed by the rude manager, **. I will fight this to the end... no matter what. This place is a rip off. Do not stay there.

Change in Policy Reference Military Retirees
StarStarStarStarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 4/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I served my country in the Air Force for almost 35 years and recently stayed at the Huge Marriott Hotel here in San Antonio. I telephonically asked for the military rate and when I showed up, displayed my ID and was given a room at the military rate. After a couple of days I decided to get an additional room for my son and grandchildren.

The clerk again looked at my ID and said I couldn't get the government rate as the rate was only for active duty or other government employees. I told him I was essentially still a government employee as I was drawing a check from the DOD for my three plus decades of service. He allowed as how he would let it go this time as I wasn't aware of the rule.

It was a bit embarrassing to me as I felt like I had consciously cheated by getting the military (Government) rate. I have stayed in Marriott hotels many times in the past since my retirement and have never had that mentioned. Not sure if it is due to the clerks not knowing what an active duty ID looks like as opposed to a retired ID or maybe some folks didn't get the memo?

I believe it's a sad situation when those of us that have served in several military conflicts over the years are told the rate only applies to those presently serving. Not sure why the change in policy but I'd appreciate an answer as to why that decision was made. I could understand a restriction on a certain number of government rate rooms but not an entire retiree restriction.

Stopped Complimentary Breakfast & Cookies
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Rating: 2/51

KIRKLAND, WASHINGTON -- We have stayed at many different Marriott Hotels and have always had great breakfasts and were offered cookies when we checked in. The last time we stayed in Kirkland, we were told that Corporate put a stop to this. Well, we will look for other places to stay that still offer these things. We often travel with our grandchildren and this really helps out. Also, our son travels all over for his company and has mostly stayed at Marriott's, but will now look for other hotels. You may save some money in the short term, but in the long run, you will lose customers!

Detroit Marriott
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- Stuck up customer service. Manager was extremely rude. Charged me for a late check out because I was in my room an extra twenty minutes, which wasn't on purpose. I didn't know the check out time. We had a large wedding group here, and they were threatening to kick us out after one warning of being too loud. So ridiculous, had a ton of people staying there, and then they tried to lie to us about who complained. They said it was the room next to us, but the people who were in that room, were actually hanging out in our room with us.

Residents Inn Marriott at Glenwood Springs, CO
By -

GLENWOOD SPRINGS, COLORADO -- This place has only been open 3 months so it is brand new and really nice. I feel it my responsibility to warn other pet owners to not go there. The manager was very rude and full of herself about our dog. After one bark almost kicked us out or threatened to. We were holed up in room entire vacation.

In addition they misrepresented info about the rate. We had spent a lot of money and got some very rude people. They struck me as High School grads that had worked their way up and now we're going to show the world they ruled it. I could not get over how rude this manager was. A short, rude ethnic woman that has no business in hospitality. Go if you must but get anything they say that is important in writing because I caught them in several lies. Very disappointed in Marriott's choice of management.

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