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Problem withdrawing money from ATM'S overseas
By -

DO NOT USE Mastercard if you are planning on getting a cash advance from an ATM when overseas!!! I am from Australia and got a low rate Mastercard for a 3 month European trip. Every time I have tried to use my card at an ATM to get a cash advance it gets declined. I get error messages like 'your transaction has timed out' or, 'contact your financial institutution'. This happened at almost every ATM I tried to take cash out of. I contacted my bank who advised me they approve my transactions but Mastercard keeps timing out so the transaction is not approved. I contacted Mastercard to sort it out. They advised me that it is not their issue and that I have to contact my bank.

I advised Mastercard of what my bank had advised me. I was stuck in paris with absolutely no cash on me at this stage. I was on the phone with Mastercard, in America, for 45 mins, they eventually arranged a emergency cash advance for me which I had to travel in a taxi for 20 mins to get to the location to pick up the cash. I was then assured by Mastercard that if I used an ATM from a major bank in the country I'm in and it displays the Mastercard symbol, I shouldn't have any problems. So I get to Glasgow and try to withdraw money and guess what, It didn't work! I tried 4 different ATM'S.

I call Mastercard again who advised me that's it not their issue and that I should contact my bank. I just want my money. Now because I have attempted 4 transactions that have been approved by my bank but not approved by Mastercard the money has been deducted off my account but I do not have the actual cash, I have exceeded my daily limit which means I can't even get an emergency cash advance!! I am SO unhappy cash with Mastercard's service, or lack of service. When I get home I will be taking this up with Mastercard directly. DO NOT USE Mastercard if you are planning on getting a cash advance from an ATM when overseas.

My almost ruined holiday
By -

I went to Europe this Summer intending to pay for everything with my Mastercard. Before I left I called them to make sure that my card would work over there. They said there would be no problems. When I arrived, my Card could not be used anywhere because it was not a newer chip card. Not only did they give me false information, their website still claims that chip cards can be used in Europe. Had I not had a bank card with me, I would have had to turn around and come home. When I phoned them for help there was nothing that they could do. Their service quality was abysmal and I will take my business elsewhere from now on.

MasterCard zero liability
By -

I live in the UAE, my credit card was stolen and used before I notice, once I have noticed that the card was stolen I have reported this to my bank directly. The bank said that they will block the card and that I will need to get a police report to be able to file a dispute.

I filed a dispute with the bank and they said that it will take 90 days for them to come back to me. After the 90 days passed they said that according to their terms and conditions, I will be responsible to the amount used from my stolen credit card without my authorization. I tried to contact mastercard worldwide and they were of no use, they keep directing me back to the issuing bank that keeps telling me the same. I wonder if the master card zero liability in case of unauthorized usage is a fraud or what! who can I contact to complain about this.

PS. The police has called me a week after the I reported the incident and they showed from the CCTV recordings the guy who used my credit card. Of course I did not recognize him. I would be grateful if someone can assist me in this matter.

They Will Make Unauthorized Withdrawals From Your Bank Account
By -

MONTREAL, CONNECTICUT -- I contacted my bank, the National bank of Canada when I discovered that I had an over draft on my account. I was informed that this was done by MasterCard and that would need to contact them. When I contacted them at 5:45 PM EST the same day, and was told I needed to call the collections department that had closed at 1:00 PM EST that day, and there was no one else there for me to talk to. I asked if they serviced customers in Vancouver and they said yes. So I asked how can you service Vancouver when you close at 1:00 PM EST to this, there was no response.

I explained that MasterCard was contact 2 weeks ago by the credit canceling company that I had filed with and this withdrawal was not authorized. Also I stated that the card was in my name and the account they made the withdrawal from was a joint account so therefore they needed both persons authorization to make the withdrawal. To this I received no response. BE PREPARED WHEN YOU ARE DEALING WITH MASTERCARD – THEY HAVE THE RESOURCES TO MAKE ILLEGAL WITHDRAWALS FROM YOUR ACCOUNT.

By -

Due to an oversight, I paid my $13 credit card bill 1 day late. The charges for this were $25 late fee and $26 in interest. When I inquired about the 200% interest I was told that they not only charged interest on the late $13 but on subsequent purchases that were not even due as yet. Needless to say I will not do business with this company again. This was a Home Depot credit card so beware.

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