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I used the service over a year ago – I cancelled the service but one year later I go on-line and see they put through a charge to my debit card for $136.80! I immediately went to my bank (TD BANK, Plainview, NY Branch) and filed a dispute to have it reversed.

3 weeks later I still see the charge so I go to my bank and what they tell me is this – Because I didn't cancel the debit card after using their service – they have all the card info on file for me and they are claiming that I never cancelled the membership and so many months later they hit me with this UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE OF $136.80!!!!

I am disputing the so-called verification that provided my bank (TD BANK, Plainview, NY Branch) based on the fact that it's ludicrous. I explained to TD BANK, Plainview, NY Branch) that I did cancel the service – but they have to have someone in their Debit Card dispute dept. look into the matter further. is a company that WILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT/DEBIT CARD without your permission. If you use their service (which I do not recommend) you should protect yourself and get a prepaid debit card – never ever ever should anyone give them their credit card or bank card information. They are unscrupulous. My bank suggested that I contact (the company that charged my card illegally) and ask them to reverse the charge.

Has anyone tried to get in touch with Go ahead – try and have their Customer Service help you and see where it gets you. Nowadays, unfortunately, companies are greedy, despicable and completely hostile towards customers when it comes to our needing help to resolve problems that they created.

Do not use – the service sucks - they charge people's credit/debit cards without authorization – go ahead check online – see how many people complain about them for yourself. Stay away from Do not use this service. Do not give your credit card or debit card information. Do not do business with Signed, "Cheated and Robbed Customer of".

Disregard for my voice and opinion and general lack of safety measures
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AVALON NSW AUSTRALIA -- I have been on Australia for one week and in that week I have tried to upload a nice photo which follows their guidelines but as I have no power over what gets uploaded. My photos are being knocked back all the time and I know they are in no way indecent or not in keeping with their guidelines.

This might sound silly to some people but I am not working and I paid 40.00 approx. to join this site and not being able to get a photo uploaded that I like is a big deal to me. I have already wasted one week of my paid time in trying to get a photo I like uploaded.

There is no contact with a person, just automated general emails returned to me each time they do not approve one of my photos, it is so frustrating not to be able to talk to a person to clarify the problem, I am willing if I am wrong to rectify the issue but there is just no communication.

Apart from that I have in a short time received marriage proposals, a desire for a personal contact number from men who do not want to waste their time emailing on the site, and their email addresses are all free email setups which I can understand as I use one myself to protect myself.

There have been long romantic emails asking very personal questions about my lifestyle beliefs and money situation. Nothing seems to faze the customer care people at ALL. I am very upset and let them know and they just ignore my feelings.

This money I spent to me is a lot as I am not working and it really upsets me that a customer service center does not give the service I would imagine a customer service is set up for. Once I paid that money they can do anything to me and to my thoughts and ideas, they have all the power which to me is so wrong if they are not using the power with respect, which they are not.

The scamming is so true, but I do not go for the better than real life emails. I stick to the true blue simple ones that could be and I only say could be as who knows what is true on these sites? Beware as I do no go to Pubs or Clubs it seemed like a good idea but even the photos are suspect. What a shame scamming comes into a person who genuinely wants to meet a nice person.

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