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Maxwigs sent wrong item. Won't correct or communicate
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EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- **************************************
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On September 21, 2008 I submitted an online order at for two (2) Easihair hair pieces. The product I.d. number for the hair pieces I ordered is EH-679. The product name is "Indulge". The package arrived on Monday, September 29th.

I was home when the package was delivered via USPS at approximately 1:30 PM. I opened it immediately and found two (2) Easihair hair pieces, neither of which fit the description of the items I ordered. The hair pieces that were sent to me are product I.d. number EH 678. The product name is "Precious".

I located the number for the company on the packing slip and called them immediately. I got a recorded message indicating that because of the Halloween season, they were extremely busy. The message stated they could not take my call, but if I left a message and a phone number my call would be returned as soon as possible. I also went on line and sent an email to the company. I indicated they had sent the wrong items, and that I am not interested in the hair pieces they sent (which, by the way, I already own). I asked that they contact me and give me instructions to return them (still new in their packages) at their expense, and either send the items I ordered, or credit the amount of the sale ($32.25) back to my credit card.

On Tuesday, September 30, I received the following email from MaxWigs. "Dear Ms. *******, Thank you for your recent email. We do apologize immensely for the incorrect shipment, we have resent you out the correct items and you will have a delivery date of tomorrow via UPS. Take care, Max Wigs Sales Team." I responded back immediately to thank them and to ask again for instructions to return the unused, unordered items.

I contacted MaxWigs again the following day (October 1) to tell them that the order had not arrived. I sent an email and called them on the phone. Again, I got the recorded message and left another request that they call me back as soon as possible. They neither responded to my email or my phone call.

I called MaxWigs again on Thursday, October 2nd. I told them that I still had not received the items and again, requested that they call me. They did not.

I sent an email to MaxWigs on Friday, October 3rd at 1:30 AM, as soon as I arrived home from work. I again stated that I had not received the replacement order, asked them to call me about the problem, and also requested a tracking number. In addition, I asked for instructions to return the items that were shipped in error. I told them that I have no intention of absorbing the cost of their error, and that if I did not receive a response from them about this problem by the end of the business day, that I would have to presume they weren't interested in correcting their error and would refer the matter elsewhere. Again, there was no response.

I just visited their website again this morning to double check product item numbers. It appears that they have removed the advertising for the item that I ordered and it is no longer available. However, I still have the copy of my original order and the packing slip that was enclosed. It is my guess that the items were not in stock when I placed the order, and that they decided to substitute the closest thing they had, rather than tell me they could not fulfill my order. The items were shipped from Genuine Supply, Inc., 7777 Greenback Lane, Ste. 200, Citrus Heights, CA 95610.

Their company policy does, in fact, indicate that there are no refunds or returns; however, this was their error, not mine. I was certain about my order, and had I received what I had ordered, I would not be posting this now. Their policy also states that if you dispute the sale with your credit card company, which I intend to do, they will bill your card for $75 to cover the cost of their research. I wasn't concerned about their policies because, as I stated, I was ordering exactly what I wanted. The order was correct from my perspective. MaxWigs and Genuine Supply are in error.

I am only requesting that the correct items be shipped, or if they cannot fulfill the order as submitted, I want my card credited for the charges. I am also requesting that they tell me how to return (at their expense) the unopened items that they shipped in error. I am not at all interested in substituting the items they sent for the items that I ordered. I believe that this is a fair request, and I also believe that they are avoiding my attempts at further communication.

I called them again today. Again, I was greeted by the recording. I also sent 2 emails. The first was to express my concern over my suspicions that this was a bait-and-switch; the 2nd email was to tell them that they are in violation of the California Business and Professions Code, requiring internet merchants post their street address and owner information on their website. They have not responded.

I have since filed complaints with the BBB, Consumer Affairs, Ripoff Reports and my credit card company. Even if Maxwigs resolves my complaint satisfactorily, I will stay away from them and all of the websites they are operating under other names.

It is now October 9th. I continued to email this company and call on a daily basis. Complaints were filed on several complaint boards, with the BBB, Consumer Affairs, and my credit card company; I also requested they send me the agent's name for process of service so that I could serve them to appear in small claims court if I chose to pursue that option.

While looking into internet fraud laws, I found that Maxwigs is probably in violation of California Business & Professions Code 17538 (and subsections) because their full contact information, including a street address, isn't contained anywhere on their website. Had I bothered to check to see if their street address was listed before I submitted an order, that might have thrown up a red flag for me.

I received an email from maxwigs yesterday (Oct. 8). They claim to have contacted me in the past to tell me that the item had been discontinued by the manufacturer (not true), and said that I had spoken with one of their representatives (not true either). The email claims that a credit was issued for the full amount last week (again, another untruth), but after checking my account information, I find that a credit was processed on the 7th.

I'm happy that there has been a resolution, although they still haven't told me what I need to do to return the items to them at their expense. It's unfortunate, however, that anyone should have to go to such ridiculous lengths to get what you are rightfully entitled to. That being said, I will never do business with or any of their affiliates again.

Unfair Policies
By -

This company is absolutely unfair in their lack of exchange policies. I recently purchased a 254.00 wig due to chemotherapy need. The color is completely unacceptable and no one in their right mind would wear it. I only want to EXCHANGE for a more suitable color and perhaps even more expensive wig. They will absolutely not help me out with matter.

You would think they would want to stand behind their product and satisfy a possible repeat customer but they will not. Not even the fact that I have cancer, and cannot afford to just throw away the 293.00 that it cost me total, move them to assist me. I am at my wit's end with this one!

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