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** From Maytag Never Called Back
By -

I wrote a review last week about my extended service policy from Maytag on my Kitchen Aid fridge. The filter was broken off and something was keeping new filter from going in. Maytag said it was not covered. I posted a complaint on this site. A person named ** said she was from Maytag and would try to help if I would contact her. Well I don't know if it was a joke or what. I left her a message on the phone three days in a row, also emailed her twice. No response from her. I was waiting to hear what she had to say before I called a repairman and paid for it myself. Not very nice of her and she Maytag represents Maytag.

Resolution Update 04/20/2009:


Don't Be Surprised
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Maytag extended service contract for the Kitchen Aid refrigerator. When I tried to get a service call, because water poured out of the bottom front and flooded my kitchen floor. I was told anything to do with the filter was not covered. The filter had somehow broke off when water pressure forced it part way out. We could not replace the filter, because it would not slide in. Since I bought both refrigerator and filters from Maytag who was I to call? The extended service was a waste of my hard-earned money. I won't be buying another.

Service did not adhere to Contract
By -

Over the past 6 months, my Maytag refrigerator has required a service call 7 times. All of the service has been covered under the Certificate of Coverage I received at the time of purchase. On the last call, I was told that the needed repair is not covered by the contract. However, no one has been able/willing to show me exactly where, in my contract, the repair is excluded. They are simply tired of dealing with me and my broken down refrigerator. They are not living up to the terms of the agreement.

FOUR Jennair appliances are GARBAGE and the "Maytag Dependability Plus" service is a joke!
By -

FLORIDA -- We bought so-called "top-of-the-line" Jennair appliances only three years ago. The dishwasher: Has had TWO brand new motors replaced, the entire "electronic panel" (the concealed controls) BRAIN replaced because "the moisture ruins the contacts in the computer brain."

Over the last several months (and we're TWO who don't use it as a bigger family would!) the racks have just completely fallen apart AND rusted which puts rust spots on all our dishes and flatware! It's been TWO MONTHS and THREE DIFFERENT people at Maytag Dependability Plus keep telling me "I'm ordering the racks for you today and you'll have them within ten days." I spoke to the FOURTH person today who, just as the previous three, said, "It looks like they entered the request, but no one actually ordered them yet." When I ask, "HOW do we GET someone to order them?" I get, "I wouldn't know what to tell you ma'am!" It's RIDICULOUS!!!!

Our Jennair, bottom freezer refrigerator has had THREE service calls. One, just five months after we got it was to completely replace the generator and the dryer! A technician broke the pull out drawers while trying to "confirm" they didn't work properly from Day One. I waited over two months to get those replacement parts. $500+ in groceries lost while waiting for the correct parts to be ordered and installed! One trip is just to see if you're lying about the repair and THEN they order parts! It takes THREE trips to complete ONE repair! HORRIBLE!

Our Jennair Stove and oven have had ALL the switches replaced THREE TIMES now. They "arc" from the wires and posts melting? Then they start to pop really loud while you're cooking. It's not the subtle clicking from the element turning on and off. It's more of a pop like you'd get from an electrical outlet! Dangerous! The racks in the oven never did fit correctly or slide in and out. Those were replaced thankfully. The microwave has had to be uninstalled and reinstalled three different times now. Apparently it leaks!

One of the "technician supervisors" actually told us,"Yeah, most of these appliances they sell as high-end are basically crap because when the employees of Maytag heard they were being bought out by Whirlpool, you can imagine what happened at the factory." I said, "No, why would that affect them, it could be a good thing no?" He said, "Honey, I've repaired washers with BRICKS in them. They're all going to lose their jobs and they're screwing up all the assembly and you'd be shocked at some of the s _ _ t I see in these appliances!" I recently found out that none of the employees were laid off. At least that's what Maytag Dependability said...

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