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Mediacom Will Make You Hire an Attorney to Get Out of a Contract That They Failed to Deliver On
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CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA -- We were recently informed that Mediacom Business Services was invoicing our company for an early termination fee for Internet Services that were provided by Mediacom from March 2012 through December of 2017. During that time, we paid Mediacom over $23,000 for services. Mediacom was selected as they provided a high-speed internet service that was useful in our business. From the beginning we experienced continuous service related issues with the service being down, the speeds being at lower than contracted levels and a whole host of other issues.

Prior to July 2017 we experienced constant problems with the up and down speeds that we were receiving into our facility. We had Mediacom technicians to the facility at least 4 time per year from the inception in 2012. In July 2017, Mediacom sold me on their new service which was for 1Gigabit download speeds and 100 MB upload speeds. This was sold to me as a way to solve all of the performance issues we had previously experienced. We entered into the agreement in good faith that Mediacom would be able to deliver the service that they had contracted to deliver.

We have had constant problems since then and their service techs were onsite so often, that we had the routine down. I would take the service tech back to our IT room and before we got there they would inform me that they needed to do the test but they already knew that the problem was not on our end. For many years we were informed that the problems related to speed were a result of people in the apartment complex just to the north of our building “stealing” the service illegally.

From August through October, our internet speeds were less than 50MB down and 20MB up. Our business is totally dependent upon a fast and reliable internet connection. In the late summer, after countless service calls, one of the Mediacom people that I was talking to admitted that they were unable to solve the problem. At that time, they felt the problem was interference with other utility providers and the problem was located somewhere under the interstate highway that runs north-south to the west of our building.

We have been transparent with Mediacom since 2012 relative to the shared service we provide to tenants in the building. No one ever indicated that this was not allowed under my contract. We DON'T bill tenants one dime for this service. I felt trapped into a service that was costing me time and money every day and damaging my business. We have multiple tenants in the building and some of the smaller tenants use the internet service that we pay for as the owner of the property.

When we experienced problems from August through October with no resolution we were forced to find another service provider. My business was experiencing service issues due to the service provided by Mediacom that cost us thousands of dollars in workflow efficiencies. In October, one of the Mediacom representatives indicated that due to the service issues that we would be allowed to terminate the contract without penalty.

We contracted with another provider to bring service into the facility. This cost us in upfront charges and our IT support time to make the transition. The total investment was well over $2,000 which would have not been incurred had Mediacom delivered on the contracted services.

Since we moved the service to another provider two months ago we have not had one service related issue! I contacted Mediacom in December to terminate the service. Apparently, no one went ahead and did that. In January we received an invoice for service and I again called to inform Mediacom that the service was terminated and at that time was informed that our case had been transferred to the legal department. I then drafted a letter and sent it to Mediacom via registered mail. It was received by Mediacom on January 24, 2018.

When we received another invoice the week of February 12th, I again called to try and resolve the issue. After getting transferred from one department to another, I was transferred Angie. She indicated that she would work on the resolution and get back to me. Within an hour Angie called back to inform me that the legal department has now determined that I violated my contract and they are assessing an early termination fee in an amount exceeding $8,000 and my current balance is $9,583.54.

Obviously, I am disputing the charges based upon the facts and circumstances and conversations with Mediacom over the past six years. We signed a new agreement in July 2017 that Mediacom failed to ever deliver the contracted speeds. They had many opportunities to correct this and were never able to resolve. What is very disturbing is that Mediacom is now forcing me to invest in legal fees to fight this invoice. In looking at the complaints online it certainly does not seem that my situation is unique.

Mediacom as a Whole Can't Follow Through With Their Claims!
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Rating: 1/51

SW MN, MINNESOTA -- Mediacom is a prime example of a company having too much power! In the middle of nowhere MN we have very few choices for internet. I had issues with our local internet company with speed etc., so I researched another option.

Mediacom buys a ton of advertising in my area claiming the best and fastest internet. When going to purchase their service the internet was so expensive that it only made sense to get the TV and Phone bundle with it which I never needed. So now I am paying $135 a month for TV that barely gets watched, a phone that never gets used and worse internet service than I had with my local 1300 person town's internet.

When it got installed the tech stayed for the internet to work properly. We will need to get 2-3 range extenders (Not explained or suggested during their commercials that claim the BEST internet) and that he needs to set up another visit to run some lines to the house. We waited weeks for this to happen all while having bad service. After the lines were run we have had zero change and maybe worse. I can be in the same room as the box and my WIFI will cut out.

I chatted today 2/6/18 with customer service and after typing pretty much my complaint here their suggestion was to give me a link to Walmart to buy extenders. Needless to say I am HIGHLY disappointed in Mediacom and their employees and customer service skills. I have worked for 30 years in customer service. I have lost a ton of money just to keep my name and reputation clean.

I maybe could have accepted the customer service representative to tell me their policies and then ask management how she could help me, but instead my very FIRST response was to tell me to go buy extenders with a link to Walmart (Another stellar company! Not surprising they suggest them). Paying $135 for internet or any needed service is gouging!

I would bet their profit and loss would show proof of their price gouging just because they can get away with it. I did not file a complaint as I know that Mediacom will not care! They are big enough to be bullies and tow the fine line of moral and legal ethics! I STRONGLY suggest never doing business with MEDIACOM!!!

Early Termination Fees
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Rating: 1/51

SPILLVILLE, IOWA -- I have to close my small business. I've been a Mediacom customer for over 6 years paying business rates. Their service is not great. Internet is down a lot. 6 months ago, they increased my bill by over 50 a month. I called to see how I could reduce that. They entered me into a new contract which I would not have had to do if they hadn't raised their rates. Now they want to charge me over 3000 for early termination fees. Even if I move the service to my house, they will still charge me business rates.

The guy would not refer me to a supervisor or give me a name or number to go up the chain of command. I will scream from the rooftops to everyone I know and everyone I don't know to NOT USE MEDIACOM! This is an underhanded tactic. I cannot afford this. He told me they'd send me to collections if I don't pay it. This is a greedy ruthless company. I am sorry I was a customer of theirs.

Customer Service; Tech Support: Field Techs
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Rating: 1/51

BETHANY BEACH, DELAWARE -- Never ever have I experience a company with the worst possible experiences. They make Comcast look like rock-stars. 4 times with same issues and still send low level techs that don't know anything to fix problem and never ever call you back (0-3). This Bethany Beach area has the worst services but are the only game in town if you can't get satellite so I guess that's why they are terrible.

It starts at the top, you can call tech support and tell them everything but still send wrong techs to fix security system with iPhone. The wifi is terrible which keeps cutting out on my renters. I have to ask each weekly renter to stay at house while each tech shows up to do zero. Incompetency can't hold up here. They are structurally top to down worse I've ever seen. I don't need a few credits on my account because they're incompetent. I just wanted to stop calling my weekly renters not only to keep them having to stay home while they try to send someone to fix the same issues.

I've spent 11 hrs already on the phone and 20 hrs from my renters to stay in house to resolve issues. Red flags were everywhere after I signed up to begin with LOL. They sent half my equipment (security) to one address and TV equipment to another address. Then later we had to stay extra night because the tech didn't even have a basic TV box. OH yet there's more if you're still reading this nightmare. They installed a DVR box and charged me a lot more money that I never asked for, so they sent out another tech to install ancient huge TV boxes that should be 1/4 the size and tell me that's all they had LOL. So again I had to send back by mail to order smaller TV box.

If you're still reading this you should run as far away as possible and cut down trees so you can get satellite TV etc... because Mediacom is a monopoly in Bethany Beach. I own a retail tire and auto business in Kensington MD. and have been in business for 24 years I get 5 stars from 98% of my customers. If there was a yelp for 0 stars they've earned that right.

Wireless Internet Lightning Fast Speed
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Rating: 1/51

MINNESOTA -- What I pay for is not what I get or what Mediacom says I'll get using their internet service. I pay 90bucks a month, for the highest speed internet and data usage 100 Mbps only, no cable or phone included just internet only. I get internet speeds between 29.0 to 32.0 Mbps average and that's when I'm the only one using the internet connection, (no one else is watching Netflix in the other room or on their computer). I lose my internet connection probably 10 times a day, depending on how many hours I spend at home online.

Sometimes I come home late, get online for the first time that day, I'm 3 minutes into eBay shopping and bam, the page doesn't budge. I look down and see I'm offline and lost my internet connection. 2 minutes sometimes more waiting to get back online. The same thing watching Netflix. Mediacom's tech support is a bunch of appointment schedulers that can't understand English. The wait time was 10 - 20 plus days to get someone out to repair my connection, the first time took 10 days, the 2nd service call is 24 days which I'm about halfway into right now.

It's a funny thing, during this nearly month long wait for Mediacom to repair my internet connection, I've kind of adapted to a slower internet. In between reconnections I've had time to actually think and reminisce of the early days when I was so happy with dial up, not a care in the world, it didn't even bother me when the price for dial up increased to 14.95.

You Don't Get What You Pay For. You Will Never Get What You Pay For
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Rating: 1/51

ST PETER, MINNESOTA -- Buyer beware. Mediacom internet sucks sucks. Speeds are sooo slow and not what they advertise. I don't get the speeds I pay for. Service repair is a month out. Tech support is a joke. They don't troubleshoot. They're rude. They hang up /disconnect you in the middle of a call... Stay away from mediacom far far away.

Terrible Customer Service, Bad Attitude and Dubious Specials - Consumerism at Its Worst
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Around July 16, 2011 I contacted Mediacom and was connected to **. I requested phone and Mediacom Online MAX 20 Mbps Internet service. ** - noticeably confused about the multiple of specials around this time - suggested a special for 34.95 for phone and Mediacom Online MAX 20 Mpbs for 12 months after which it would then go up. I agreed on this and the technician ** installed service on 07/26.

However, already then I noticed on the work order that only the Standard Internet service was included (12 Mbps) - and the charge was only 29,95. ** said he couldn't change that but accepted my prepared check for 34.95 and told me to talk to **. I did, and after a series of conversations trying to understand Mediacom's dubious specials at that time (which ** didn't understand either), ** agreed to talk to Mediacom to have my service adjusted to 20 Mbps. That was Jul 29. I didn't hear from him anymore.

Therefore, I contacted him August 12. He said he sent an email in this matter but that they might be backed up due to the 'college kids moving in [University of Iowa]'. I contacted him again on August 20. The strange answer I got then was (quote): "They are having trouble finding someone to fix the account in the system. I apologize. You might get farther going through customer service at 1-877-387-8087. It's worth a try." So I did.

After a few transfers, the customer service representative let me know that I wouldn't be able to get the special I had signed up for anymore since it had expired. But he would be happy to adjust my Internet service to the 20 Mbps - at the regular rate of $59.95 a month. Furious at that point, I contacted ** who told me (quote) "You actually have till Aug 26 to cancel with no charges for service. If you're that unhappy with everything I'd advise you do that before it's too late."

So, my choice was No Internet or swallow incompetence, terrible customer service and breach of agreement. I spend a month on this process, while my emotional stage escalated from patience and understanding through surprise and disbelief to frustration and the heartfelt realization of disempowerment. I recommend to everybody to avoid Mediacom like the plague and find alternatives - before signed a contract or immediately once the current one expires.

Worst Service Ever and Total Money Rip Off.
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Rating: 1/51

SAVAGE, MINNESOTA -- We got charged twice for disconnecting fee. Who does that? TV service awful from the beginning and only got worse as the months followed. Always technical difficulties every month to the point they would block the phone lines so you couldn't get through. On demand only worked part of the time. Means when you try to play catch up on weekend with shows, surprise it doesn't work. Movies only worked 70% of time maybe. About 15 minutes in they would get all fuzzy. Got double and triple charged movies if we didn't catch it in time.

Called them once to 2 times a month for problems. Ordered show time to watch Game of Thrones only to have technical difficulties that day and couldn't get it to play online either. Called and there was nothing they could do about it. That is the only reason we paid for show time. Total waste of money and huge headache while we were customers. We switched to DirecTV and have been amazed and much happier.

Mediacom - Worst Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

LEESBURG, GEORGIA -- First, my internet is down again and the HD channels are unwatchable (skips and flutters a lot.... Also the internet service is down often. I have had to call dozens of times to get them to come out and check out the service. The latest was Wed. of this week. They said they could not get anybody here until June 3rd.... 8 days does not seem reasonable. Either they have a lot of problems or they need to have more service people. I'm switching to DirecTV and hope this is better. All the fancy commercials they produce is pretty much a joke.

Recently submitted complaint
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32459, FLORIDA -- I would like to a few minutes to discuss my experiences with Mediacom's cable TV and high speed internet services. Hopefully, you will also take the time to review my comments and concerns in regards to your services and take appropriate actions to overcome any short comings in the future.

On March 15, 2006, I relocated to a home in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. When I started getting utilities turned on I, of course, inquired about the cable provider for my area. My neighbor provided me with Mediacom's telephone number. I called the next day to see about getting service activated at my new location. Much to my dismay, I was informed that service was not provided to my location. I was told that service WAS available on my cross street (Don Bishop Rd.), but it had not been run down the side street yet (Mario Rd.). I wasn't too surprised to hear this news because there were three abandoned satellites on the property from previous owners.

In the next day or so, I mentioned the situation to my new neighbor and he indicated that he had experienced a similar problem with Mediacom when trying to obtain service at his location. He said he knew that service was available because he was home the day they trenched the line to each house on Mario Rd. Rather than arguing with the Mediacom operator he called upon a “friend of his” that worked for the local branch. His friend activated his service and took care of initiating the paperwork and billing. He urged me to call back and try to get service established again.

After being advised of this I made a second call to Mediacom and was told the same thing. Service was not available in my area. Discouraged at this point, I started researching satellite options and pricing. I assumed that Mediacom was correct and my neighbor just didn't know what he was talking about.

After a few days my neighbor and I met again in the driveway. I explained to him the situation. He just had a look of disgusted and shook his head. He then proceeded to walk me around the side of my house where he pointed out the Mediacom drop. Sure enough, there was a black cable with a blue Mediacom tag and identification number on it. At this point, my discouragement was also turned to disgust.

The following day I called Mediacom for the third and last time. I had made up mind - if the operator couldn't get it right this time, I either had to have a “friend in the business” or Mediacom didn't want my business. This time the telephone attendant acted like there was no problem and said a technician would be out on the scheduled day to activate my service. At this point I was unsure if the operator actually knew if service was available at my location or if she was just sending someone because I told her that this was the third call and that there was a tagged line at my service entrance.

I asked myself, “Now why couldn't it have been that simple on the first call”. Regardless, at this point I thought all the trouble was behind me and service would be activated within a few days. Boy, was I wrong. That was just the beginning.

Shortly after having service established, I started noticing problems with my cable modem. It would stop working intermittently. I was unsure if Mediacom's high speed service was just unreliable or if I had a problem. I placed a call to customer service and made an inquiry about my concerns. The gentleman on the other end of the line seemed very knowledgeable and helped me as much as he could.

He said he had no problem “seeing” or “pinging” the modem from his end. He advised me that my wireless router was going bad and it should be replaced. Upon his advice, I went to my local electronics store and purchased a new router. After $100 and several days, my service was doing the same thing.

I called back to file a second complaint. The telephone attendant gave me the same information. He too indicated my router was going bad and it needed to be replaced. Being skeptical of his diagnosis, I completely disconnected my local area network and attached Mediacom's cable modem directly to my PC. As I had expected, the problems continued.

After calling back with a third complaint and telling the telephone attendant that I had no routers or local network he agreed to dispatch a technician to my location. The technician arrived on time and greeted me at the door. After working inside my demark for a few minutes, he informed me that the splitters in the house were hooked up all wrong and this “could” be causing my problems. He informed me that my cable modem needed to be installed on a “home run” to the demark and that the signal to noise ratio was too high at the modem's location.

I inquired why Mediacom's self installation package included a splitter if it wasn't intended to be installed that way. He didn't really have an answer for my inquiry besides “a home run is the way it should be”. He changed around the splitter configuration, replaced a few “F” connectors and disconnected my television in the master bedroom. He said that both the television in the master bedroom and the cable modem could not be on the same drop. At this point, he told me that he was putting in a work order for “the guys” to do some checks/work on the road and I should give it 7-10 days for them to finish up.

Basically, I was being told that if the work he completed didn't fix my problem that the work “to be completed” on the road would fix it. I didn't really feel that this was proper; having to wait 7 to 10 days for the work to be completed. At any rate, I agreed to wait to see if this actually resolved my problems. Oddly, the technician didn't leave after completing his service. He offered me to join him, in the shade of my opened garage, and engage in conversation. During this few minutes in my garage, the technician complained to me about the Sandestin office was short staffed and how hard they worked for such little pay.

At this point, I was ready to invite the technician to leave until he willing revealed that he had to spend “customer time” with me. He proceeded to show me, on his handheld, that he couldn't leave until my customer time was up. This really enraged me that Mediacom had to pay their technicians to be friendly and talk to the customer. I didn't know if he was being serious about this or just feeding me line of nonsense. Either way, I had stuff to do and didn't want to be hassled with conversation. I unwillingly entertained his conversation for a few more minutes before disengaging and returning inside.

Meanwhile, during my 7-10 day wait, I contacted a local contractor to run an additional drop to my master bedroom. I wanted to get both the television and cable modem working in the same location. After spending nearly $200 for an RG-6 cable drop and waiting nearly 2 weeks, I was furious to find that Mediacom's cable modem was STILL working intermittently. At this point I was planning on discontinuing service. Obviously, Mediacom couldn't provide reliable service to my location.

After feeling disgusted, deceived and violated, I called for the fourth time. I gave the indications, listened to the solutions, threatened to discontinue service and then had to almost demand that a technician be sent back out to review my problems. Unwillingly, the telephone attendant agreed to have someone come out, but assured me that there was no problem on Mediacom's end.

This time a different technician arrived. I explained the problem to him, along with the history. He immediately went to my desktop computer and entered a series of commands and began to shake his head. “You have a bad modem”, he explained. “Let me go to the van, and get you a replacement”, he said. After a few minutes of work the technician said, “This modem is bad too! Let me try another one.” Upon testing and trying the third time he told me that “this” modem is good and should take care of everything. He showed me the diagnostics on the modem, both before and after his repair. He assured me that I was all taken care of.

His actions, confidence, and lack of hesitation reassured me that “he knew what he was doing” and “he hand my problems repaired”. After engaging him in a short conversation and explaining the entire history of my account, I found out that this technician was from another location (Pensacola, I think) and he was in this area to help out with the employee shortage.

Without directly stating the obvious, he indicated, that the technicians at my local branch had no clue how to service the cable modem network; much less maintain the cable TV system. He eluded that most of my local area technicians were quite incompetent of their job positions. I agreed with his speculation. At least this employee provided me with a cable modem from his van as opposed to the original technician who dug my modem out of an old box, in the back of his pickup truck, and had to “try to find” the right adapter.

In the end, this technician proved himself correct. I had wasted $300 on a router and new drop. Neither of these items were causing any problems or required any attention. Thanks to this educated technician, I have not had any further problems from Mediacom's high speed internet service. It just behooves me that my problem could not have been solved 3 telephone calls or $300.00 ago.

After FINALLY obtaining stable service, I placed 2 separate telephone calls to customer service regarding “send/receive” problems with my independent email account. Both times, I was instructed my by Mediacom's employees to call a 3rd party vendor that “handled those servers”. Both times, Mediacom's employees advised me to leave a message because “these guys don't normally answer but, the WILL call you back”. Only one time, I never received a return telephone call.

While calling, I wondered why I was calling Mediacom's subcontractors… “I am contracting a service with Mediacom. Shouldn't they be calling the subcontractor?” Fortunately for me, the problem was found to originate from my hosting provider and had nothing to do with Mediacom. Regardless, I felt that while back tracking the error Mediacom's employees could have at least denied responsibility as they had done so many times before. At least I would have called my server administrator earlier.

In addition to the previous problems experienced, I have tolerated, at least, 5 area outages (that I am aware of) in my location. These outages include both cable TV and internet service. The most recent occurred on September 28, 2006 and one approximately 1 week prior. Each time an outage occurred, I've called Mediacom with 100% no resolution to my circumstances other than waiting.

Now please don't misunderstand me. I DO understand outages due to upgrades, impaired service poles, and equipment failure, but I feel that major majority of outages I've experienced was not due to these conditions. I'm confident that my misdiagnosed internet service failures were NOT due to these conditions. If outages were caused by these conditions, I was not advised nor compensated for Mediacom's failure to provide the services that I consistently pay for every month.

In approximately 6 months of service, I have had 14 (fourteen) encounters with customer service. This equates to experiencing hassle and dissatisfaction “less than” every 2 weeks. I wonder why I pay my bill on time and in full every month. I am obviously receiving less than “full” service. I pay for complete, reliable, and maintained service each month. Is it to much to ask Mediacom to provide me with what I'm paying for? I don't think so!

At this point in time, I am seriously considering contacting my local franchise authority (Walton County Courthouse Clerk @ PO Box 1355 DeFuniak Springs, FL 32434 850-892-8474 FCC Community Id= fl0647) and the Better Business Bureau to file the appropriate complaint forms.

According to my calculations, I pay approximately $.0.09 per hour for both internet and cable TV services. Additionally, I was advised to purchase and repair approximately $300.00 in equipment and cabling by Mediacom. After reviewing all the hardships and misdiagnosis endured by utilizing Mediacom's service, it has cost me an additional $50.16 per month.

In conjunction with Mediacom's statement of $63.09 (per month), my continued cost of $113.25 (per month) is completely unreasonable for the substandard services I am receiving. These calculations don't even remotely reflect the time I've spent on the telephone or money that I have lost due to service failure.

As a local business owner serving both Okaloosa and Walton County, I DO understand equipment failures, local employee decencies, area conditions, and any other circumstances that Mediacom might endure. Guess what!? I endure them too!!! There is just no reason for treating any customer the way I have been dealt with. At a minimum, I hope Mediacom will at least respond to my complaint with an explication for this type of customer service. That would be the minimal expected resolution.

In addition to the above complaint, I would like to add that a mailing address for customer service was not available online. I physically had to call customer service for information. On the first attempt to contact customer service, I was never reached a telephone attendant. I was just connected to an automated survey. I understand that mistakes happen within automated telephone systems, but this was just another example of the repeated problems.

After making the second telephone call to customer service, I was advised that the telephone attendant DID NOT have a mailing address for the main office in New York. In addition, she stated that there was no mailing address for “customer service” available. I was advised to contact my local office.

Now maybe this only makes sense to me, but why in the world I file a complaint with the office I was complaining about? After explaining this to the operator she provided me with an address for the Gulf Breeze office. She stated that “this” office was a big service area for them and that they could handle the complaint appropriately. I sincerely hope she is correct in her statements. If not, I have no other method of initiating contact with customer service other that contacting the Better Business Bureau or the FCC cable information hotline.

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