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Great Quality Products: No pressure on Membership
By -

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA -- Melaleuca is a wellness company that sells some really great safe, economical products. I was offered an opportunity to sell Melaleuca, but I wasn't interested so I became a "preferred customer" member. I paid around $25 for a membership to get preferred pricing on all their products -- otherwise I would pay the regular price shown on their site.

Our representative told us that what is so special about Melaleuca supplements is they have a patented formula which allows the body to absorb them substantially more as opposed to the kind you buy locally in stores. Regardless, because Melaleuca's vitamins and supplements are comparable in price to the ones you buy at Target or Walgreens, we figured we would try them anyway since we already spend around the same amount of money on them anyway.

My elementary-age daughter has AD/HD, and we are so far trying the Provex, Prenatal Omega 3 and children's multivitamins. She is a really picky eater, and she actually likes the taste of the vitamins. My husband is just like my daughter in that he has some focus issues. He was really skeptical about all the hype on taking a bunch of extra supplements.

Regardless, he decided to try the Unforgettables along with the men's version of Vitality multivitamins. He now swears by the Unforgettables and only after taking them one month doesn't want to go without them. He says he overall feels much better taking both of these products -- and this doesn't surprise me because he's not much of a fruits and vegetable eater.

Because I'm a new member, I get to choose some free, full-size samples every month. I've liked most of the products I've tried. I like the citrus version of the antibacterial soap, bathroom cleaner as well as the Sol U Mel cleaner. The Simply Fit Real Cheese Crackers were really yummy too, although I will say I'm not sure I would buy them again since they are $3.99 a box and I didn't feel they were low in fat, had no fiber in them along with 420 mg sodium per serving. They have a "Harvest Grain" cracker that I might want to try though -- with 2 grams fiber per serving.

Additionally, I had no idea so many people I know have tried their products. Every single person who has used them has sworn they were excellent products. My sister loves their Melaleuca oil and loved using their products. A woman I met at my daughter's dance studio swears by the Renew Hand Lotion, and asked me to piggy-back a bottle on my order if I ever run into a situation where I don't have enough points for the month. Another friend I know swears by the Sol U Mel -- and I had no idea these people ever even knew about Melaleuca until I mentioned that I signed up.

I want to comment on a previous complaint made by a gentleman on this site regarding Melaleuca. He claims his wife was "scammed" into signing up. I never experienced anything like this at all, and that is why I feel so compelled to make a post on this site. It was up to me whether I wanted to be a preferred member or go into sales. When I told my representative I didn't want to go into sales, she didn't pressure me.

I do understand there are some excellent benefits to signing up others as it can overall reduce the amount you pay on your monthly order. I also understand that some people make a good living selling these products as well. But it's not like the products are bogus or a scam -- they have really genuinely helped a lot of people because they don't have dangerous chemicals that hurt your health.

Also, I don't feel the gentleman posting understands that most of the products are meant to be diluted. So, if you buy the 16 oz. bathroom cleaner (which costs $5.69 preferred customer price), that actually makes 4 full-size spray bottles full of bathroom cleaner. You can do the math at how much money it really costs compared to Lime Away. Additionally, it works as well as Lime Away, and it's SAFE.

Additionally, when you sign up as a preferred member, you agree to purchase a certain amount of product per month to keep your membership. If you don't, they will send you products YOU SIGNED UP FOR TO RECEIVE. They don't send you just anything -- it's all stuff you selected to receive in the event you forgot to place your order -- it's meant to be an auto ordering system so you will always have your supplements.

As a customer, my representative told me this upfront, and we chose the products that I would receive if I failed to make a purchase. Otherwise, I could cancel my membership at anytime. You can find this information by calling them directly -- the number is on their website or on the membership materials. It honestly sounds like this gentleman has not communicated with his wife about what exactly she was offered -- or she hasn't told him all the details.

Regardless, there are many posts on the internet about how Melaleuca has helped so many people with some excellent quality products. Again, keep in mind that I don't sell Melaleuca products -- I'm just your average member. I've only ordered products from them 3 times, and I already love these products.

Melaleuca Is A Scam
By -

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO -- My wife got scammed into signing up for this after a so called “friend” saw her on Facebook. She no sooner said hi when she was cajoling her into joining this pyramid scheme. That's how they make their money, signing as many people as they can. Besides having outrageous prices ($26 for nothing more that a 16oz. bottle of glorified Lysol, or over $70 a month for their non FDA approved vitamins, $20 for 10 breakfast bars), when inquiring how to get out of this scheme, I got hassled by a snotty saleslady ("Director') out of Blaine, MN. who called the cops on me for asking honest questions about how to quit which she wouldn't answer!

Plus, they automatically charge your credit card a $60 minimum a month even if you don't order anything. They just pick out some crap and send it. From what I read on other posts, it's very difficult to quit this pyramid scheme, having to send them certified letters and hoping it reaches the right people. I would definitely steer clear of this outfit.

Honesty and value
By -

MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT -- Melaleuca (The wellness company) is by far the BEST company I have ever seen! All the products do what they claim, Customer service is excellent and knowledgeable, and the company really does care about the customer.

I have been a customer for a few years, and my health is steadily improving through their products. My dentist now compliments me on my oral care! I no longer need to take antihistamines, and my bursitis and arthritis only bothers me occasionally, while the doctor can no longer see any inflammation! My skin is healthy and younger-looking and the mild asthma I suffered is GONE. Dandruff is history, along with dry skin and cracked fingertips.

I feel good also, that all my cleaning products do not harm the environment or my lungs & sinuses.
Also, the cleaning products cost less than in the grocery store! Twice (in 3 years) a product has been delivered in an opened or damaged condition, and once they sent the wrong product. I call and they send a new one Immediately. Always they have a money back/replacement guarantee that they faithfully honor. Thank you Melaleuca!

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