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$350.00 deposit
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- We called Member First Mortgage to refinance our home mortgage. Talked to a interviewer and told them that we were now with them and wanted to refinance our mortgage. They sent us some papers to fill out and fax back to them. After getting the paper work back we were reached by e-mail and was told that everything looked fine and we were approved for a 4.500% mortgage. All we had to do was pay a $350.00 deposit to get things started and have a appraisal done.

We got the appraisal done and heard nothing back. After two weeks of not hearing anything back we called and talked to our adviser Matthew **and was told that the appraisal came back to high. We told him that our house was all remodled and was worth that or more. He said he would get back to us. A week later I called again and was told that our credit union now didn't like the deal and he was checking with other banks. About two weeks later I was told that he couldn't find anyone else. We asked how could this happen when we were told that everything looked fine. We called Chase Bank. They put us with Quicken Loans and we had a loan in three weeks @ 4.500%.

After talking with Quicken we called Matthew back to let him know that we had found a loan with Quicken and was requesting our deposit back because we got nothing for our money. He said that he would get back with us. About a week later he called and said that he could get us a loan for 4.750%. We said no and that we had given Quicken $500.00 to get this new loan started and just wanted to get our deposit back. He said that he would get back with us. A few days later he called and said that he was told that we couldn't get our deposit back because we got the appraisal. We told him that we wouldn't have gotten it if we weren't getting the loan and want our money back.

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