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Terrible shipping
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Rating: 1/51

WARREN, NEW YORK -- Terrible!
I ordered 4 containers of candy but they arrived in a box that was too small for the containers so they had to be smashed into the box. Additionally there was no padding to protect the containers AND they were placed in the box on their sides which added to their frailty.

Of course every container was not only broken but the contents were spilled out. I had to throw the entire contents out.

Absolutely terrible packaging for shipping!
Terribly unsanitary and totally unusable!
These were to be used as gifts but now they can't be due to the condition in which they arrived!

Terrible service- terrible packaging - and terrible customer concern for the goods shipped.

I will NEVER order from them again and you can do yourself a favor and don't bother ordering either.

3 Bad Experiences
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Rating: 1/51

FINDLAY, OHIO -- A consumer'€™s guide for shopping at Menards, the BIG CAN'T store. After having three bad incidents ourselves and feeling the frustration of trying to get Menards to do the right thing, we started reading the numerous complaints filed on the internet. We soon found some complaints had been filed over and over again. We decide to start the do's and don'ts list for shopping at the BIG CAN'T store. Note, the views expressed in this article are our own and do not necessarily represent Menards' positions, strategies or opinions.

The do's and don'ts for shopping at the BIG CAN'T store: Do keep shopping at Menards. We know you'€™re frustrated from trying to get the manager and support services to help you. There is a reason they won't help, yep, they CAN'T. So keep shopping at Menards. Now be smart, never buy any high price ticket items, EVER. Only buy low price items that are cheaper than you can find anywhere else. It's to your advantage. Use Menards as a five and dime store.

Do buy any items that are free after rebate. Give the items away if you want, but use the rebates to buy the small ticket items you normally purchase. The only cost to you is the price of a stamp to mail in your rebates. Note you can send in multiple rebates in one envelope.

Don't ever buy any item that requires you to add gasoline. The warranty becomes void it you do. If it breaks down because they sold you a defective one, they won't take it back. Why? Because they CAN'T, you voided the warranty (numerous complaints filed). Don't ever buy custom items. For example, don't buy custom cabinets, there is a 25% return fee. If they make a mistake and send you the wrong style or color, they won't take them back without a 25% charge. Why, they CAN'T (multiple complaints filed).

Don't bother asking for a discount on a display model. You'€™re just wasting your time. They won't give you one. Why, they CAN'T (happened to us). Be careful, they might try to charge you a $10 assembly fee. Don't ever buy an item off their internet site. You might think you'€™re getting a new item, but they freely substitute display models or even a returned and/or damaged one (yea I know, false advertising, happened to us). Don't think because you spend thousand of dollars every year in their store that they will make things right when you have a valid complaint. They will not. Why? Because they CAN'T (happened to us).

Don't bother contacting a manager or Menards support. They will not help out. They are a united front that will give you the run-around until you get tired of complaining. If you are persistent enough to get an actual answer, the answer will be, they CAN'T (happened to us). Don't bother filling complaints with state and federal agencies, it's a waste of your time. The BBB has sent them numerous complaints. They don't respond. They are a company without scruples.

Do take multiple picture of your vehicle if it is damage by Menards in their yard. They will lie about whose fault it was and you will have to take them to small claims court. They will bring in a high price lawyer. If you don't have pictures, there is a good chance you will lose (the person who filed this had pictures - he won). Don'€™t expect Menards to bring in an item from another store. They will not. Why, they CAN'T (I don'€™t know of another store that won'€™t do this - happened to us).

Don't buy any large quantities of building or landscaping materials and have them delivered. They may include damaged and returned items in the lot (on purpose). Do not accept them or return them as soon as possible. Good luck! Don't buy large quantities of an item on sale that are stored off the premises and have them delivered. This is Menards way of reducing their crap inventory of that item and they will dump them on you (happened to us). Don't expect Menards to stand behind the products and services they sell. For most of their higher price items and services, they do not. Why, they CAN'T (they always have an excuse).

Last - Do hate Menards. Your hate has manifested because you were forced to see the truth. Menards is a store without scruples. They do not value their customers, even their best ones. We know most stores would bend over backwards to keep customers like us. Menards is definitely not one of them. Now, do not let your hate consume you, stay focused. The only way to hurt Menards is to reduce their customers base. Feel free to add to the do'€™s and don'€™ts list. Push this list around on Facebook, Twitter or what ever media you want to use. Bad mouth Menards to who ever will listen. Print the list out and pass it around to Menards customers.

At the very least, it's fun reading. If you are really pissed, take out an add in the local paper. Let's get the truth out about the BIG CAN'T store. Who knows, maybe someday Menards will want us back as customers. Then we can look them straight in the eye and say, "€œwe CAN'T".

Translation, when Menards says they CAN'T, what they truly mean is they WON'€™T. We know most stores routinely do what Menards says they CAN'T, but those stores want to keep us as customers. If you are a customers that still thinks Menards is a good store, I invite to read the complaints on the multiple sites that have been started just to report them. Reserve lots of time, the list of complaints goes on and on. Remember, most people don'€™t even file complaints. So to have this many complaints filed is testimony to their customer service or lack thereof (there are even complaints file by their own employees).

If you still continued to shop at Menards and buy big ticket items, it'€™s just matter of time until you will see the true side of Menards. Then don'€™t wine and complain, at least you were told a head of time, you just chose to not to believe. We sent a version of this article to Menards to see if they wanted to add to the list. We told them it could save them time if the customers knew a head of time what complaints had no chance of any action being taken by Menards. No response! We imagine if they had responded, they probably would have said "€œthey CAN'€™T"€.

Subject - Do you want to add to our list. We wrote this article to help us get over our frustration with Menards. Then we though, this could benefit both of us. We'€™re sure you'€™re tired of getting all those complaints from worthless customer. We'€™re sure you'€™re tired of having to give them the run-around until they quit complaining. Just give us a list of the thing customers complain about the most. We will add them to our list. Hurry, we will be posting this soon. If the customers already knows a head of time about issues you CAN'T do anything about, maybe you will get less complaints. Yeah, I know, it's a win-win for both of us.

Unqualified Design Personnel
By -

EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN -- In August of 2009, I began a remodel of my home which included removal and rebuilding of a family room and a complete gut and remodel of the kitchen area. My contractor purchased much of his building materials from Menard, Inc. and I also purchased the items I needed to obtain separately (sinks, vanities, hardware, lighting, etc) including all the cabinetry for my new kitchen. The total for the cabinets was $5,383.00. There are always problems with large jobs like this, but the problem that Menards is responsible for remains unsettled.

I went to the Evansville, Indiana store to have a kitchen design completed. I informed the "designer" at that time that I had never purchased cabinets before and was uncertain of what types of information I would need to give, thereby needing guidance through the process. I had brought with me the dimensions of my kitchen space given to me by my contractor. This "designer" created a CAD image using these dimensions and the cabinet types I chose. I was given a schematic of this design.

On this image, the cabinets are shown mounted 12 inches below the ceiling. There are no dimensions listed on this page, only on the schematic, and then the dimensions shows are strictly horizontal measurements. When the cabinets arrived, the construction crew removed them from the boxes to install them, but work had to stop when we found that cabinets were 39-inch cabinets, as ordered, but 39" cabinets cannot be mounted 12 inches below the ceiling without partially occluding all the countertop outlets installed.

The wiring for the below-cabinet lighting, as well leaving no room for any appliance on the counter other than possibly a small toaster. Had they mounted them as shown in the design, less than 12" would have been available on the countertop. This was never pointed out to me, indicated on the drawing, or in any way whatsoever referred to by the "designer."

I had no problem with mounting the cabinets at ceiling level, which I thought would look very nice with the crown molding and work again started. Again, progress stopped when we realized that because of this, the 15-inch cabinets purchased for over the stove and over the sink areas, as suggested by the "designer," would look completely ridiculous as well as be unreachable without a chair. The cabinets designated to be mounted on either side of these cabinets also still could not be installed.

This necessitated my returning to Menards on November 13. I was again waited on by the same employee. I explained the problem and got absolutely no response. Nothing. He just shifted papers around and said nothing other than the two 15" cabinets could not be returned. Period. I elaborated that I was upset that I was having to absorb the cost of two 15-inch cabinets and expend even more money on two additional cabinets as a result of the drawing depicting a mounting for 30-inch cabinets and not 39-inch. I received no response whatsoever to this.

This employee proceeded to place an additional order for the 24" cabinets, which he said could be appended to the original order. However, after more than five minutes, he told me he was having trouble finding my original order against which to reference the new order and to excuse him. He left the area for several minutes and came back and resumed looking. My original order was gone so he said he had to start all over. He did put in the new order and place it. I then paid an additional $531.34 for replacement cabinets.

I have since communicated by mail with Menards, Inc. Guest Services, located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. However, all replies are generic and offer no solution. I tried to call and speak to the store manager today and was told he was at a seminar. The store declined to give the Home Office phone number, "We don't give that out." I found the number online and called Guest Services asking to speak to the woman I had been corresponding with and was refused. "She only does business in writing."

So I will adhere to this rule; she should receive a written copy of the complaints filed both with the BBB and the State Attorney General's office. Hopefully that will meet her criteria. Never have Menards, Inc. design anything for you. All my future purchases for the remodel were made elsewhere, but only after I spent around $13,000.00 in this store. After that much money, they refuse to even speak to me about $500 I had to spend because of their own incompetence.

Menards Store Worst Nightmare Experience
By -

MORTON GROVE, ILLINOIS -- To all Menard shoppers, I am one of a harassment victim of Menards store. Please read my story, and I post this story just to let all of you to see how nasty the way they running their business to stay away from any of their store.

On Sunday, 10/22/06 my wife and I planned to replace over my 500 sq ft finished hardwood floor in my home. We decided to shop at Menard store at Morton Grove IL. At the wood floor department while we were discussing sizes and type of wood. I used a small tape measure that was taken from shelve (still in wrap cover) for checking to make sure before making a special order, which is could not return. After we decided to pick the type of wood floor we want but there we need to bring our installer back to the store to make sure what we need more beside that for us make a purchase order in the same day.

In the way out, my wife she purchased some items that total is $40.66 on receipt. After we just walked out of the door couple feet, a young man stopped us and asking for receipt and asked me that what else in my jacket pocket I did not pay. I look down and realized the tape measure I borrowed to use inside the store still half way out from my pocket that I forgot to put back on the shelve. He told me to come back inside the store and put me into a small room with two cameras hanging on ceiling.

At first, the young man asked my ID and told me I took that by incident. I was shaken, tried to explain to him that just an accident because I had concentrated about changing my hardwood floor, and other things need for my home. I just completely forgot to put the tape measure back. I asked him want to talk to his boss "I AM THE BOSS HERE!"€ he said with proud on his face. Again, I told him check on camera video while we were selecting wood floor product talked to sale person in that department helping us to prove what I told him was the truth. He agreed, and left me behind the closed door.

Ten minutes later, came back with a form on his hand without mention anything about the video what I said to him before. He asked me for my social security number, and told me that I had to sign and pay 100.00 dollars fine because of stealing!!! I asked him "Am I a thief?" He responded "Yes, you are!" On the form convinced me I am a thief of stealing tape measure value of 2.49 dollars. I refused to sign, and asked for store manager. He left and came back with the man dressed in Menard white shirt uniform. He told me this was a store manager.

The man came to the room with his hassle attitude, and without introduce himself who he is. He cut me off in less than two second while I tried to explain my situation to him. In his hatred, he raised his loud voice and pointed his finger to my face and said "You pay, or police will come". I was confused and disappointed. I asked for police officer. He smiles, "Sure!" Not for long, a Morton Grove police officer came to the room. I don'€™t know what story they told the police officers before came to the room.

But, after explaining to the representative of the laws what happened to me that I was just accidentally causing. And just like the man before. He did not mind to ask for details my story but quickly giving out order by his hardly voice, he said "€œYou have to sign on the form and pay 100.00 dollars fine, or I am going take you to jail!" I asked him what if I needed to go to a court to see the judge. And again, he said "You pay them, or I'm taking you to jail and that is it". He asked me my work phone number and while I tried to find in my wallet. He asked me again with his impatience voice "YOU HAVE MEMORY?"€

I gave to him my company business card in my wallet after explain to him which I rarely use because I never miss at work. While we were talking, another police officer walked into the room. He walked back and forth, shook his head "tsk, tsk, tsk" none stop??? My wife was standing outside security door and tried to stopped and explained to the young security but he kept repeating "Sorry lady, he is a thief, he's a thief"€. She asked customer service to see store manager, they said he was not in? (So who is the man came to the room talk to me?)

Finally, I recognized I was hopeless to get help. They left me no choice. And the young man walked me to the cashier and charged my credit card 100.00 dollars fine. He also whispered to my ear that nobody will know I am a thief.€ "Oh, no, no I need to let people know my situation, and the way your store treated us"€ I said to him. And we did, outside while he charged 100.00 dollars fine on my bank card (the same card I spend thousands and thousand dollars to this store for my home improvement every year). We loudly told all customers what happened to us, and bewared the way the store treating their customers.

The young security walked us out the door yelled to us "€œHAVE A NICE DAY AND DON'T STEAL AGAIN" before he disappeared back inside. We were wondering is only the judge having the right to judge people at the court. Why this young guy just keeps calling me thief? And why the store was harassing us so nasty??? In the next following week, on Friday, 10/27/06 I made a call to the store like to talk to the store manager because I did not believed the man I already talked to the day I was harassed by him before for whom he is.

On the phone, the man introduced himself is name ** store manager. He agreed to set up time and date and we going to meet to resolve the harassment issue, as I said to him. On Monday, 10/30/06 we back to the store. After we checked at the service counter, the service people pointed their fingers to the man was stood 10 feet away from us. Said to us "€œthat ** store manager, who is you want to see".€ He is the one was harassing us that day! His dirty smiles threw into my face in that day still in my ears. His hatred attitude he gave us in that day still in my mind, and he has nothing change when I look at him this time. We left the store.

We and our family relatives none of us will ever set foot to any Menards stores again. We keep trying to analyze why it happened to us. Why they ballooning thing up so ridiculous? Something was stealing from us €“the self-respect. The self respect that was educated from our family and school since we were borne. My work at my company as a technician and my wife is an office manager at her company. We own almost haft million dollars property. And all our 3 beautiful dogs even have healthcare insurance full cover for their own. So, why we want a 2.49 measly dollars tape measure from your store for???

However, I e-mail my complaints letter to Menards, Inc headquarter in Wisconsin. They responded "€œWe don'€™t handle security issues, sorry".€ I email again to ask who is I suppose need to talk to in their company for my case. No respond! I wonder why Menards avoid or hide their corporate leaders in the public. They'€™re doing whatever they want to the customers and no matter how bad they do because they leaders never know (or they do not want to know).

And in order to let people be aware of Menards stores in the nation, I already blog this article on many websites in internet and on all Vietnamese magazines in Chicago, IL. Furthermore, I am ready passing out 3000 flyers to the people in this holiday. So, don't get risk of yourself by continue shop to any Menards store.

Customer Service With Menards Stores
By -

MANSFIELD, OHIO -- At Menards store in Ontario Ohio I saw a great price on an item that I had been looking to buy (48"x25' reflective bubble insulation). The shelf tag said that this item was on sale for the price of 17.97. At the check out this item rang up at 34.97. I went back to look at the sign on the shelf. I took a picture of this item and its shelf tag. When I got back to the register the front end supervisor was on the phone with the manager. She told the manager that I had a pic of the item at the 17.97 price. The manager said that that was the other item located there... I knew I was right on the advertised price that's why I took a picture to prove it.

I ask to speak to the manager, but I was told he was with another customer, and I could wait. I waited a few minutes. If I didn't have my dog waiting in the car I would of pulled up a chair, but leaving my dog in the car was unacceptable at the moment. So I ask for the phone number to corporate office. Next morning I called the number that was given to me. It was to an automated info line giving me an address to contact in writing... I did. Then I attempted to call the store manager by phone, after asking to speak with the manager, being transferred the phone rang & rang... No one ever answered! What ever happened to customer service???

Why is it I have to resort to this? I am a customer and I have proof that I was right! NOTE... I never saw the size till I uploaded the pic from my phone. I shouldn't need reading glasses to shop! The sale tag was placed on the wrong item clearly! On the left side of the photo is a large black arrow pointing to the 48x25 size.

New Managment Needed from Top Down.
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Rating: 1/51

FOREST LAKE, MINNESOTA -- Can I give this location and organization a minus 500? Worst run ship in the lumber industry. Lazy store and corporate management, poorly organized and do not care about their customers, only their money. Didn't think I would every write a review like this, but when this company failed me, they failed immensely and did nothing to rectify. They owe me thousands of dollars for materials not delivered and think they are somehow justified in blaming me for LOSING my order!? Terrible systems and customer service is a complete train wreck.

Accused of Theft
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Rating: 1/51

MAPLEWOOD, MN -- I shop 5 days a week at my local store. On 4/26/2018. A 20 year old accused me of theft. I took him and the store manager into a room, emptied my pockets, offered to be frisked by police. I had no contraband, because I didn't take anything. The pimple faced lied and said he saw me. Manager backed his employee. I wrote to Menards corporate, called the police myself. I was humiliated in a store I shop in daily. Never got an apology. I'm done shopping with that, and all Menards.

Jeld-Wen Single Hung Energy Star Windows
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Rating: 1/51

IOWA CITY, IOWA -- Jeld-Wen windows were installed and winter is here and they are leaking air at bottom seal. I contacted Jeld-Wen and they sent me some shims to put under the lock, to compress the window down more. Wrong shims but cut them to fit did not work, still leaking cold air in at the bottom seal. Menards won't stand behind them and Jeld-Wen customer service is a joke.

We Bought a Defective Range at Menards
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Rating: 1/51

HAMILTON, OHIO -- I was shopping at Menards and noticed a beautiful Whirlpool range with a red tag. I asked why they were selling it at a reduced price and was told that it was the last one that they had and that they were clearing their inventory. A few days later I returned to the store with my husband to show him the stove hoping secretly that it was still there and that it could be mine. He asked questions also and was told that they were no longer carrying this line and that is why it was reduced.

The authorized Whirlpool repairman has just left after his fourth visit with no resolution in sight. Menards will not take back the stove and refund my money and delivery fee until the repairman says it is unable to be fixed. Every time the repairman calls Whirlpool I can hear frustration in his voice as if they had no idea why he was here. Whirlpool let it slip speaking to my husband that it had been repaired before in June. This meant that I bought a second hand stove as new. We bought it on October 4th as new merchandise. The repairman has just left with another part in his hand.

Upon speaking with a representative of the Whirlpool Corporation I have learned other information. It takes 24-48 hours for them to receive a fax. Interesting. When the repairman is done with his final determination that this can not be fixed he will fax them another 24-48 hours. It then goes to Product Review for a few days and a determination will be made at that time. Should I tell all the graduate students coming to my house for Thanksgiving that I can not roast a turkey? Oh, by the way, Whirlpool did offer to change the warranty clock back to reflect the date of our purchase.

Restocking Fee - 25%!!!!!
By -

EDEN PRAIRIE, MINNESOTA -- We couldn't be sure the lights were the best fit for our house until we saw them. They were $180 per light. They didn't work. When we returned them we were charged almost $100 even though only one of the boxes were opened. We said this is highway robbery and pleaded for a more reasonable fee. They charged us $100 plus paid shipping and handling and we have NOTHING to show for it. It is a ridiculous enforcement of a policy when home goods need to be seen in the home before knowing that it fits.

We returned it within 24 hours of receiving it by mail. What if we bought $1000 of purchases by mail - would they have kept $250? Or $2000, would they have kept $500 for the privilege of actually seeing the product. Buyers BEWARE - they are thieves.

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