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Mercury - Not Aliens - Just A Bunch Of Crooks
By -

On July 27, 2006 I was in a car accident. The other driver, (who was totally at fault), was insured by Mercury Insurance, so I immediately filed a claim with Mercury. I made numerous phone calls to Mercury (Russell **) to check the status of the claim (i.e. who was at fault), what they were going to do about my car, and to update them on my injuries. I kept getting the run around, no information, or contradictory information. Russell ** told me Mercury would reimburse me for medical treatment, rental vehicle, towing and storage, and compensation for the wrecked vehicle, if their driver were found at fault.

It took Mercury many days just to concede that the other driver was at fault (even though the police report confirmed that the other driver was completely at fault), so I was kept in limbo about what to do about medical treatment, and what to do about my car. When Mercury (R. **) finally admitted the other driver was at fault, I was told an appraiser would inspect at the vehicle, and contact me with an estimate, and if it was totalled and Mercury chose to keep it, they would take over responsibility for the car. (I was not advised to move the vehicle from storage, since if it was totalled [and I could tell that it was by the damage] mercury wood be responsible).

I kept calling regularly, but was never given any information. On August 10, 2006 I received a letter from Mercury (Lizzie **), dated August 4, informing me that the vehicle was considered totalled (my first notification – in spite of the numerous phone calls). This letter also informed me that they were not going to take ownership, and that I would be responsible for storage as of Aug. 4 (which “coincidentally” was the day a lien was placed on the car), they didn't inform me of this even though I called every couple of days, nor did they have the decency to call me.

How can they legally inform me of this, effective the date the letter was typed up (it wasn't even postmarked until Aug. 7)??? I called Mercury on Aug. 10 to dispute the handling of this matter. Mercury (R. ** & L. **) informed me that they were only going to pay $360 for towing and storage (which doesn't even cover the bill for the period they said they would pay), and that someone else (not specified) should have informed me of the vehicle status. Obviously, the reason that, even though the vehicle was totalled, Mercury was not going to take over ownership, was to stick me with the towing, storage, and lien charges that they did not want to pay.

If that is legal it should not be. But it sure isn't ethical! It has been 2 months since the accident and Mercury has not reimbursed me for any of my medical expenses (or any expenses), even though they said they would. I was injured, and Mercury was doing absolutely nothing about it, so I had to retain an attorney to get medical treatment (attorney is only handling medical treatment).

On Aug. 24 Mercury sent me an offer to for settlement for my car (enclosed). I called them the same day and accepted their offer. I still have not received any payment, 1 month later. On Sept 7 Mercury flat out lied and said the check had already been mailed. From day 1 Mercury has constantly lied, postponed, given me the run around, given me no information, and essentially screwed me every chance they get. Why are we required to have insurance if the insurance companies pay for nothing?? How a company can be allowed to stay in business behaving like this is a disgrace!

Stay Away For Your Own Safety
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Mercury Insurance Company is a bad company to deal with and more of a scam. They do not want to honor any repairs covered on the warranty and if they do, they do not want to pay for all the charges that are included in the repairs. I took my vehicle to the repair facility and they indicated that I had a leak in my oil pan, I needed my brakes worked on and some other stuff that was wrong with the vehicle. I presented the repair notice to the facility and requested them to contact the warranty company and see what they will cover. The company declined every other repair except for the oil pan leak.

The repair facility then in turn got in touch with me and informed me what the warranty company had agreed to. I then informed them it's okay and they can go ahead and fix only what the warranty company will cover. The repair facility gave me a call a couple of hours later and informed me that the job was done and that we could go ahead and pick up the vehicle. When I got to the shop, they said that I had to pay all the charges and will be refunded by the warranty company. I was skeptical from the get go and did not want to risk paying, and not getting my money back.

Furthermore, on the repair notice I presented to the repair facility, the company indicates that they deal with the repair facility directly, and not through customer to the repair facility. In the company's contract info, they specify that the only cost that the customer is responsible for is the $50 deductible with any authorized repairs. I then called the warranty company and informed them of the charges presented to me by the repair facility. They proceeded to ask me to request the repair facility to call them and request the payment from the warranty company (so much for the company dealing directly with the repair facility).

The repair facility got in contact with them and the warranty co only remitted partial payment of the work order, stating that they will not cover the extra charges entailed in the work order to fix the oil pan. At the end I had to pay the $50 deductible and some extra charges that the co. did not cover, charges for work performed to fix the oil pan. After I paid the extra amount, I then proceeded to contact the warranty co, to see if we had some kind of misunderstanding to what is covered and what is not. I then got on the phone with a guy named Andrew, who was very rude and made me feel like I was insured by a fake company.

He indicated the company does not cover for shop charges incurred while fixing the oil pan, and also they will not cover for the oil that was changed. I then called the repair facility and asked them why they did an oil change when it was not approved by the company. The repair facility informed me that with Firestone's company policy, when changing out the oil pan, they cannot put back the oil that was there prior to draining. They informed me, for them to be able to work on the oil pan, they have to drain the oil. That is extra work entailed in fixing the oil pan that they declined to cover.

When I tried to reason out with the company, informing them that I just did an oil change literally less than a week to this date the guy (Andrew) got so rude with me telling me he does not care, and stated that what was approved is all they are paying for, and anything else, I have to pick it up with the repair facility.( so much for feeling covered.) He then proceeded to put me on speaker phone where his co-workers inclusive were all just laughing on the phone. I then requested to speak to his supervisor and he put me on hold then hung up.

This is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with, they do not care about the customer, all the think about is getting your money and not keeping their part of the contract. It's very discouraging that they are a bad reflection to one of the best banks that my wife and I have ever dealt with( University Federal Credit Union.)

If you can, please be very careful when dealing with Mercury Insurance Group P.O Box 7828866 Oklahoma City, OK 73172 -8866. I would advise anyone that is looking to purchase their contract to run while they can. I would recommend UFCU to anyone who is looking for a vehicle or home loan anytime, they put the customer first and establish a good relationship. Again, be very aware of the Mercury insurance group.

Mercury Insurance cheat and trick me, they ignore their disadvantageous factors to get away with the penalty.
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I filed a claim with Mercury on Sep.17, claim number is #**. When the person insured under Mercury hit left doors of my car on the drive way, the insurant admitted it was her fault at scene, because she have to yield before she back the car from garage to drive way, and she also admitted that she had already saw my car on the drive way before she back from garage. Obviously Mercury is fully responsible for the damage to my car.

But Mercury agent instructed her to make a false statement and not to admit her fault, so that they can refuse to pay my car's damage. When I made claim to Mercury, they already made decision, so does not matter how my statement with physical evidence proved that it is Mercury's fault. Yet they abused their power and acted against moral ethics in insurance industry.

I called them at (888) 917-6372, their customer service is very poor. After adjuster Rodrido told me they can only pay 30% of the damage, I requested his supervisor Marisa to review the case, but she rejected my request, and told me they would not even review this case, because my statement was different than their client's story, and they only trust their client's words. Therefore, they made judgment only based on one side of story, but totally ignore my statement which is not in their favor.

In addition, I got confirmation from the insurant, Mercury lies to both parties to avoid paying the compensation. They told me it is 50/50 fault, but they told the other party it is her fault. So in the end Mercury is getting away with the penalty. Because Mercury Insurance Co. is such dishonest company, they should be punished for their bad behavior. Their business should be suspended until they stop cheat and trick claimants.

By -

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- I have been with mercury casualty for over a year now via A.I.S.(Auto Insurance Specialists) and have had nothing but grief (ie. missing bills, poor customer service, renewal fee's due to never receiving a few bills... so on so on.) Just recently I was in an accident and found out that my insurance had expired the morning of. I quickly called and paid by C.C and complained about once again not receiving a bill and she responded by saying this happens all the time and that I should just remember when it's due. Now I have been in "investigation" for 38 days without a car and counting.

When calling the complaint line for the claims department I have to leave a message and they return my call with "I'm sorry, this is just how it is." I have never had so many problems with any insurance company and have recently heard many similar stories from co workers and friends. Pay a little extra and get some better service... it make all the difference in the world.

By -

My granddaughter was parked at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green; when it did, she, the car beside her and the car behind her moved on. A car on the left went through the red light and smashed into my granddaughters car and totalled it; my granddaughter was taken to the hospital and was diagnosed with bulging discs. She had 5 witnesses that said the other driver ran the red light, and her insurance (Mercury) said it was my granddaughters fault because the lighting said something different. They told her that they would not cover anything because it was her fault.

The other driver had no witnesses that said she was correct. Why would three cars all go at the same time while the light was red? That doesn't make sense. Also, Mercury was so nasty to my granddaughter that she ended up crying. It has been over 2 months, and they still would not do anything. What a horrible company Mercury is, and why would anyone want to have anything to do with them. She ended up getting a lawyer, and she still has no car.

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