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Bait & Switch Advertising
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- After being one of their original customers in the Tampa Bay Area (back from 2004), I decided to get myself a 4G LTE phone when I saw it advertised for $49 In-store only. I figured that I could afford that and give my husband my LG Optimus M+. When I drove to the St. Petersburg, Florida Corporate store on 22nd Avenue North, I had to wait 5 minutes (which is in itself a miracle compared to the normal 1 hour wait. Of course, it was at 10:30am). I walked up to the counter and stated that I wanted to get the LG Motion that was advertised for $49 on the website.

The customer service representative stated that it was only for NEW customers and that the phone would cost me $168, PLUS a $15 upgrade fee, PLUS another $15 to transfer my phone to my husband's number. REALLY? After all of the thousands of dollars that I have spent on continuous service and cellular phones for almost TEN YEARS, they want to charge me $198 (not including taxes) for a phone they are advertising for $49? **.

I'm sorry, but their motto is "Wireless for All"... then why am I being singled out because I'm an existing customer? Also, after going back to their website and looking at the promotional offer, you have to click through to three screens before you get to the terms and conditions (which is white lettering on a light gray background) that state "new activation only on a new line of service". In addition, if you have a pop-up blocker, you won't even see the Terms and Conditions. Seriously how many people are going to take the time to click through 3 screens to see if they "qualify" for the promotion? NOT most normal people!

I contacted their customer service department with my complaint, only to be put on hold for 15 minutes and 38 seconds waiting for a "supervisor". I contacted the MetroPCS Corporate office in Tampa, FL and had to leave a message for their "Customer Escalation Department", for which I received a telephone call back. The guy on the other end asked me the problem, when I stated to him how difficult it was to locate the terms and conditions, plus the time it took me to drive and wait at their Corporate store, only to walk out empty handed, plus telling him that the $49 4G LTE phone is what I could afford not the $198 that I was quoted in the store.

His response was "I can't do anything about the phone price, but I can waive the $15 upgrade fee as a onetime courtesy." REALLY? You can't do anything about the phone price? Yet, you can sell the phone at $49 to new customers not to someone who has already spent approximately $15,000 on Metro PCS products and services since 2004. I am appalled and definitely do NOT feel like a "valued" customer. "Wireless for All" unless you are already a customer!

Don't Stand by Their Product
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Rating: 2/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- Waited over an hour and a half to set it up. Purchased the phone, took it home, and put it on the charger. After nearly two days it had only a 79% charge in it. Taking it back and wanting to return it I was told it could not be returned, that it needed a new battery that I was supposed to pay for it. I said it was a defective product, not my responsibility. They countered with taking my number and to get a new battery for the unit.

I get the feeling this will not be the last problem I have with this phone or with Metro PCS. This phone was intended to be brand new and functional, since it isn't they should take it back and replace it with a new one. Meanwhile I have no phone service since I picked it up and they aren't compensating me for my trouble. Avoid going to this place. They only want your money, not your satisfaction.

Best Cell Phone Service Provider I've Had
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Rating: 5/51

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA -- I have had every big name cell phone carrier. I don't have bad things to say about any except for Sprint. They are atrocious. MetroPCS is the best one I've had in my 13 years of cell phone usage. I have an unlocked ASUS Zenfone 2 right now and my signal is ALWAYS good, with every phone I've had too. I don't know if it's because of the merger with T-Mobile, but I've never had an issue. The pricing: $50 a month for UNLIMITED data. TRULY unlimited. They have NEVER throttled me even at 41gb+!! AND you get 8gb of mobile hotspot for FREE now. Jesus Christ. Get with it people. MetroPCS is the **.

Authorized Dealer Tips
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Rating: 5/51

NEW LONDON COUNTY, CONNECTICUT -- I work for a Metro PCS Authorized Dealer. ** is right about these authorized dealers. Some of them hire these ghetto-tastic morons who don't actually know how to do ANYTHING! It amazes me when I go into some other stores and start dealing with them as a secret shopper. It's insulting to me that this is what I am perceived as when I put on my Metro gear.

First up, upgrades are only ONE $15 charge. Some places charge for moving contacts and data files, others don't. That's dependent on the dealer you are at. You have a manufacturer's warranty good for one year since activation. Most Metro's in my area have an XBM Warranty Swap set up. It takes a few days for it to come in and if it is under 30 days since first activated then it costs NOTHING. Over 30 days costs $15.

When upgrading, there is no additional charge to keep the number you already have. It is a device change and would only change your device, SIM card number if necessary and your plan ONLY IF NEED BE! Generally, you do not need to change your bill to a higher rate plan for an upgrade or for better reception! You do not need to buy a phone with an accessory to get any rebates or discounts as far as I have seen thus far. Some Metro dealers may have a coupon code or bundle package they make themselves to give some package saving incentives. This is set by the individual dealer, not Metro PCS.

These Authorized Dealers are like car dealers. They aren't really an official Honda or Toyota businesses. They are AUTHORIZED to deal in sales involving those products. They can do whatever they want with guidelines for basics from the host company. Same with Metro. Metro Promise is under 7 days and under 1 hour of talk time. Very strict. This goes for every single Metro dealer. It also must include box, charger and instruction manual as well as be in new condition. There is sometimes a restocking fee but less and less places have them now. This may not be something set by Metro PCS or it might be waived.

Do not buy online. Just a hassle and not worth it. Buy from inside a store. When calling customer service, never use the 888 number. Use the 1-800-373-2876 number and choose the dealer option. Almost instant contact with a representative Customer option has been streamlined but still has one or two prompts beforehand. Not a hassle but sometimes too long for the arrogant ones.

Keep your cool. We honestly do want to work with you in the reputable locations but we are also tied by our Authorized Dealer title. There are some things we really can't do because we aren't allowed the permissions or rights to do so. Merging accounts, canceling lines other such things have to be done at a corporate location or over the phone.

If you are doing a payment plan in a store that offers it, know that once it is set it is out of our hands. Your money and their payments are totally outside our system at that point. We can't do anything. If you can pay in cash, do it. Payments over time over the 30, 45 or 90 day same as cash options are going to include interest. You will have to contact them to set up the same as cash options.

SIM cards are only $10 plus some tax. Upgrade fee is $15. So, upgrading to a BYOD costs only $25 plus some tax on the SIM card only. Do not cancel your line before doing a return! Let us do the return and then cancel! Automatic payments are not something we can set up or manage. That can only be done by you online or possibly over the phone.

Avoid the $3 terminal fee. Use the MyMetro app on your phone to pay your bill flat with no tax or terminal fee or pay online at You can either make an account or pay as a guest. Every store has a terminal fee. It is hardwired into our POS system. We can't remove or waive it. Trust me, I've tried a lot.

Getting snippy, angry, arrogant, belligerent or yelling/cursing in front of children or customers will get you evicted from the store. I will not have my customers dealing with your nonsense. This is the one time in which I don't try and do everything I can for you. I have paid the terminal fees out of pocket for people before, paid tax, covered SIM cards and all sorts of things for the sake of helping my customers.

If you decide to act foolish in my store, empty or otherwise with children present or not, I will no longer give you the respect or courteously I do for my other customers. I work too hard and handle too much to listen to it. I can forgive some acting up, we're all understanding here, but there's a limit. Respect it and I will do whatever I can for you.

Managerial Incompetence
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Rating: 1/51

ANDERSON/REDDING AREA OFFICES -- It was early March 2012 when my wife and discovered constant high billing rates from Verizon and switched to a wonderful service that had solution to help our budget due to the rainfall of ever rising gas prices, that we found the perfect answer to our cell phone needs. MetroPCS had all the answers. One payment of 50.00 a month, with unlimited long distance, Internet, and texting. Wow, how could any cell phone be better?

Well that was just enough to put my two telephone lines in submission for 6 months, without billing, and try out this new company we both heard so much about. When Verizon learned what we were doing, I do recall her warning, she said we would not be happy. I said in terms of price, allow me to ask you why does Verizon charge 20.00 just for unlimited Internet, along with my 60.00 a month billing of just the cell phone and then an extra 10.00, just for the cz navigator?

Well she said, “We offer the flat rate of 50.00 a month for the phone too.” I contradicted that because I was having her look at my plan I was paying $140.00 for all that, without unlimited minutes, and no Internet. Yes Verizon does have a 50.00 a month phone, it's a go phone; and you must buy a phone, then pay $50.00 then purchase additional time cards, so the price begins to skyrocket out of hand. Not to mention, the lashing you experience seeing your minutes disappeared without using them.

Believe it or not, this happened to us so this was the reasoning for us to see this new innocent Phone program at PCS Metro everything for no haggle cost of just 50.00 a month. Just entering the store was an experience, people COMING in and out. Both my wife and I, had many thoughtful questions, on proper phones, good camera ability, and simplicity of use.

We found out quickly something odd and being a 22 year veteran, with prominent espionage experience, I caught the fact when someone goes to sign up they have to give up some valid privacy information namely: "All new customers, must register with social security number, date of birth, address of course, and haa telephone number."

Well there is another, it's a bank card, debit card, or your automatic check withdrawal authorization. I felt like I was being booked at any local police station, which is automatic No NO. You never ever give any company so many informational tools to ever use them against you.

I was hesitant, and many questions because the password to my account was my birthdate, including year, so nothing is hidden. Not only that the employees were young Latinos or other mixed races. Which did not bother me at all. More concerning was the age. Nonetheless, we got our phones. One a new LG Beacon, this was registered in my account under my name. I was able to receive another LG Beacon on the Internet, through Ebay. The former new LG was insured, on my account. I got another phone, which I enjoyed and hooked it up, and loved it.

Shortly thereafter in early May, this phone is stolen, by a man named **, at least he identified himself as that name, said he found it and would gladly send it to us in the mail. He wanted to do this instead of taking it back to the building where he was attending class for some seminar, so being several hundred miles away, we found he really had no intentions of sending it to us, we disconnected and then activated my new LG different than my wife's.

I quickly enjoy the new LG Beacon, and in some short time she loses it or it is stolen. She goes to Anderson office to file a claim. I have pay 45.00 to activate the claim then it arrives a few days later. Thus begins a strange and deeper fraud. The phone LG BEACON will not stay charged. The very minute you take it from charge status it goes dead. So Metro in Anderson says we must buy a new battery. I say, “NO, I have an insurance plan and I prepaid my deductible so I should be entitled to good working phone.” Meantime, my wife wants a different phone with better camera functions. She buys one for a great price through Ebay, and gets it fired up.

What we both experience at MetroPCS is very difficult billing over time. If we find it easier to pay at the store, they ding us 2.00 to 3.00. It was once real easy. I went to website, pushed the button to pay my bill, it simply asked me for my telephone number, and after I entered it, the bill was paid. That was only the first month. After it asked me to become a member of an elite bill paying club that mandated you give up your credit card number, and allow them access to and out of your account, which I turned down and since that date, it now costs me an additional 3.00 to use the eb page to pay my bill.

Hence, both store and website now wants an extra fee of 3.00! Actually, this a accuse extortion at work. But chose it over because I don't allow any company access money in and out of my checking account. Only bill pay, that is because they can only go out. Very important to remember. Lately, I now had my LG Beacon stolen from me in Williams Ca, at truck stop. A cell phone is automatically stolen when the person who finds it makes so sufficient effort to return it. This can be hours or it can be days. So thus now brings on my major complaint with that wonderful plan from MetroPCS and its managers.

I bring in my Beacon LG and ask them to activate it to my phone I received as a replacement. The young girl asks me for all my sensitive information then goes on to tell me that my new unactivated phone is in dead file. I ask her what is a DEAD FILE, she explains "This is where the phone goes. We see a customer having a phone that was reported lost or stolen." I quickly remind her this phone was a replacement of a lost or stolen phone that never was recovered!

She says "Well there is nothing I can do, it's listed as a dead phone." I tell her "this is ridiculous, call someone who has some authority to hook my phone up. He is hijacking my new phone that is mine, sent to me and I paid for it. It also requires a test or needs to be troubleshoot and it won't stay charged either. Please let me talk to the manager." I sat and watch this very young employee call her very young manager and let me talk with him. So she did her job.

I found this manager insufficient, unaware of any logical reasoning and he seem to listen but avoided my questions but said he couldn't do anything either but promised to get back with, let's see, this was Aug 17, Friday, and it is now Aug 23. Six days have gone by where I still don't have the use of my phone nor have it fixed.

I have been calling the Anderson Metro office and will proceed to continually call the Redding office as I understand that is where the manager reigns from. If anyone out there in Blog Land can help me get some attention on this manager or access to any senior CEOs of this company, someone must know something, as I have visited the website and metro has a survey but I cannot find any portal or link to it.

Also, MetroPCS has no complaint service where any of their customers can have any redress for any wrong done to them by their company, what awful truth I do find is there is no help at all. I will now take this complaint to both better business bureaus and open a complaint. Also encourage any other customers that have other similar problems to Blog them in great accurate detail. Thanks for reading.

We Take Your Money a Lie
By -

Had become a new MetroPCS customer on June 21, 2011. I purchased a brand new phone. I had problems with the signal and losing the charge immediately. I went to the store where I purchased the phone. He replaced the battery, he then told me if I still had problems with the phone, I had to take it to a corporate store for service. I still had issues so I returned a week later to the corporate store. The representative ** insulted me. After he insulted me, I left the store! I then went back to the store that I bought the phone from and he said, “I'm sorry, you have to take it to a corporate store for service.”

Days later I was still having problems, a weak signal, losing charge, still could not access the internet. I then went to the corporate store in Taylor, Mi. on Eureka rd, again for service. I explained to a Tech the problems with the phone. She replied, "We will replace your phone with a used phone only, and you'll have to use your own battery.” (Meanwhile I do have the additional insurance) She then told me "You have to go the Manufacturer of the phone, LG.” She gave me the phone number and website for them. I then questioned her reply, I then told her I just bought this phone and had problems from day one and I want a NEW phone as the insurance states!

She replied, "That's NOT going to happen!" I then spoke to the manager, and told him what she said. Laughing and giggling, he stated, "On the agreement, it states, you have only 7 days to replace this phone." I said No, I have had a problem with this phone from day 1. He said "Too bad! Call corporate customer service. If you don't like it!" He then told me to get out of his store and don't come back and he threatened to call the police! I then left the store. I then called customer service, told them what was happening. Again, I was told to take it back to that store for service.

On July 18th, I returned to the same corporate store. Upon entering the store, I was approached by an associate. He asked me "Weren't you in here 2 weeks ago?" I said, “No.” He then said "Yes you were. You had problems with your phone and called me some racial slur names." I said "You are a liar. I have never met you or spoke to you ever before. I've only been a customer for 3 weeks!” He said, "You must leave now or I'll call the Police." I said, “Are these cameras working?” HE said, "Yes they are!" I said "Good, I want this documented, because I never did anything to you ever." I was told to leave or else they're calling the Police to have me removed.

With the threat of the Police, I left the store. I then contacted Metropcs, customer service again. I told them what was happening again, they said, "You have to return to that Corporate store for replacement or service". This time I took a witness with me. We were immediately approached by an employee, that I had never seen before or spoken to, and he said, "You must leave now, we are calling the Police to have you both removed.” My wife was told that she was a troublemaker the last time she was there, (she had NEVER been in that store EVER). My wife told them she had never been here before. They refused to speak to her at all.

We then waited patiently outside for the Police to arrive. The police arrived shortly thereafter. The Manager told us prior to the Police arriving, he told us both, "Don't you EVER come back to this store, take your business somewhere else!" I still will go through with the dispute, the store was busy with other customers. These customers were laughing and finger pointing at my wife and I, and we were made out to be low-life troublemakers in front of strangers, based on these employees lies and false allegations.

I told them, "My wife has never been in this store in her life, she is a Sprint customer, and this is the first time and last time she will ever be here." She was so embarrassed because of these lies and customers laughing she left the store crying! We then waited outside for the Police to arrive. He arrived shortly thereafter.

MetroPCS - Samsung Code - Poor/NO Customer Service
By -

LARGO, FLORIDA -- This has been without a doubt the most miserable consumer experience in my 60 years on this earth. MetroPCS sponsors our MLB Team, so I thought I'd give them a try when my Sprint contract ran out - BIG MISTAKE. I purchased a Samsung Code - the dealer and MetroPCS have a full refund policy if not satisfied within 7 days - full refund of service and phone purchase. Well, maybe. I returned to the store in 5 days and complained that my Code would not download apps or ringtones. I was told in a condescending manner that I needed money in my account. I explained I had purchased with credit card which was charged without a bit of difficulty.

Then they looked at my phone, and told me there was nothing wrong. I asked them to show me how to download apps and ringtones - they tried and couldn't. I was told since it's a "new service" you'll need to wait for your phone to "update". Went home skeptical, but gave them a try. The following Monday (8 days after purchase) I returned to the store and again complained but was told I was too late to return for full refund even though they told me I needed to wait a few more days (probably so they didn't have to honor their guarantee).

At this point they told me there was nothing wrong with the phone but, I should take it to the Service Store anyway. At the service store I spent 4 consecutive Friday afternoons trying to get the phone to down load apps and ringtones. Finally, they exchanged my phone and assured me that 'all is right now' - of course I decided to check before leaving the store. Sitting in the waiting area, I once again tried to download the same apps and ringtones. You guessed it, I STILL couldn't do it although "everything was alright now".

At this point the assistant store manager gave me his business card, and told me that he would personally take care of it, and I didn't need to continue to come in every week. He'd get back to me. After two weeks of not hearing anything I called his cell number on his card - no answer, but I left a call back message. A few days later I again called and left a request for him to call me back. Another few days and once again I left a message. Never heard a thing back from him.

Completely perplexed I (for the first time in my life) filed a complaint with the Department of Justice and Consumer Affairs. A very nice lady there handled my complaint and continued to try to get me some satisfaction from metroPCS. After about two weeks, she informed me that metroPCS refuses to mediate, and that my only remaining option is small claims court.

Needless to say, I have returned to Sprint for my cellular needs. My new Droid worked first time, and ever time since establishing my new service - Oh yeah, and the phone was free! So, I'm out $250.00 and four months service from metroPCS - and am considering pursuing a small claims court suit. I would not recommend MetroPCS to anyone and would suggest that any current customer consider abandoning them if they should have any difficulty with their service or phone. There is little chance, if any, that MetroPCS will make it right.

A Bit of Info for Everyone
By -

Hello everyone. I've noticed a lot of people here have had their complaints about the company, and I don't blame you. All the complaints so far do seem very unfair and quite idiotic. I work for a MetroPCS authorized dealer (not corporate) and I can tell you honestly that the company is not completely at fault for what is going on in their stores. Authorized dealers pretty much just hire anyone they like without really determining whether they are even fit for their job.

I read a review here saying that the manager told the customer that they had to charge them accessories in order to get their rebate, also another saying that they were charged double their bill without being told why. Here's some quick info: Most retailers just want to sell, they couldn't care less if a customer is satisfied (unless they're purchasing something from them). Sadly these type of dealers go on doing these things without being complained about to corporate.

I have had customers walk in to my store screaming at me because another store applied the most expensive rate plan onto his line and the store he had bought his phone from gave him a false number to customer support. The store had given him the number of their manager so he got nowhere in looking for help. Rebate promotions apply to all phones in promotion with new activation (some cases it also applies to upgrades)! Does not require a specific plan nor for you to buy accessories. Anyone that tells you you must buy those additional items are just trying to make more money out of you.

If your payment is past due, you DO NOT have to pay double your bill. You can reset your bill cycle date to the date of your payment for an additional 5 dollars. Let's say your bills due on the 8th, and you pay it on the 19th, for 5 extra dollars you can change your bill date to the 19th (only requirement is that you are at least 7 days past due). Any MetroPCS retailer can do this, if they say it is not possible then they're just simply being lazy.

You can return your newly activated phone(s) and get a FULL REFUND. Whenever you purchase a phone from MetroPCS as a new activation it comes along with "Metro Promise". Metro Promise allows the customer to take the phone home and try out the service and to see if the reception and features satisfy the customer. If it doesn't, you CAN return your phone within 7 days of your purchase, must be in like new condition and have no more than 1 hour (60 mins) of talk time.

You can review your starter service form (the yellow Sheet) at the bottom right corner of your form it explains the Metro Promise. As authorized dealers we are forced to honor this promise. If a dealer refuses to do so, file a complaint with corporate. Don't let them steal your money, they'll BS you until you go away. Some stores will higher the prices of their Handsets simply because there is no competition around them. Go to to view the actual handset prices. If the dealer is selling them for a higher price, walk away and find yourself one that sells them for their true price.

Employees work on commission, so they'll try to add features to your rate plan so they can boost up their performance logs and get more commission regardless of whether or not you even ask for the features. Whenever you purchase something from them, ask them why the price is that price (tell them to break it down to you) and always check your receipt. They're sneaky.

I Truly believe MetroPCS is a great company on its way to shutting down those other rip off carriers, but it's the unfit idiots that those authorized dealers are hiring that is giving the company a very bad image. Find yourself an helpful, honest and knowledgeable store and everything should go great!!

Limited by the 'Unlimited' service... Unwilling to Do the Right Thing.
By -

GRAND RAPIDS AREA ( KENTWOOD ), MICHIGAN -- I purchased my Metro PCS phone at a registered dealer and paid my monthly bill. I was planning a trip to Grand Rapids from the east side of the state and checked in with the dealer form whom I purchased the phone. Yes, he said there is service through Lansing and Grand Rapids. Wondering then why my phone did not work there. After visits to two metro PCS stores and then finally finding the corporate store where I had been assured they would help me with my problem.

Upon entering and speaking w/ the reps there, I was told that the 'unlimited' service I had paid for was not available to my phone as the newly expanded network had towers using a bandwidth that was not compatible w/ my phone. I was told the only options which were available to me were: A) purchase travel minutes - $0.19 cents a minute plus tax and fees... Or B) purchase a new phone that would work here and back where I had come from.

I was not prepared to purchase a new phone and paying the exorbitant per minute fee did not seem too customer friendly to me as my monthly fee was supposed to include unlimited minutes and unlimited access to their service network marked in purple on their map. The limits were closing in and the reps acted like it was my problem. The monthly bill had been paid ahead, the phone was a metro PCS phone purchased from a metro dealer: their equipment and their service and now I was expected to cheerfully pay more? I left to check out options, but soon realized they 'had' me.

I had to purchase the travel minutes at that high price and I asked since this was not my issue would metro PCS give me some complimentary travel minutes to use in the next 24 hours. A reasonable request to a company that advertises with the slogan, " Unlimit yourself!" The answer was no. I had been limited by their new technology and there was no help offered or available w/o paying more money and $5.00 would not solve the problem, that would only last for the first phone call as there must be a $5.00 bal at the start of any phone call using travel minutes.

My opinion is that a company that does not have folks tethered to a 2 yr contract should be more accommodating and offer a solution that is makes the customer whole even if that requires a temporary 'patch' of sorts. This patch should make their advertising claims consistent and true. My trip was cut short and made unpleasant as I was not wanting to waste 3 hours searching for the stores and a solution to my (really their) problem. I should state that my phone was about 2 yrs old and I had recently purchased a new one, but the reception was better on the old one so went back to that and was not looking to purchase another.

Companies need to empower their employees to do the right thing. Perhaps customers are a dime a dozen and you feel you do not need to care. It is expensive to obtain a customer. It is more economical to keep a customer. Customer goodwill is something to be treasured not stomped in the mud. This company has no integrity in my opinion and has joined ranks in subscribing to the greed culture we find prevalent in many American Corporations.

Perhaps it would be good to remember we are all customers somewhere to someone and we need to treat others as we would like to be treated. I have options, Page Plus, here I come... and I do not have to pay extra to use my phone in those areas.

MetroPCS - Deceitful and Borderline Predatory Practice
By -

FLORIDA -- On Monday, November 23, 2009, at 11 AM, I went to a Metro PCS store in Spring Hill and purchased a cell phone (Samsung Code). This type of cell phone is what's considered a Smart Phone. It's a Windows Mobile phone. The cost of this phone (including taxes) was $319.93. After getting it home, I decided I didn't like the phone and was going to return it. Metro PCS's has what they call "Metro Promise" and it reads is as follows "You can return your phone within 30 days of purchase with less than one hour of talk time. No questions asked".

On Tuesday morning, November 24, 2009 at 11:30 AM, I walked into the very same store I bought the phone and said I wanted to return it. The sales representative at this store made a call informing someone I was returning the phone. She must have been asked to check on the call time. The sales representative did so, and it was discovered that the call time was 1 hour and 37 minutes of call time on the phone. My immediate response was "that's impossible", I hadn't made or received any calls on this phone!

The sales representative then said I couldn't return the phone because of the call time. Again, I said that I had not made any calls or received any calls on this phone and if the timer was at 1 hour and 37 minutes, then they must have sold me a used phone. I returned home and looked at the timers on the phone. It was at this time that I noticed that the call timer did in fact read 1 hour and 37 minutes.

However, 1 hour and 37 minutes were used up on Data calls. Which simply means that when I received this phone, I had to download Metro applications to this phone, such has Metro Mail, Metro Navigator, and a few others. And apparently when downloading these Metro applications, the phone dials a number to retrieve them! I then called Metro's customer service and spoke to a gentleman and explained what was going on. I was told that the Data calls were not my fault and that I should go back to the store where the phone was purchased for a refund.

He also said if there was any problems, to have the sales representative call them. I did has he stated, and again, I was refused a refund even though I pointed out that it was Data calls and not Talk time that was on the phone. I told her what customer service said and she proceeded to call them. When she couldn't get through to customer service, the sales representative called 2 other people from this area. One of the people she called was ** (a service manager). He spoke with the sales rep then wanted to speak with me.

When I got on the phone with him, he stated that there would be NO refund on this phone because of the 1 hour and 37 minute call time. I informed ** that it was Data calls, and Not talk time. I also reminded him that Metro PCS has a return policy that states less than 1 hour of Talk time, not Data time! His response was "I'm an attorney and I'll interpret what the policy states!" After a heated exchange between ** and I, he hung up. I then left the store and came home to file this complaint.

What I also found out during this experience is this. Not only is this store not a corporate store (although disguised as one), no one (on paper, when you enter this store or a sign) tells you that it's privately owned business. This is not only deceitful practice, but borderlines predatory practice as well!

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