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Dealing with MetLife? Watch Your Back
By -

DAYTON, OHIO -- MetLife canceled the fire insurance coverage on my deceased father's house in Columbus, Ohio with no advance notice of any kind. My father was the named insured on the subject policy. His house was the property covered by the policy. His automobile insurance was provided by the same company under the same policy. In December 2009, the policy was renewed from February 3, 2010 to February 3, 2011. My father died on December 20, 2010. The house has been vacant ever since. Because of the change in status of the house, I wrote a letter to MetLife on January 15, 2011.

In that letter, I requested that the automobile insurance policy be canceled, effective immediately. It continued: "Homeowners Policy - The house is now owned by my father's estate and is listed for sale with a realtor. The insurance coverages related to the house should remain in effect without interruption. The rating and premium probably need to be recalculated, since the house is not occupied and the discount related to the automobile insurance is no longer applicable. If there is any problem complying with these instructions, please contact me."

In response to my letter, I received an automobile insurance declarations page dated January 26, 2011 from MetLife indicating that the auto policy had been canceled pursuant to my request, effective January 15, 2011. It identifies the named insured as "Estate of (my father's name)." This demonstrates unequivocally that the company had received my January 15th letter. I also received a notice of policy change dated January 12, 2011 from MetLife which indicated changes had been made to the mailing address and the address of the home on the homeowner's policy. I received this notice because I had directed that my father's mail be forwarded to me.

I called MetLife's policy service telephone number on Friday morning, February 4, 2011 at approximately 9:45 A.M. Eastern time. The unfortunate woman who drew the short straw of fielding my call told me that the homeowner's policy had been canceled the previous day - February 3, 2011. In response to my direct question, she said that there was no coverage on my father's house as of the moment of our conversation. I received no notice in any form - written, telephonic, e-mail - of the impending cancellation of the homeowner's policy.

My January 15th letter provided MetLife with all of my contact information. They knew how to use my mailing address for notices directed to my father's estate, as evidenced by the notice of cancellation of the auto policy. Even if a notice of cancellation had been mailed to my father's prior address, it would have been forwarded to me. The policy was canceled without advance notice. From the information available on the Ohio Department of Insurance website, I understand that this is a violation of applicable Ohio law or regulation.

What Happened
By -

PO BOX 48020 DAYTON, OHIO -- I had my auto insurance with Metlife for many years and all seemed well. Up to this point I was very happy with the company and no complaints. I was contacted by Metlife that if I was to insure my home with them I would save money on my auto insurance so I switched from Nationwide to Metlife.

They came out, took pictures of our home and then gave us home insurance. Almost one year later I find myself being canceled, the reason according to the representative that called me was that there were weeds and brush near the house and that I could not park cars behind my house and that I had to send pictures to them showing this was repaired or fixed, this I did.

I was contacted again by Metlife via phone by a representative that told me that it wasn't good enough and that I once again was told to remove my cars from behind the house and cut more brush. Well we live on a farm and I have 14 acres of weeds at times when we were not farming.

It seemed to me like no matter what I would do it was not going to be enough and the representative didn't help at all when I asked exactly what I needed to do to retain my home insurance. Nothing but confusion and nothing I could work with to fix the problem as the representative didn't seem to know what was going on other than cut more weeds and remove the cars from behind the house. Now I find myself not being able to get insurance because I was cancelled... it's been 30 years since I had an insurance claim but that don't seem to be of any value if you have weeds on your property and park two cars behind your home.

Be Wary of Metlife
By -

Through our employer, we set up an annuity contract with Metlife. We noticed that after two pay periods Metlife still had zero in our accounts. After calling the company, they said no money had been sent to them because they had no record of it. They blamed the payroll department for not sending them the money. When two months had passed, the payroll department had the cancelled checks that Metlife had deposited, however, we still had zero balance because they said they still hadn't received any money.

We contacted the Attorney General for our state. They investigated and somehow Metlife was able to find the money in about four days. I would advise anyone to stay away from Metlife. However, if you're currently involved with this company and have problems, contact the Attorney General for your state and file a complaint. If they get enough of these, they will either have to become an honest company or go out of business.

Met Life Dental Insurance
By -

My husband has been paying for his dental insurance that was offered by MetLife. He had a partial, but the ONLY anchor tooth, #16 had to be extracted due to severe decay and perio pocketing. His dentist's suggestion and only treatment plan at this point was to place two implants with a pontic in the middle, hence a bridge.

MetLife refused the claim. Their consults said that there was an alternative to replace his teeth, a partial, even though an anchor tooth did not exist and was impossible. After talking with a customer service representative that knew nothing, upon admission, about dentistry said they would not cover it because too many teeth were missing.
So, I then asked if they would pay for one implant to replace the anchor tooth and a new partial. The answer was "No. Too many teeth were missing.." So their answer to a satisfactory replacement of teeth was to do nothing.

I would not ever recommended anyone using this company as you will pay through the nose and get everything denied, denied, denied. We are now in the process of changing insurance companies because of their smart idea of no teeth being the answer to his dental problems, and suck his meals through a straw... MetLife is going to be reported to the OPM and that's something they don't want to hear, but we are going to pursue this, even though we are dropping them.

Metlife The Worse Dental Insurance, Scam & Lies
By -

The company that I have worked for many years change insurance plans last year, so we had Cigna ppo dental, and they contracted this Metlife scam. You get pre approved for what the doctor in the own list tells you to do and this Metlife scam decide later they don't approve and you get stuck with the bill, they don't pay the doctors, don't care about it period. Even the doctor took time to write a letter to this terrible company of why he arrive at his opinion with the consult of another doctor of their list about my case and they concluded I needed a implant, my fixed bridge was fractured. No other thing could be done.

Everything was well until the notice came in the mail, METLIFE dental had their own private consultants, doctors and they decided that a removable partial denture "prosthesis" is the same as your own tooth. OHH and they have reviews, none do any good, just a waste of time. They do what they want, pay what they want.

PEOPLE BE AWARE, PRAY your company does not hire this ripoff, liars, scum, so called insurance. YOU are not covered, not safe. Run far away and pray it does not come to your place of life and work. Their job is to deny payment even if is wrong. Check the web, they have done this to many, many others. This could happen to you too if you don't talk about it.

MetLife Dental Is A Scam
By -

All I can say is if MetLife is offered as a dental plan for you, I would look somewhere else. After signing up for dental insurance with my employer I was notified that they had changed providers, MetLife would now handle all claims but be assured it is exactly like the old provider. B.S. in capitals. They have refused all payments for the very same procedures and the same dentists I had before with the other provider.

I spent 3 months fighting MetLife before they finally coughed up 25% of the bill when my old provider paid 50% with no problems. The insurance agent claims I am covered but MetLife doesn't see it that way. They look for every excuse to void a claim and then take months to pay if you fight them. I am at the point where I have filed complaints with my employer and I am in the process of filing a complaint with the state. It is exactly because of insurance companies like MetLife that we are now dealing with Obamacare. For peace of mind AVOID this Insurance at all cost.

Long Term Insurance
By -

I have been employed and paying premiums for long term disability coverage for years now. I had spinal surgery about a month ago and cannot get any info on my policy. It took my HR dept 2 weeks just to find the contact number for the company. When I call they told me that they are not able to send me a copy of my policy or the policy provisions and that I need to get that from my HR dept. Took me 5 tries at customer service just to get that type of an answer. This company is terrible with customer service. I believe I am in for a Rip-Off. Stay clear of these people.

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