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Disregard For Consumers
By -

POTRTLAND, OREGON -- Went onto a local Portland Oregon Michael's. This particular store is in a shopping center struggling with its design, age, location, etc. This store sits in back lot. Consequently in my opinion, these are factors as to why it is always almost empty, compared to other stores in the area.

I have spent a lot of money there buying yarn for projects for the last 5 years. I went in one night to this very empty store. I always use a weekly coupon on at least one item. Typically I was going to spend about $30 that night to get the yarn I needed. I had injured my foot, but had driven out specifically to shop this store that rainy night. I went in and realized I had forgot my coupon at home. I asked the clerk if he had an extra, he said no. I asked the manager if I could have the 40% off one item, probably resulting in less than a dollar. She refused saying she could lose her job, can't be done, etc.

I just felt unappreciated and invisible although a regular customer. This night manager never so much as smiled. Had it been myself, I would have at least said "Let me go look and see if perhaps we have an extra flier around..." I was so mad, I left. They lost a $30 or more sale that night in a store that is usually empty. I felt strongly enough to call their customer service in Texas, and also wrote a letter. Never received so much as an acknowledgement. When I called to see at least if my letter had been received, they couldn't find it. I persisted and the next call my letter was found. At that point I asked to have a local district manager call me. No one ever did.

A smart company would have at least tried to appease and show some acknowledgement. Very poor customer service, no customer appreciation nor good faith. And all because of a $1 in coupon savings that unlike the many times I have shopped there, giving them my business instead of JoAnns or Craft Warehouse, I truly had forgot my coupon, my foot was really painful, and they didn't even offer to help let alone bend a little for the purpose of retaining a good customer and making a significant sale that night in their typically near empty store.

Additional Information from Author on 3/5/2011: I have shopped at Michaels Craft store for several years.This is the store at Jantzen Beach, Portland, Oregon. This store is in an outside shopping mall in a back corner. I guess one reason I do like shopping there is because unlike Jo Anns or Craft Warehouse, this store is usually very empty hardly anyone ever in there.

That is my observation. I have spent a lot of money there-- and on the night of my grievance I went in to spend at least $30 in yarn for a project. I love to crochet however am also an avid coupon user for all goods. Yarn especially is expensive. I ALWAYS take in a weekly 40% off on one item coupon. This prompts me to stop in weekly as well and often I purchase something else when I do. This is the purpose of coupons to bring customers in and shop there. I have arthritis in my left foot. This particular rainy night my ankle was inflamed with this acting up, was swollen and hurt.

I went into the store realizing I had atypically forgot my one coupon. I asked the clerk who said they had no extras. I spoke to one of the managers. She never once cracked a smile, never offered help or even empathy. We are talking about a coupon I would have used for a skein of yarn and probably under a dollars worth of discount. I felt insignificant, unappreciated and angry that Michaels showed nor acknowledged me as a regular customer, nor appreciated my business. I left. It really was a matter of principle to me.

Had it been me, as a store employee/especially a manager; I would have at least offered to go see if perhaps there was an extra ad sheet or coupon around. The clerk had initially told me to go somewhere in the mall to get another coupon they would honor? As I said, it was late in the evening and this mall is open, outside and a big area. I had not the time nor stamina.

I wrote a detailed letter after calling Michael's customer service in Tx. Never hearing back, I eventually called them to see if at least my letter had got there. Initially they denied having it. Eventually they "found" it. I asked if someone would call me for a response to my concerns. Despite them saying "yes", no one ever did. I also asked if a local, perhaps district manager would please contact me. I called several times inquiring about this, was told someone would. No one ever did.

It puzzles me to see this store so empty so much of the time compared to other craft stores. This shopping center has had issues economically. I find it hard to believe they would be willing to ignore and alienate a customer for a discount, most likely less than one dollar. If nothing else, as a business it would behoove them to show some degree of appreciation. Regardless of the coupon issue, communicating with and showing they value their customers would go a long way to help this Michael's store thrive.

Michael's FRAUDULENT advertising
By -

BRADENTON, FLORIDA -- Michael's had a flier in our local Sunday Paper with a 25% off coupon that said it was off regular prices. It was for one day only, January 1, so I went clear across town to the Michael's store with coupon on hand. The item I wanted was available in several places, in a corrugated display in the middle of an aisle with a regular price of $2.99 and in wire bins on a regular aisle with a regular price of $2.79, but both had a sale price of $2.29 during the week in question. I asked a store manager which price was the regular price which was going to be discounted with my coupon. She told me that it didn't matter, the coupon was only applicable to items not on sale.

I explained that stores normally revert back to the regular, non sale price and then discount from there, which would still bring the price below $2.29. By the way, I can buy this item in Walmart 364 days a year (the supercenters are open on Thanksgiving but closed on Christmas day here) for $2.29, so that price is no big deal. OK, I wasn't going to Win with a store manager, so I went home and logged onto Michael's site to get the customer service number. Guess what was on the home page, a coupon for 25% off, INCLUDING SALE PRICES.

I called Michael's customer service number, requested that they allow me to go to the store next week, since they were offering different coupons in different places and that didn't strike me as the right way to do things. I was told no, they could not and would not do anything. I could drive across town again if I wanted. I wrote them an e mail outlining my situation, but got no response. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN A MICHAEL'S STORE AGAIN. Their advertising practices are very deceptive and not at all fair to the customer. I suggest you do not patronize them.

Lost Personal Property
By -

YAKIMA, WASHINGTON -- In November 2006, I took a crochet piece of art work and the crochet needle that was used to make it to Michael's Store, in Yakima, WA. to have it framed and I would then send it to my son who lives in Germany. The piece was made by my mother who if still alive would be 103 years old. The needle of course was old also. My son loved his grandmother and I believed this would be a great gift for him. I went back to get the framed piece and the needle was not in it. Michaels' had lost the needle. They apologized but that was all. They did say they looked for the needle and called me in January 2007 to say they found it. I was elated.

Went to the store and the needle they tried to pass off was very obviously not mine. I told them exactly how I knew it was not the needle they had lost. I think they just took one out of their stock and tried to make it look old but there were other features they could not disguise. I wrote to their HQ in TX and also Yakima store requesting my money back for the framing since they lost the needle. It took 2 months for them to acknowledge my letter. It was sent to the manager of the Yakima store, who turned it over to the framing manager.

He decided he couldn't authorize the refund so he turned it over to the store manager, who says "TOO BAD SO SAD. Bring me in the framing job and I will consider the refund." Now, she knows the framing job MINUS the needle was sent to Germany and I cannot bring that to her. And besides the issue is the lost needle that MICHAEL'S lost. If I could take that to her (the store manager) there would be no issue here but Michael's lost it and will not step up and take any responsibility for it.

Michael's was very careless with my property and lost a valuable piece of personal property. Valuable in that it belonged to my mother who is deceased. Does Michael's care? NO... Do they take the honorable position.. NO. They just want me to go away. I may go away, but I want everyone to know how Michael's does business

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