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Previous Complaint About Yamaha XT225 Service
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- Hello, my name is John and I was involved in the previous complaint by the gentleman who had a difficult experience with his new Yamaha Xt225 bought at our dealership. Please let me first point out that I have been at this dealership for 15 years. I am not related to the owners and own no part of the business. I just want to point out these facts so you know that when I say that the average tenure of the employees in my department is well above 5 years, so it is not mistaken for any reason other than pride and professionalism. This does not happen in our business without excellent customer care.

The gentleman with the complaint about the way he was treated did in fact have a problem with the motorcycle. The problem with the situation began with the way this gentleman approached us to get help. We do understand that when your new motorcycle isn't performing up to your standards, it can get frustrating, and are willing to take some abuse by customers (knowing that they usually do not mean to be rude, they are just frustrated).

Unfortunately, sometimes there are issues with new machines, this is why the manufacturer offers warranty on these items. He, however was yelling and screaming at our employees, which in any case is NOT ACCEPTABLE. While I did not witness all of the events that he describes, I will say that yes, we do ask people to read their owner's manual when they act amazed when we let them know that these bikes may loosen up during the break-in period.

The request that he complete his break-in procedure was not out of line since his bike did start without too much effort and he had very little time on the bike for it to break-in properly and these issues usually right themselves with the proper break-in procedure. I do know that we try to use our best professional manners when dealing with a hostile customer.

As far as the "threat of being beaten", I personally told him that if he felt the need to continue the discussion (loud and obnoxious) that we need to continue it outside, not on our showroom floor. I think that it was an acceptable request. I am not a "fight"-minded person, especially when it comes to our customers, no matter how belligerent they may get.

The fact that he thinks fight first and resolve peacefully last should clue you in to his disposition at the time of his "incident". With all of this being said, I would just like to say that businesses such as ours could never exist in the world in which he portrays us. We do want our customer's business and act accordingly.

We earn our repeat business. This inaccurate story of the events should be looked at as a situation that got out of hand and this customer's actions on our sales floor made it difficult to help him in the manner we would normally address any issue, big or small. Thank you.

Customer Service
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- Good day, let me start from the beginning. Last year we had the occasion to purchase (5-20-2007) two Duel-sport motorcycles from your Reno Location. A 2006 Yamaha TW 200 and a 2006 XT 225. Steve ** was our salesman. We have owned Yamaha€™s our entire life. We own a 1972 DT 250 and a 1987 XT 250.

In Aug of 07 I started to have some problems with the XT 225. At about 125 miles I was on a dirt trail when the throttle came loose from the handlebars. Falling off and killing the bike. I slid it back on and tightened it up on the trail. Around this time the 225 was not starting very easy. I was riding it weekly and was having more and more trouble starting it. I went into your Service Department to ask some questions about starting trouble. I explained that it would have trouble starting. When it would start it would not idle and would just keep dying. This is just the XT. The TW starts right up and idles with the choke, no problems.

I was told that sometimes they are hard to start and that the Valve inspection at 600 miles takes care of all of these problems. I left a little confused, as this did not solve the problem of my brand new bike not running correctly. At this point the XT 225 had under 200 miles on it.

In Oct of 2007 I again returned to the service department and told them that the bike would not start anymore. The only way that I could get it going was to compression start it. Again I was told that the 600 mile valve inspection would be the way to get that fixed. It would be about $300.00 out of my pocket if performed. I left feeling like I was all alone on this one.

By Jan 2008 The XT 225 would not start at all. Feeling hopeless I called the service department one last time. After speaking with Wane ** he put me in contact with Dave **. I informed Dave of my past attempts to talk to the service dept and the results, wait till the 600 miles etc. He then asked some questions and found that the bike was still under warranty. I was told on Jan 22 2008 to bring it down and they would get it fixed.

I loaded it up and brought it down that day. I have the repair order to confirm the date. By Feb 01 2008 I had not heard anything from your service department. So I placed a call to find out the progress. It was late in the day but before five pm. Dave, I was told, had gone for the day.

Feeling very frustrated I asked if there was anyone that could help me find out the progress of my motorcycle. The receptionist told me that Eric ** would be able to help me. I was on hold for 18 minutes while the receptionist made attempts to contact Eric. I was then hung up on. I called back and asked if she had any luck locating Eric **. I was told that he was supposed to be in the store but he disappears like that all of the time.

I then asked to talk with Steve **, he was our salesmen and maybe he would be able to find out what was going on. This was about one hour worth of holding and waiting. I explained the entire situation to Steve and he stated that he would find out about it and call me back as soon as possible. I then received a call from Wane about 10 minutes later. Wane told me that he had cleaned out the carburetor and adjusted the leak jet, but the bike was still not running. Wane told me that this was very odd and that he did all he knew how to do. Wane told me that Dave knew some tweaks that might get it to run right and it would be worked on Sat or Monday.

Saturday I was contacted by Steve **. I was told to expect a call from Eric ** on Feb 02 08 or on Feb 04 08. I then was contacted by Wane on Feb 02 08 and was told the XT was ready for pick up. I explained that I would come by and get the bike on Mon.

Monday Feb 04 08 after work I stopped by to collect the XT 225 from the service department. Having not heard from Eric, I stopped by to introduce myself and let him know the events until now. I started to let Eric ** know my accounts (as stated above) and was cut off and told "if I would have read the owners manual€ then I would have known that the bike will get loose and need a tightening." This came across very presumptuous and set a bad tone for the conversation that followed. He again came across like I was looking for a handout or something and told me not to act like a 14 year old boy.

I told him to take a step back as he was moving toward me and I was feeling very threatened. He then asked who exactly I had spoken with the first two times in the service dept. I told him I did not recall the first two people that I had spoken with. I was then told that Eric had talked to everyone in the service and no one remembers anything like that.

At this point I got frustrated and raised my voice telling him that I had been more than patient with all of this and that I should not be treated this way, after spending 10,000.00 on two bikes. Eric ** then told me that he was not going to talk to me as I was acting like a 14 year old boy and that he was going to do a lot for me but now nothing. He then told me to get the ** out of his store and to NEVER come back. He repeated this and added that he would call the police if I ever returned.

I tried to reason with him saying that I was frustrated and that all I expected was a little empathy for all of this unnecessary wasted time. He continued to call me names and I could see that this conversation was not going to resolve. I asked if I may have the owners names so that I may write a letter. Eric ** then told me that he was the owner of Michael's Powersports and that I need to get out and never come back. I then went to the Service Department and picked up the XT 225, (I was not even given any paperwork for the work done on it).

I returned to the offices and asked John ** if I may have a card for Eric ** and that I was going to write a letter about all of this. John then told me that if I had a problem that we could step outside. I said "Excuse me. I was just getting names and addresses." He said that he was not involved but we could step outside. I asked if he was saying that he wanted to fight me. He then added that he meant to talk and he could see how I could have taken this the wrong way. I had no intention of staying around to get beat up by the people that I was looking to for help.

John then said that I must have misunderstood him and told me that Eric was not in fact the owner but Michael and Rochelle ** were. I thanked him for the names and we agreed that it was a misunderstanding about wanting to go outside. At this point I do not know how to go about handling this situation.

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