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Michigan Bulb Co. Dismal Customer Service
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LAWRENCEBURG, INDIANA -- If you need to talk to Michigan Bulb Co. about a problem with an order, you have to call them long distance. They say they don't have an 800 number to give you for such a situation, and they will not call you back on their own dime to address their own lack of customer service. I ordered and paid for (via credit card) flowers from Michigan Bulb Co.

After the flowers had not arrived in any reasonable time, I emailed Michigan Bulb first to ask about shipping and then again to cancel the order as I was sure the flowers would not arrive in any condition I would find acceptable for planting. They never replied to either of my emails. Yes, I had included all of the required information. Order number, customer number, etc. NO REPLY TWICE from Michigan Bulb Co.

I finally had to call them long distance at their customer service (NOT!) number where I sat on hold way too long paying long distance charges and listening to their recording about how much they cared about me as a customer. By my experience with this company, they are quite efficient at taking your order and your money. But beyond that, customer service is nonexistent and/or you are going to have to pay more money to talk to someone about an order that you have probably already lost money on to begin with!

Buying plants online - DON'T!
By -

I've had bad experiences with several of the online plant/flower supply companies. Have come to learn that this is just "par for the course", and am passing what I have learned on to you. Michigan Bulb Company will send you very, very small plants in a condition they call "dormant". After trying to nurse several of these back to life without success, I'm calling it "dead". Found out they pack and palletize the plants, but don't ship until their pallet is full - explaining shipping times of up to a MONTH and perhaps the dead plants as well.

Direct Gardening sends slightly bigger plants, and they seem to be alive. This would be good if they were the lovely plants pictured in their catalog - but so far I've gotten poison ivy (well, I did order a vine, but not that one!) and a healthy weed. Shipping (or what they call "handling") charges are very high, and if you don't like dead plants you have to pay to ship them back, too. I recommend finding something big and healthy at your local garden store, Home Depot, or Lowe's. Save yourself some time, money, and disappointment.

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