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Windows 7 64 Bit Is Junk and Microsoft Is Scamming People
By -

Windows 7 64 bit is garbage. I just bought mine and Microsoft has infected it with viruses, malware, and software from 3rd party vendors who can't write or install software to save their life. Microsoft has flooded my pc with as many as 83 updates in one day. They have removed working software and drivers and replaced them with unsigned drivers and corrupted software and infected software and as you know any driver that is unsigned will not work or if there is a problem with the signature it won't work.

They have reduced my internet speed to 8 kbps for downloading and 4 for uploading files. And software just vanish for no reason, they destroyed my hard drive and it had to be replaced. My web cam and microphone don't work. The technicians on the phone hang up on you. I had over 30,000 thousand registry errors in the first week alone I had to have it flashed and reinstalled. That worked until Microsoft downloaded more updates.

Every file you try to download says that it will hurt your computer when you refuse their software insurance of 1 minor fix in 1 year's time for $150.00, then they intentionally infect your computer. They sent me 2 trojans with every update and a total of 15 viruses and 5 malware just in my first 9 days of owning the computer.

Thousands and thousands of people like me are all having the same problem yet Microsoft won't do anything. Microsoft screwed up with Vista and now they have screwed up with another one to it being windows 7. I have received no help from Microsoft and I am personally starting a petition and getting the signatures of all of the thousands of people like me that have been robbed and victimized by Microsoft to form a lawsuit.

I already have over 50 thousand signatures - well it's actually 42,398 signatures and we will get justice because all of us that have been treated this way have a right to be heard and treated with respect and to either give us a working product that we were lead to believe was so good or give us our money back and pain and suffering and close your factory doors forever!!!

Product Key Is Genuine but Blocked.
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Rating: 1/51

N/A, CALIFORNIA -- I just bought a year old computer from my granddaughter who re-loaded her discs in order to erase other things she had. Now I get the message 'enter product key' every time I use the Office Word to open a document. When I entered the product key it isn't recognized and the help desk said the key is blocked because it was used before. Why is it that Microsoft blocks the key when it is used a second time?

The option I have been given is I can re-purchase it for $199.00 or have a tech re-install it for $99. This is just plain BS, but, here I sit with a computer that is unable to open documents (part of my work, by the way) unless I re-purchase software that came with the computer. Any ideas??

Windows 7
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I was getting error messages, that really made me unable to use my computer without a lot of stress. I was advised to upgrade to Windows 7. In order to install Windows 7 I was told I had to uninstall Windows XP of which I was having problems involving missing SP2, I tried to download it, but the other messages prevented me. A technician promised to call me and walk me through the installation. I opened the package to be ready if he called. He never called. Still in a lurch.

I decided to take my computer to my technician that had set up my computer. He was able to set up my Windows XP including all the necessary components. I did not need Windows 7. After trying to get a refund from Staples, I was told because I had taken the plastic off the package and even if I did not install the software, they were still unable to refund my 300.00 dollars. Is there any solution to get my money back? I swear the software was not installed on any computer. Mr billionaire should give me a break.

PS. Staples gave me 800-333-5241 at my request for an administration office. Spoke to **. Explained my plight. She seemed to be concerned. She did call me back and offered to try to work something out with Staples @16 E.34 St. NYC 10016. Heard nothing since appx. 4 wks ago. Called another # of which I was told a ** worked. Was told she had left for the day. Someone took my E-mail and Tel #, promising to have ** contact me. Today is Dec.31. Next year I promise to be more cautious. By the way I will be waiting for ** @ Staples to call me back.

Windows 7 Is Not User Friendly
By -

Windows LIVE is a nightmare! After 4 hrs. of trying to get an email program on my new Dell Inspiron Windows 7 laptop, I gave up. It froze up my computer and there is no way to get email unless you sign up for Hotmail, and then it still keeps saying that your password is wrong and won't let you get it. I WANT OUTLOOK EXPRESS, A GREAT MAIL PROGRAM, AND THIS NEW WINDOWS 7 DOESN'T HAVE IT. If you have Windows 7 you probably will never have email, unless Microsoft can offer more programs that are easy to install. Very disappointed and will return my Dell laptop with Windows 7.

Scrap Windows 7 and Start Over
By -

As a fairly new user of computers and software, I may not be the best judge, but for my money Microsoft needs to scrap their Windows 7 and start over from scratch. I have difficulty getting it to work with many programs, including other Microsoft programs that were included in the "package" deal. When I went to their support page, to find out why that is, I found some 206,000 others had already been there with the same question, and not a single answer was presented.

For example, the media player tells me I'm not connected to the internet to play the recorded TV service, when I am connected and have a good signal. Or the DVD player tells me my region 1 discs are not formatted for the USA/Canada region, yet every single one of them plays on my region 1 DVD-R without any problems, and some even have "region 1" stamped right on the disc.

It won't interface with Google's Chrome program at all, and doesn't work well with Mozilla's Firefox either. Even the Windows Live Messenger had trouble connecting. As far as I can see, Windows 7 has more "bugs" in it than a human mouth when cultured. It looks great on paper, but in practice it's definitely not!

Windows 7 - Best OS From Microsoft?
By -

So, for the last month, I've been beta testing Windows 7. The last release came out a few days ago and I installed it shortly thereafter. If you've ever used a Macintosh, the user interface is very similar. You now have the ability to pin a file/task whatever to the task bar on the bottom. The ease of use from the ALT-TAB is even better. There is a future function where XP only programs run automatically from within Windows 7, rather than outside.

For those people who are Vista haters, this is the substitute. Yes Vista is a memory, resource, money hog, but if you install it on a system that has at least 4GB, it's perfect. I installed Windows 7 on my Compaq Dual core 2.1 with 2GB Ram and an ATI 3450 card. It didn't recognize the card but I went to ATI and THEY HAD A WINDOWS 7 driver release!

Everything works great and even my games (Quake Wars, Halo 3, AOE 3) are fantastic. It looks like the sidebar has been disabled, maybe not, but I can't find it. It's supposed to have a faster start and shutdown but I just upgraded rather than doing a clean copy and haven't noticed a difference. Anyway, I love it. Sadly, Vista reminds me of Windows ME. Anyway, hope you love Windows 7 as much as I do. I'm not sure how I will "upgrade" 7 from Ultimate (The Beta version). I'll cross that river when I get to it.

Service Is Awful
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Rating: 1/51

When I open system config in the services that are running there's a check mark in the box next to BBU UPDATE running. WHAT THE heck is this? It says it's from Microsoft corporation, but no one knows what it is SO WHY IS IT THERE?? And what does it do?? For hours I have been trying to get an answer from Microsoft help and no one has helped me.

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