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Midwest Bad Customer Service
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Outbound from Milw. to Orlando was OK. Half hour late due to light snow, I can understand. However, the return trip was unacceptable! I made reservations in October for my March flight - had seats reserved for my family of 4. Arrived at airport 2 hours ahead of scheduled flight and was given 4 seats, but scattered around the plane. My children were seated rows and rows away from us in middle seats next to strangers for a 2 1/2 hour flight. Strike One. Was told to speak to the guy at the gate. Guy said (no lie) "I didn't make these reservations - it's not my fault". No help at all. I could talk to other passengers and see if they would switch. Strike Two.

30 minutes after scheduled departure time, no information given about reason for delay. Went to ask unhelpful guy. He told us that maintenance was needed. 60 minutes after scheduled departure time, still no information given about reason for delay. These people had an intercom, and did not use it. The only way to get even the slightest information was to go up to the guy who was not "responsible for the problem". Passengers started to go up one by one and ask questions.

Finally, an announcement was issued that a previous passenger had "ripped up an armrest and it needed to be fixed". Maintenance had been called. Strike Three, Four and Five. Anyone here who can problem solve??? How about offering a single passenger a free ticket on the next flight? How about giving us information??? How about duct tape? 90 MINUTES LATER WE TOOK OFF. ALL FOR AN ARMREST?? By this time (10:00 pm - flight was scheduled at 8:30 pm) my kids were NOT in the mood to sit by strangers. Midwest sucks - not for the problems they experienced, but for how they handled them.

Horrible Policies And Horrible Customer Service
By -

OAK CREEK, WISCONSIN -- I purchased tickets for my family in March. The flight was scheduled for July 26th-August 9th. To my misfortune, my 3 year old daughter broke her leg on June 21st. Due to the extent of the injury, we decided to cancel the trip. I called Midwest Airlines on June 24th, to inform them of our cancellation. The person I talked to was very sincere, and very understanding, however, he said that the tickets were non-refundable, but if I got a letter from a doctor, they MIGHT credit (not refund, but credit) the $100 change fee per ticket... And there was just a slight chance that they might give me a full credit. I thought to myself, who knows when I will travel again?

My kid has a broken leg - her father and I had to change around our work schedules to give her the extra care she needed, and I'm down to part time. Anyway.... I figured, I won't get any farther, unless I get a letter from the Doctor.

Few days later, I have the letter from the doctor, I fax it over, and I call the Reservation Center. It's barely 7:45am, and I spent more than 15 minutes on the phone.... A few more minutes go by, and I finally get someone on the phone. I explain the situation, AGAIN, and she says that I would need to talk to Consumer Relations. "Fine... can you transfer me there?" "No, that department doesn't open until 8:00am, its 7:59. Ma'am, you will have to call back, because I cannot keep you on hold for another 30 seconds. I have to answer other calls." WTF was that about?

Ugh.... I get back to work, call about 20 minutes later.... Spent another 20 minutes on hold waiting for someone from Reservations to give me an excuse that I don't need to talk to Consumer Relations. Excuse me! I have called 3 times, and have gotten nowhere, pass me to Consumer Relations before I go to the office and raise hell. Finally... more waiting on the phone. I talk to this one chick - very understanding. She let me talk for the most part. I had to explain the situation.... AGAIN!

Ugh, she tried to give me the same crap... Tickets are non refundable unless there has been a death in the family, that is what you agreed to, blah blah blah. No freaking kidding. I think I know that, right? Common sense, I understand. I'm not stupid. I clearly explained to her that I didn't want a $300 "credit", the tickets cost almost $1000. You think I'm going to let $700 go down the drain, and keep a "credit" of $300. What am I supposed to do with that? Buy myself a happy meal? Get out of here - that is ridiculous.

I'm down to part time, hospital bills are coming in, Physical Therapy is likely for my daughter, more deductibles. I could use that $1000. And not in a credit, I paid them in full, and I called them with more than enough time for someone else to purchase them. And check this - if someone were to buy those same tickets, they would cost $800+ for each. I paid $1000 for all 3. So, they are making almost $2500 for the seats, plus trying to keep my $700, and give me a $300 credit, that I would have to use with them within a year - and then they told me that they would have to be repurchased by April 9th, 2009.

Someone obviously doesn't know their math. Anyhow, I am still in the process of trying to speak w/ a member of management. You better believe me, I will be at their office if I don't receive a call by 1:00pm tomorrow. I will raise hell, and shove my foot in someone's ass. Lesson of this story - you won't get a full refund, unless someone dies. This isn't customer service, they are just in it for the money. Midwest Airlines customer service reps suck!

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