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Apprehensible Service and Repair
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MARTINSBURG, WEST VIRGINIA -- On 8/12/09 I brought my 2007 Jeep Compass into Miller's Chrysler Jeep for internal transmission problems/issues, as it was making loud humming/grinding noises. Miller's Jeep diagnosed the problems a week prior, and covered them under my extended service contract with a $100.00 deductible through Daimler Chrysler. Miller's Jeep promised my vehicle would be repaired and ready for pick-up on 8/17/09.

On 8/17/09 I called the service department at the dealership and was advised they had not begun to take the transmission apart, nor diagnose what exactly needed to be repaired or replaced. I argued with the service advisor, Mike **, to have Miller's Jeep provide me with transportation at their cost. Approximately one month later, Miller's Jeep advised me, my vehicle was repaired and ready for pickup. Miller's Chrysler Jeep replaced all of the internal bearings in the CVT transmission. I picked up my 2007 Jeep Compass on 9/14/09 and paid my $100.00 deductible via credit card.

Approximately two weeks later (10/2009,) my Jeep began making the same loud humming/grinding noises. I called Miller's Jeep and spoke with the service manager. I explained the reoccurring problem(s) with the transmission to the service manager.

The service manager told me the following: “It is customary for the Jeep Compass' transmission to make noises.” “It is customary for the new parts to make noises as they are being broken in.” “Jeep Compass' have a rare transmission that account for 3% of the vehicles on the roads in the US. As a result, little is known about this transmission.” “We have driven several Jeep Compass and they all make noise in the transmission, and these noises are normal.”

The service manager told me nothing was wrong with my Jeep Compass, nothing needed to be repaired or looked at. The service manager refused to look at my vehicle or make arrangements to have it brought in for them to diagnose. The service manager fed me a bunch of lies, and refused to stand by the work, repairs, service, and warranties the dealership and Daimler Chrysler have.

The service manager also used “inappropriate and foul language” with me, when I questioned him about the prior repairs they had done for the same problem less than two weeks prior. The service manager refused to speak to me and refused to let me speak with the dealership manager and/or owner.

I made arrangements with a mom and pop shop to have them diagnose the problems/issues as a result of the noises the transmission was making. I did not divulge any information regarding prior service work done to the transmission and internal transmission components and parts. This facility confirmed the problems/issues were in the internal transmission and would take about 3-4 days for the repairs, and that included waiting on parts.

I then made arrangements with Tate Chrysler in Frederick, MD to diagnose the problems/issues with my Jeep - as they are a Chrysler dealership. I took my Jeep into Tate Chrysler on 10/14/09 for them to diagnose the problems/issues. Tate Chrysler confirmed the problems/issues were in the transmission and internal transmission.

At that time, I advised Tate Chrysler that Miller's Jeep had performed extended service warranty work to the transmission less than two weeks prior, refused to look at the Jeep a second time, and told me nothing was wrong with it (even though they never looked at it). Due to the apprehensible treatment I received from Miller's Chrysler Jeep, the Chrysler district manager for Tate Chrysler agreed to allow Tate Chrysler to repair my Jeep.

I called Miller's Jeep the afternoon and morning of 10/14/09 and relayed what Tate's Chrysler's findings were and offered to fax over the written estimate for review. The service advisor- Mike ** and his superior (service manager) refused to speak with me or review the estimate and details from Tate Chrysler.

I made arrangements with Tate Chrysler to bring the Jeep in for repairs on 10/19/09. Tate Chrysler paid for my rental vehicle during the repair time (10/19/09-10/21/09). Daimler Chrysler agreed to waive my (second) $100.00 deductible for the extended service warranty contract repairs that Miller's Jeep caused and refused to honor.

Tate Chrysler advised the damages to the transmission of my Jeep Compass were a result of Miller's Jeep's faulty and apprehensible work and service. Miller's Jeep failed to secure and use several critical bolts on the internal transmission. Miller's Jeep failed to replace several of the bearings they claimed they replaced. Miller's Jeep used an extensive amount of adhesive on the transmission that consequently, clogged the parts so badly they could not be salvaged. Consequently, Tate Chrysler had to install a brand new transmission into my Jeep.

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