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Awful Customer Service
By -

I own a 2002 Mitsubishi Diamante LS, which has served me well for close to 10 years. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for Mitsubishi service. While driving South on I-77 in Ohio, my car lost all power and would not restart. I was towed to Waikem Mitsubishi in Massillon, OH, where I spent roughly 6 hours waiting for repairs. After 6 hours, I was told that I simply had a bad battery and that it needed replaced, which they did and sent me on my way. 400 miles later, this time in the dark on I-77 in upstate North Carolina, the car lost power again. Driving, albeit briefly, with no headlights or dash lights is scary.

The next day, an Auto Zone correctly diagnosed my problem as an alternator issue, and I had the alternator replaced. The car drove without problems for 3 months until the low battery light warning started again. I had the problem diagnosed again, and it was identified as a cracked battery, causing corrosion and a bad connection. In short, not only did Waikem Mitsubishi's misdiagnosis of the problem nearly get me killed on the highway, they replaced my good battery with a bad one.

I contacted my local Mitsubishi dealership in Charleston, SC, and asked if they would honor a battery's warranty, since it was a Mitsubishi dealership who gave me the faulty battery in the first place. I was told that Charleston Mitsubishi would NOT replace my battery because it wasn't a Mitsubishi brand battery; it didn't have a Mitsubishi sticker on it.

All in all, Mitsubishi Customer Service has provided me with the most scary 45 seconds of my life while I drove in the dark with no lights desperate for the next exit to appear. The cause of this was a misdiagnosis of the car's power problem. They also created more headaches by causing me to have re-replace a battery they sold me, 4 months after getting it. Lastly, they elected not to make it right by fixing the situation because it wasn't "their" battery. While I have liked my car, I would NEVER purchase another Mitsubishi vehicle and will recommend to everyone I know that they don't either. The customer service is terrible.

Contact Info
By -

Looked on the website for contact info - bit hard to find but really good in the end.

Refusal to Investigate Dangerous Vehicle
By -

I have had repeated problems with my 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse. Initially, I assumed these problems were a result of normal wear and tear. After my most recent defect I began investigating possible recalls for my vehicle. I found that several applied to the problems I was experiencing and contacted Mitsubishi so they could inspect my vehicle for my own safety as well as that of other owners of the same model.

Mitsubishi determined not to investigate my concerns after less than one week and without even seeing my vehicle. I offered to provide pictures and they declined. For the safety of their consumer, I would have hoped Mitsubishi would have taken an interest in a claim that occurred not as a result of the care I give my car, but the poor craftsmanship that endangers me while I drive.

Upside Down on Mitsubishi Financing
By -

HANFORD, CALIFORNIA -- Buyer beware if you buy a vehicle form Mitsubishi. Be prepared to throw away a lot of money if buying new because when you drive the vehicle off the lot it will automatically depreciate so much that you will owe more than the vehicle is worth longer than any other vehicle on the market.

If you like the vehicle and want to keep it, go ahead and buy it. Just don't forget the upside down insurance because it will take well over half the life expectancy of the vehicle if you want any hope of recouping any money or breaking even. I suggest buying used. There's plenty of idiots out there that will throw their money away to lease it for a couple years. Then you can pick it up for half the price.

Chipping Paint After 3 Years?
By -

I own an 2005 Eclipse and like the car. However, the paint all over my car is peeling off. That's not normal. I approached Mitsubishi about it and they refused to do anything. I am extremely disappointed. It'll cost me a few thousand to fix, and I'll never buy a Mitsubishi again. I'll also be sure to encourage my friends to do the same.

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