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2006 Starwood LX Buyer Beware
By -

This is a list of the problems we had on a BRAND NEW rig we recently bought from May's RV in Lewisville, Texas. Below is a long list of disappointing issues I have encountered with my 2006 STARWOOD LX RV (Manufactured by McKenzie RV a division of Monaco.). Note: Items 1 - 12 and 21 were noticed shortly after purchase of the rig and after using only a couple of times. Items 13 - 20 popped up after using the rig for the first season.

Monaco doesn't want to do anything about their poor design. In fact, they have BLOCKED 3 separate email addresses of mine. They refuse to even listen to anything about these problems. After buying this rig, we have had the opportunity to talk to several RVers who are SHOCKED that we are having such problems with Monaco Company.

Monaco is supposed to be one of the leaders in quality products. From what we have experienced with them, it seems that only pertains to their upper level models. As entry level customers, we just don't seem to matter to them. Our problems are not important enough to fix. But, we sure were important to them when we were handing out the cash to them.

1.) The "Main" breaker (30 Amps) cannot handle the current load of the three major appliances: AC, refrigerator and water heater. If these three appliances are on the "Main" breaker will trip randomly. (When AC, Refrigerator, Water heater and 6 light bulbs are on you are pulling ~ 29.4 Amps) So let's see here, this means I have a whole .6 Amps left over... good luck turning the TV on. I would suppose most "Happy" campers would like to run these three appliances on park power and not have to run the water heater and or the refrigerator on LP.

This is not the case with "MY" Starwood LX. This is at best a "Poor" design in my opinion... this rig needs 50 Amp service and unless you want to pay for LP then plan on getting up continuously to reset the main breaker. We have spoken to them personally on the phone as well as through email and always the answer is basically... "we have noted your complaint, sorry about your problems, but there's not anything we can do to help resolve it, you should have paid for upgrades (particularly the 30 amp upgraded to 50 amp)."

The sad thing about all of this is, we have just about all the upgrades that were available on this model. A 50 amp upgrade is not available or we would have gotten it. So the dealer has informed us that it would be well over $1000 to install 50 amp service!!! (Manufacturer refuses to resolve or even now discuss the issue.)

2.) The kitchen dinette seat cushions do not fit in the space provided to convert the dinette into a bed. This allows the cushions to move around under the person trying to sleep on them. Therefore, my other kid has to sleep on the floor. NOT WHAT WE BOUGHT THIS RIG FOR!!

I also had to remove and reinstall the rear most bench from the floor because the two benches were not parallel to one another making it impossible for the table top to seat correctly between the two benches. (Reposition them such that the 2 larger cushions are in the middle and "smash" the 2 smaller cushions to the outside, they should not "pop out of place".) IF this even worked, over time the cushions will become deformed and unappealing... another design flaw. (Repaired by dealer May's RV by custom making a cushion to fit gap while in bed position.)

3.) Water is collecting on the main shelf under the bedroom window after a rain shower. Water stains are visible in the two top drawers under the main shelf. I do not know exactly where this leak is coming from. My guess is the bedroom window, however it could also be along the seam where the rubber roof meets the front cap. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

4.) There is also a leak under the kitchen sink. It appears to be coming from the cold water feed line to the faucet cold water valve. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

5.) I also noticed water collecting in the sub floor storage compartment directly under the bathroom sink. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

6.) The rear most window (small window) on the "Slide Side" of the rig, the holes that are drilled in the window frame to accommodate the spring loaded window latches are not drilled parallel to one another allowing only one window latch to work properly. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

7.) Black water tank level indicator does not indicate accurately. I had waste water backed up into the toilet and the indicator was still reading 2/3 full. (Was told by dealer I would basically have to live with it.)

8.) There is a rubber strip mounted on the top of the living area slide that is mounted incorrectly. It obstructs the "Sweeping" action of the top outermost seal therefore allowing excessive water and debris to be pulled inside the rig when the living area slide is retracted. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

9.) The thermostat is not even closely calibrated. (Was told by dealer unit is working correctly, however I do not have any manufacturer's specifications for the thermostat to confirm this.)

10.) Emergency breakaway switch... COMPLETE ELECTRICAL MELTDOWN. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

11.) Have to "slam" main entry door to shut properly. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

12.) Both ends of rear bumper were sealed not allowing storage of sewer hose in bumper. (Repaired by dealer May's RV.)

13.) Water heater tank leaks at drain plug AND relief valve.

14.) Kitchen faucet is too slow and is not sealed so water gets under faucet and drips down into storage compartment below.

15.) Radio does not seem to work.

16.) AC unit has VERY SLOW drip inside of RV.

17.) Two light fixtures in bedroom are not working correctly appear to be shorted.

18.) Mildew stain in floor covering at the base of the door frame possible water damage to sub flooring below???

19.) Dinette table leg flanges mounted to floor are too close to wall causing the table top to rub the wall and has damaged the wall covering.

20.) Bolts mounting the awning to side of rig are rusting causing nasty rust stains down the entire side of the rig.

21.) Air Conditioner cannot keep up when temperatures get above 85-90 degrees (which, here in Texas BTW, it is above that the majority of the time during the summer). Even though we have the upgraded 15,000 BTU A/C installed on this rig. I'm guessing that "hand stuffed" insulation is not exactly the best that Monaco tries to get you to believe it is.

What's it "hand stuffed" with... shop rags??? They advertise on their website that the remote control to the A/C can be used to control the A/C from ANYWHERE in the rig. WRONG!!! You have to get right underneath it, pointed to it, to get it to respond. Trust me, we've tried everywhere in that rig and it only worked when we were under it!!

Monaco refuses to do anything at this time. The dealership is only going to do what Monaco tells them they will pay for. So, we are stuck with something that we should be proud of, but instead are laughed at because of the money that we spent does not reflect the product or service we received.

Needless to say, I have a very bitter taste in my mouth about Monaco/McKenzie products and everyone we run into, for example meeting people during our outings this season, has heard every problem. So far all have been very shocked to hear these problems coming from Monaco. Which leads me to believe that something has gone terribly awry.

With all these problems with a new purchase you would think that, at the very least, they would offer a free extended warranty or something of the like. But, when talking to them about it, all we got was "sorry, your complaints have been noted." For a company who is supposed to stand behind their product, they haven't proven that to me, yet.

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