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Beware! Moon Palace Resort & Casino Open but Not Fully Functional!
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PUNTA CANA, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC -- I just wanted to let people know that the Moon Palace Resort & Casino in Punta Cana has opened its doors on Jan 9,2009. Well, at least opened its majestic doors to let some poor (unbeknown to them) guests that most of the resort was NON-OPERATIONAL!!! As of this writing, I am still not sure what is functionally open @ this time.

The golf course, casino, & spa are NOT yet open with no set date to open is what several representatives of Palace resorts have told me. I'm not sure if the nightclub is open, most say it isn't, one representative that I spoke to said it is. I was told only 4 restaurants are now open, 2 swimming pools, (depends on whom you speak to). There is a TripAdvisor forum on the web that has many baffled "soon to be guests" wondering what they are in for.

One poor guest came back from their stay & had NO light bulbs or a toilet seat in their room! How can that be? How can a resort get away with that? I have tried to search for answers for sometime now & all I get is a runaround of phone numbers & e-mail contacts (which have yet to respond) & no one can help me. I have tried to contact the resort itself DIRECTLY, (good luck with that one) which is near impossible to speak to someone, much less in English & that is why I have decided to join my3cents.

I don't want anyone else to make this same mistake & have the misfortune of dealing with an organization, Palace resorts, that doesn't care about its paying consumers or even know what the words "customer service mean. It's just a shame! This is posted on Palace resorts website & that is just another fallacy on their part. I think they need to update their website ASAP!!! You would think that there would be a law against such blatant lies, misinformation & total avoidance on the part of Moon Palace Resorts! Here's their post....

December 23, 2008 Moon Palace Casino, Golf & Spa Resort In order to keep clients informed about the progress of this resort, we include here the facilities that will be available at the time of the opening: 12 outdoor pools, 3 kids pools with water toys & toboggan, 4 swim up bars, sunbathing area, kids club, 6 restaurants (Tao, Spaggo, Los Gallos, Lucca, Marina Grill, and Samba), all snack bars and bars with the exception of the casino bar, the sports bar and the bar at the night club. Gift shops, boutiques, spa boutique, jewelry stores, deli shops, and flower shops will also be open.

The golf course is expected to have 9 holes ready by June and the back 9 by September. The spa facilities are scheduled to be ready by January 31st. Facilities such as the tennis courts, fitness center and Xtreme Center should be available by last week of February. The Casino is slated to open by the end of March. Isn't the latter paragraph intriguing? I found it totally appalling that I was not contacted by Palace resorts or RCI for that matter where I booked my vacation regarding the conditions @ the resort. On RCI's behalf, Palace resorts is supposed to let them know of any problems which of course they did not.

I found out through a TripAdvisor forum. Interesting, don't you think? Even to this date, 6 days AFTER their grand opening, no one has contacted myself or the other couple we are traveling with & by the looks on the forum, many others to let us know of these problems. I guess they want your $$$ @ all costs! All I want is to speak to someone who knows what is going on, can reassure me of my concerns, and let me know what my options are regarding my visit. Is that too much to ask? Check it out for yourself. If someone can get some concrete answers for me, I would bow down & kiss your feet!

PS I really am taking issue w/ Palace resorts in general, mainly it's upper echelon who know the answers & can resolve the issues. I feel it is distasteful & cowardly for them to hide behind its employees who are @ the front lines everyday, dealing with our concerns & questions & leaving them flailing to fend for themselves. Way to go Palace resorts!

Latest Review
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MIAMI, FLORIDA -- We've been members for over 10 years and go every year with complete satisfaction, "until last week"... We had 5 rooms at the Sun Palace for the week of July 4 to July 11. We tried to take advantage of our silver membership and have a perfect wedding for my Son and new Bride on the grounds of the hotel, "which was nice" but everything else about this week was a total disappointment! We went to the Customer Representative and requested maintenance to 3 of our rooms that were one inch deep of water wall to wall because of rain water coming under the threshold of the door.

They acted like we were a nuisance and said they would send maintenance over. All they did was sent over the cleaning ladies with squeegee to push the water around, which resulted in rooms not getting cleaned twice that week because they were busy doing maintenance work. We were told by staff "They were aware of the flooding issues with several of the guest rooms for quite some time." One room had no hot water in the shower for three days with no response until the fourth and angry visit to the CR desk. One room, the refrigerator never did work. Our room smelled like mold so bad it made all of our clothes smell like they were dirty.

To top it all off when trying to pay for our room tabs they ran my bank card for $2015 and said it was denied!!! Then we tried my wife's card and split the bill and paid the balance with her bank card. We quickly discovered that the cashier actually did get an authorization to charge our account for the original $2015, it just took longer for authorization because he typed the numbers in.

Needless to say they screwed up and doubled charged our account $2015 and now I'm left with trying to straighten out what they did with my bank this week! We did find out from one of the staff that Palace Resorts were under new ownership and they made huge cuts on staffing! I haven't been this pissed about anything for a long time. By the way the gift shop discount that came with our $25K membership investment with the resort is gone! - Makes me wonder what we'll get stiffed for next?

Took 9 grand and got NOTHING
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Rating: 1/51

I tried to book the Moon Palace on their website, operated by FunJet. Each time we put in our credit card number the site responded check numbers and try again. After the 3 time we still could not book the trip. No big deal right? Wrong. They actually funds out of our account all 3 times. Numerous calls to Moon Palace went nowhere so we searched for whom took the money out. YES FunJet.

After 3 days on the phone with them still no vacation, no refund of our money and now We have bounced our house payment. So now I have 2 little girls and a wife crying, a reduced credit rating and not one person I have spoke with are prepared to help. DO NOT GO TO MOON PALACE OR EVER USE FUNJET.

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