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401k/IRA Hostage - Morgan Stanley
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO -- Ten years ago, I made a transfer from my Thrift Saving Program (TSP) account to Morgan Stanley. In August 07, I returned to Civil Service and proceeded to transfer the funds back to TSP. Morgan Stanley (MS) sent me a letter asking for the letter of acceptance that is provided by TSP. I'll take the hit on response because I was out of town. In Oct I received another letter from Morgan Stanley as a reminder. I contacted TSP and was told that would take care of it. A few weeks went by and TSP was unable to locate proof that the acceptance that had been sent. Ms. Tanya ** at TSP assured it would be sent.

The end of Nov, I received a letter from MS stating that they couldn't process the TSP 60 Form because I failed to sign Block 4 earmarked for Financial Institution or Plan Administrator. Ten days goes by. I receive a call from Mr. Charles ** at MS. He agrees to work this until it's resolved. I return his call and he is unable to locate the Acceptance Letter. His co-worker offered to help it was able to locate the info sent by TSP. I received a call two days later, and the broker tells me that these are MS Proprietary funds, and the funds will have to be sold off and a check sent.

Fri 4 Jan 07, I get a call from Matt (LNU) at MS. He tells me that according to his manager, MS has a policy (Either local against certifying that the funds being transferred were previously held in a 401k/IRA or Employee Eligible Plan. MS refused to sign. We did a three-way with Tiffany from the Thrift Saving Line.

MS expressed a concern about certifying where the funds originated. Again, they originated with TSP to MS in 1997. MS offered to send the check to me and I deposit it with TSP. TSP cannot accept the check without the signed TSP-60 and will return it back to MS. As of 4 Jan 07, Matt from MS needed to contact MS Legal Department to agree upon the proper wording to use in the Letter of Determination since they are unwilling to sign the TSP Form.

If You're Name Isn't Rockefeller, Don't Bother Investing with Morgan Stanley
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I had never invested in anything before when I was contacted by a Morgan Stanley (Morristown office) financial advisor who convinced me to set up a mutual funds, investment account. Unfortunately, Morgan Stanley completely mishandled my account and has managed to be outrageously rude in the process. My investment advisor left the company, and I was not assigned a new advisor. Yet I was still charged service fees as the money just sat there without anything productive happening.

Each time I called to inquire about my account, I was dealt with rudely, passed along from person to person within the office, and was told that my telephone calls would be returned. They never were. When I asked about certain charges listed to the account, the customer service guy asked me, "Don't you know what a mutual fund is??" As if it wasn't his job to explain what was going on with my money. I got fed up and called to close the account.

After closing out my account, Morgan Stanley continued to deduct money from my checking account. When I called to inquire about this, I was again dealt with rudely and the financial advisor to whom I spoke told me that he "didn't know how" to discontinue direct deposits. When I complained about this, he hung up on me. I have not gotten a return telephone call.

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