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TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- What Morgan's advertises: "Our customer's ultimate happiness is our primary concern. Provide expert guidance to their clients on the purchase and care of their Rolex watch." What the consumers and employees have to say: "Upper management lacks formal education, qualifications for positions and shows an overall lack of knowledge of 21st century business practices."

Beware of Morgan Jewelers, scam jewelers, crooked lying salesman, rip-off. They are worse than a typical used car dealer. I am a very reasonable customer but Morgan's left me in shock, full of disappointment and an empty wallet. Morgan's offered a useless service... to repair the watch. After the "service", nothing changed, watch was still not functioning correctly. Morgan's was not about customer service but making a profit. Spoke to a "manager" who was more hostile than the initial rep...

My representative at Omega sighed when I mentioned Morgan's in South Bay, California. Told me she has heard similar stories about Morgan's (offering services that do nothing). The worst customer service I've experienced in a LONG LONG time. Both the improper crystal and improper bezel results in degradation in value of my "as original" vintage SeaDweller. In light of my expressed concerns over originality, prior to work authorization, your failure to consider or to even be concerned over your actions is irresponsible, reprehensible, and given your prior to repair assurances, dishonest.

I was ripped off BIG TIME by Morgans... Our stone fell out 1 month after purchasing the ring. When it did we noticed a big black spot on the stone and had it appraised, it appraised for LESS than $100 when we are paying $1000 for the stone ALONE. The staff is always rude, tried to blame the mechanism that wasn't working on a previous repair. Had a bad experience in their appraisal process. Very sleazy. Worst service ever ever in life. The service was the worst! It was clearly just about their numbers and not about t what we wanted! TERRIBLE.

Morgan Jewelers beware of products and service
By -

SANTA MARIA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been taken advantage from Morgan Jewelers by a crooked salesman named Danny **. This guy told me I could return an item I purchased from Morgan Jewelers in Santa Maria California within 30 days but when I decided to take the item on his condition, he said I can't take it back. Even within 30 days he said to me, he refused and wanted me to pay for the item in full. I give him $100.00 down payment and he kept it. He would give it back as the item was on loan for $560.00 on top of the $100.00. I said I don't want it and he said "we'll I can't take it back".

He lied to me as he was supposed to take it back. I called the Morgan Jewelers corporate office in Utah and they would not take it back either. They said that Danny ** said I didn't bring it back within 30 days when I had the original receipt but he lied to them. I refused to make payments to Morgan Jewelers and they would not discuss or settle the matter with, they just wanted their money. So they sent the issue to a collection company and that company caused further problems with me. I had issues with them, they sued me at a wrong address and then they wanted their fees on top of the item from Morgan Jewelers.

They were seeking $1260.00 and more for the item now. They wanted their attorney fees paid as they lied in court on a false address to send papers and also interests rates every month for a buyer's fraud issue with Morgan Jewelers, Imagine that, more than double the purchase price when this item is worth no more than $50.00, cheap jewelry. Then ripping me off seeking $1260.00 and up to $1350.00 now too.

So I am informing you to please beware and not buy from Morgan Jewelers. They will steal from you and take advantage of you, so please take my advice, don't do business with them. These are the locations they are located at, so ignore them when looking for jewelry. Morgan Jewelers: 158 Town Center East, Santa Maria, CA. 93454, 805-928-1837. Other Morgan Jewelers locations: Montana, Missoula; Nevada, Las Vegas; Oregon, Portland. Utah (cities): Logan, Ogden, Orem, Layton, Murray, SLC, Sandy, West Valley, Washington City. Washington, Union Gap; Vancouver; Idaho, Boise.

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