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Be careful with this company
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ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- So, we received a flier in the mail stating they offer a refinance sponsored by the veteran's administration at 3%. Both me and my wife believe in the old saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is". This was the case here as well. However, we had a representative come to our home. Smooth and fast talker. One of the first things he said that caught my ear was that after he presents the numbers, "We could tell him to leave and there would be no hard feelings or further time taken up".

Lie number one. Once we told him we were not interested (because what he showed us was a 3/1 Arm loan lie number two stated nowhere in the flier) he wouldn't leave. He kept pushing the issue. Then, when we thought he finally got the hint that we wanted no part of what he was offering, he asked if he could use our phone and call his boss. He said his boss was simply going to ask us if we felt the info provided was adequate. Lie number three. His boss was pushier than him. He even made comments to the salesman at our home like, “I can't believe they don't want to save all this money".

I finally had to get rude and tell him and the salesman they were NOW starting to waste my time and piss us off. He finally left. Be careful with this company. The only real savings is the first 3 years. But then BAM. They got you. This loan promised 3% fixed, the first 3 years ONLY. Then it could go up 1% each year after that but couldn't exceed 8%. Which with the market as low as it is now there is pretty much a guarantee 8% is where you will end up at from year 7-30.

Do the math folks. I ran a whole spread sheet of my current 5.75% fixed versus their offer. OUCH. Add them hitting me with about $11,000 in upfront costs (added to my existing loan balance) and the for sure 8% rate from years 7-30 and I would be getting screwed. Plus I heard they sell your loan fairly quickly and the new company typically doesn't honor the same terms and want extra monies. I guess the first indicator should have been the little comics in his presentation of a monster he referred to as "the principal monster". Cute tactics but I'm not 10 years old.

Scam Or Not For Vets Only
By -

FLORIDA -- I recently encountered a scam that mortgage investors corp offer refinance VA members only for VA members period, which they say they do thousands of these refinances. They say they have saved thousands of homes for vets. Unfortunately, this is a scam and I hope vets like me have not went through with this.

Let's say for instance, my mortgage is 199,000 they offer a adjustable rate mortgage 3/1 arm for 30 years, they tack on another 12,000 to your principal balance. You pay a 3.5% P/I for 38 months good deal right, no it's not. Yes it's true you'll save 22,000 in two and half years, then they jack up you interest rate. This mortgage corp. is taking advantage of one of biggest scams ever and they're saying the US gov is the host of it all. How am I saving money and paying down my house balance?

After 2 1/2 years if I'm right back to where I started. I would warn vets of this not to do it, my evidence lies in their scam, the paperwork. They offer the vets 22,000 dollars, subtract 12,000 dollars, it leaves you 10,000. After 38 months subtract that from your P/I 112,000, it leaves you 102,000 dollars after 2 1/2 years then they raise your interest rate up. Let's say I stay where I'm at 5.5% VA 30 yr fixed - yes, I'll pay 30 thousand in interest in 2 1/2 years but my balance will be at 191,000 not 102,000. Please tell me the gov doesn't have anything to with this scam.

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