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Horrible Customer Service!
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Rating: 1/51

PORT ST. LUCIE, FLORIDA -- I am writing to complain to the regarding a horrible experience that my son had at a Mrs. Fields location. Today (Thursday, April 26, 2012) my son and grandson were at a Mrs. Fields located at our local mall (Treasure Coast Mall) in Port St. Lucie, Fl. My son has Asperger's (which is a form of autism) - despite the fact that he is 25 yrs old, he functions at a much lower level.

He and my grandson (which is 13 yrs old) went to purchase some cookies, while I was in another store, when my grandson came to me a few minutes later and highly upset. He proceeded to inform me that when they went into the cookie store, the girl behind the counter made mention to my son that she liked his t-shirt, and after he thanked for the compliment, she turned around and said "I was just kidding, I really don't like your shirt" and proceeded to laugh (at him).

The other worker that was there then chimed in and said "did you hear that, he really thought you liked his shirt". Realizing that something was wrong but not really quite comprehending what just happened, he left without purchasing anything. I was so appalled by an employee's actions. I went to the store and demanded to speak with the manager.

Well it turns out the manager is the very same young lady (and I use the term loosely) who insulted my son. At first she denied the whole situation, then the young man who was also working there that had joined in on the laugh told me it was taken out of context. So which is it? Did it happen, but not like that, or did it not happen at all?

I insisted they contact either the owner/location manager or whoever was responsible for the store, at which she preceded to do so. I spoke with the store owner, explained to her what had just happened and she advised me that they would pull the tape and get back to me. About 15 minutes later, she contacted me to advise me that the tape only showed the young lady complimenting my son and nothing else. She then preceded to raise her voice to me and become extremely belligerent and defended her employees.

I GUESS THIS IS THE NEW FORM OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. I was always raised with 'the customer is always right', aside from the fact that I own several businesses myself. I was so irate and upset that I told her I would do whatever I had to do. All I know is that my son and grandson (both) attest to the same story and I don't see any reason that they would have to lie to me. The employees however on the other hand, feeling that their employment may be threatened, might have a reason to lie.

It hurts my heart as a mother, not only that my son was ridiculed, but that he didn't even realized he was being laughed at so he couldn't even defend himself from such inappropriate behavior, especially from people in the service industry. WILL DO ALL IN MY POWER TO GET THE WORD OUT ABOUT MY HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!!!

Customer Service Complaint
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GLASTONBURY, CONNECTICUT -- I find it necessary to write this letter because I got no satisfaction when I called your customer service representative on Monday evening, January 8, 2001 concerning my complaint about a gift I received. A gift tin of a cookie assortment was received by me a few days before Christmas. I unwrapped the outside packaging to reveal the square, red, vacuum-sealed tin and proceeded to put it aside 'til after Christmas.

In the chaos of the holiday, I must not have noticed the warnings on the outside packaging about the need to consume this product within the week, to ensure its freshness. I saw the vacuum seal and assumed it to be safe for a short while. I admit to not opening the box until a week after Christmas and found that the cookies were quite stale and not nearly as appealing as the ones I've tasted at the retail stores. I then noticed your friendly message at the bottom of the tin as follows: "If for any reason you are not fully satisfied with your cookies, please let us know, and we will replace them immediately".

This statement is very misleading and should not be worded as it is unless you are willing to abide by it. When I called your representative with my complaint, he proceeded to question me so extensively and in such detail, that I began to feel as though I was being suspected of trying to defraud your company. The gentleman was polite and apologetic, but unyielding. I still cannot believe the time I spent explaining the details of this simple event and could not get the replacement cookies that are promised to me on the tin.

I realize now, that I should have consumed the cookies sooner, but I've never had your shipped products before, and I certainly will not be eager to purchase your mail order gifts in the future. When a customer has a disappointing experience and has to deal with company rules that seek to protect their own interests instead of the customer's satisfaction, the customer has no desire to deal with that company again, or recommend it to anyone else.

I am very surprised that a company as prominent as yours does not understand that. At this point, I do not even care whether I get any replacement cookies. I just wanted to be sure that you realize that your customer complaint policy is extremely disappointing and potentially damaging to your reputation.

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