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Very Sad Buying Experience
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Rating: 1/51

RIVERTON, UTAH -- I thought everyone thinking of doing business with should hear my story before ordering anything from them. I ordered from the website on February 1, 2012 a $1495 Kremona classical guitar listed as in stock and ready to ship. This was charged to my VISA when I placed the order. I received a confirming email from them, but not till February 6, saying the item had shipped. Four days go by and the UPS shipping status on the UPS website had not changed.

When I checked with music123 several times by phone, their people could not explain what was going on. UPS indicated that they had received package information electronically and a label had been created, but did not have the item in their possession. On Friday February 10, I told music123 by phone I would give them a couple more days but would cancel the order if they could not explain this shipping snafu, but they insisted the problem was with UPS.

I received an email from them on Sunday, February 12, saying "UPS had returned my order and that my VISA account had been credited." Funny, but where I am, UPS doesn't even run on Sunday. I responded to the email thanking them and assuring them this was my first and last order with Then as a response, I guess through some employee of music123's idea of a joke, they had the nerve to send me an email with the subject line “We Love Our Customers – Double Loyalty Points”, which I promptly trashed.

When I checked with my credit card company, the charge was never placed on my account until February 7 – nearly a week after placing my order and a day AFTER they say the guitar had shipped. What companies like this do you know of that would ship something to someone before they had paid for it?

Today is February 14th and the last I checked, the refund posting to my credit card has still not been made by Buy from someone else. I believe these folks flat lied to me. Why? Don't know. If I were one of their upper managers, I definitely would not tolerate these kinds of fishy lost sales and would find out what smarta$$ emailed me their loyalty points email.

They need to know of the arrogant attitude their employees are projecting. I know these folks are huge and don't give a damn about one customer out of zillions, but they should think about what happened to Circuit City and other such arrogant corporate entities that thought they were too big to fail. A lot of that same thinking rendered their big box store employees unemployed and hungry. I predict the same thing will eventually happen with these Big Guys if they stay the present course. Are you listening Greg Trojan? Disgusted with In Almost Heaven.

They Use Ups Mail Innovations Which Is Worthless and Don't Deliver on Time
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Rating: 1/51

KANSAS CITY, KANSAS -- Ordered item off eBay and had issue with the shipper they use for free shipping (ups Mail innovations) and kept getting referred to music123 by ups as the person responsible. Anyway it got worked out and m123 gave me a 15.00 credit so I decided to give them another chance. Well I am regretting that decision. 2nd order (placed directly from their website) has been just as bad if not worse than with my eBay purchase. Only now music123 just wants to say sorry and give me some crap about a 4 day window from the estimated delivery date of February 16 (yep today) and the package hasn't even made it into the postal services hands for delivery and has been listed as departed from Carrollton TX on the 12th at 1:29 P.M.

And 2 hours later UPD sends electronic info to the post office in OKC to expect package yet here it is 16th delivery date gone and post office still doesn't have package yet and that it is listed as heading to OKC which it shouldn't since Beardmore is between Carrollton TX and OKC on I-35.

My advice avoid music123 like the plague and spread the word of their poor shipping choice. I also advise you ask your seller as to what shipping service they use and if it is UPS mail innovations RUN. Come on 1 star is lowest I can give??? This company deserves negative stars.

Customer Service Is Horrible
By -

I ordered this flute for my son last November. Several weeks ago we noticed that one of the valves kept getting stuck. We took it to our local music shop where we were shown that one of the rods is too short and slides along the body preventing the valve from re-opening when released. Simple enough, I contacted Music123 to inquire about a repair or replacement. Except they never replied to my email. Next, I contact their CS number and I am instructed to reply to an email that would specify what kind of information they needed.

To make a long story short, I emailed the information, along with pictures (as requested), a total of 5 times. Each time I was sent an auto reply indicating that the file size exceeded 7MB (it did not, it was 640 KB). I even sent each of the three pictures individually. Then they requested that I use a different email address (which I did).

Today again they replied that the file size prevented the message from arriving in its entirety. So I call customer service. The representative then suggests that I contact the manufacturer directly! His logic was that since the 45 day return period had expired, it was better for the seller to remove itself from the repair/warranty process. I will be happy to contact the manufacturer, and I will make sure to tell anybody who will listen to avoid purchasing from Music123.

Complaint for Music 123
By -

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- WARNING... WARNING... WARNING... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MUSIC 123. They ruined Christmas for my kids. I ordered a Ludwig LR1325EC Accent Custom Power Drum Set (5 Piece, Satin Blue) on Dec 9, 2005. I received four packages throughout the week of 12 Dec 2005. I did not receive a floor-tom or the smaller tom that is mounted on the bass drum. These were the large pieces I noticed missing, there may be hardware that I don't know about. I called the customer service department on Dec 20 in hopes of having a complete drum kit by Christmas.

The Music 123 customer rep said she would ship the missing pieces and do an inventory search for the missing items. I called FedEx on 23 Dec to see if there was a package/s routed to my house. FedEx confirmed they had nothing. Music 123 was not honest with to me. I called a MUSIC 123 customer service rep as soon as FedEx gave me the news. This rep said they would have to do an inventory search and it would take 3 or 4 days. I told her they did an inventory search starting on or around 20 Dec. "It has already been three days, now you're telling me it will be another 3 or 4 days longer. Why has the story changed?" The rep hung up on me. I called back.

It took me a minimum of 20 minutes to get through to their customer service reps each time I called. Probably a good indication that there are many people dissatisfied with MUSIC 123 business practices. The new Music 123 customer rep I spoke with gave me her extension and told me to call back on 28 Dec. I called 5 times on 28 Dec and got her voice mail every time. I called the customer service line to speak with somebody and not a voice message. After about 30 minutes on hold, I spoke with another Music 123 customer rep. This rep put me on hold for about 5 minutes to figure out what the status was on the missing pieces.

When she got back to me, she told me she couldn't get anybody from the parts department. I told her I was tired of the run-around and I was going to file fraud charges, file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and call my credit card company to dispute the charges for the missing drums. On 28 Dec, I left a message on the given phone extension of the dollar charges I am disputing along with my phone number and order number.

On 29 Dec, I left a message indicating the BBB complaint number filed against MUSIC 123 along with my order number, and my phone number. I haven't heard a peep from MUSIC 123, except for confirmation of $90.00 credited to my account because I found the same drum kit for $100.00 less from a different store, so much for price matching.

Today is 2 Jan 06 and still no resolution with MUSIC 123. By the way, other people have filed complaints with the BBB about MUSIC 123 business practices. I have filed a fraud complaint with the New Jersey Attorney General. My next letter will be to the Ludwig drum company and ask they not do business with MUSIC123. Being in the military, I will warn my fellow serviceman on the military consumer fraud website. SURPRISE!!! The picture MUSIC 123 shows on their website of the Ludwig LR1325EC, appears to be a different drum kit. Wow, another surprise or the old bait and switch scam?

Music123 SUCKS
By -

I placed an order with on 04/18/08 and the item was backordered. After the item was shown to be back in stock for about 7 to 10 days I emailed and asked them to ship my order. When the order arrived it was the wrong item. I returned the item and when I received the replacement it was the wrong item again.

I called customer service AGAIN and explained the problem. I was told I would receive a $10.00 in store credit for my gasoline and time spent running to the local UPS store TWICE now. I was told to watch the return item and as soon as it started to track the correct item would be shipped RED LABEL (next day air). Well mistakes happen and if all of what customer service told me had been true I wouldn't be spending my time typing this.

Is the item music123 shipped me the 3rd time the correct item? Well, I sure don't know because it was not shipped next day air it was shipped USPS 1st class. Hummm... not even express mail. The worst part is music123 couldn't care less. Mistakes I can handle. I will not do business with a company that lies to me. Yes, I called to complain and was not even offered an apology. They can take their $10.00 store credit and shove it. I will never spend another cent with It was after my problem with them I started searching the net and finding all the problems others have had with that company. = bad business.

BTW is offering an awards program (which is why I was buying some stuff from them) where you get 100 points for each dollar you spend. at 125,000 points you have enough points to get a $25.00 gift card. I should have over 130,000 points but they are so behind in the record keeping I only show 20,100 points. The other points are still "pending." By no longer doing business with I will lose $25.00 and the $10.00 credit they said they would give me. However, like I said I will not do business with a company that lies to me.

I keep putting in this post so maybe the search engines will pick it up better. Maybe someone about to order and searches the web will see how treats their customers. If the pickups are not the correct ones this time I'll get a refund. If the order had not been shipped or had I known I was being lied to I would have canceled the order.

Poor Shipping Packaging
By -

INDIANA -- Be careful when ordering musical instruments from Music123; in my opinion, they don't pack them very securely. I ordered a baritone sax from them recently. Their website states that they pack items to FedEx standards, but when it arrived, I discovered it had sustained major damage. The bell had a huge dent in it that could only have be made during a fall from an extreme height while packed in its case. This damage also caused several of the lower keys to be pushed so far out of alignment that I couldn't play the instrument. There was no damage to the shipping box which might have led me to suspect plain old inept handling.

When I looked at the amount of packing material inside the shipping box, and the way in which it had been layered (a thin layer only on the top and bottom—nothing on the sides), I quickly realized that it was insufficient to protect an instrument the size of a baritone sax—a flute or a small clarinet perhaps, but not a large saxophone. I immediately notified Music123 and shipped the saxophone back to them for a replacement.

Unfortunately, they had no replacement Selmer Super Action 80 Series II baritones, so I directed them give me a refund. When I told them what I thought about the packing, they said it was rare that an instrument would be damaged during shipping, and that I just happened to have experienced an unlucky shipping incident.

It took nine days to receive the refund. Meanwhile, I'm out $6,550, and I couldn't afford to buy from another company until then. Once my charge card had been credited, however, I found a company that understands the importance of over-packing musical instruments: They're known as “Saxforte.” Their shipping box was nearly twice the size of the box Music123 used, and the thick layers of packing material literally formed a cocoon around the saxophone's case giving it the ultimate in protection against fumbling FedEx employees. The proof was in the pudding, so to speak.

It's a good feeling to open up the shipping box to find an undamaged musical instrument that's ready to play now. I have seen the Better Business Bureau's complaints against Music123. Unfortunately, this wasn't until after I made the purchase. Had I known about the quality of their packing jobs, I would not have made a purchase from them.

When you give a retailer your hard-earned money, you expect that they would treat your new purchase with as much care and concern as you. And even though it wasn't their fault that FedEx dropped the package extremely hard, I don't believe there would have been any damage had they packed it as well as the folks from Saxforte. A poor packing job directly reflects a retailer's attitude about their customers.

Horrible Experience - Won't Repeat This Mistake
By -

I pre-ordered a Gibson Robot Guitar at their store on 1-11-08. Received a email verifying my purchase. Checking my order status showed "approved order". On 1-14, I emailed customer support asking for status, and received no reply. On 1-15, called their customer support, who said there was a problem with my credit card. My credit card company said there was no problem, that no order had been placed.

Called customer support back, and after holding for 10 minutes, was told that they took more orders than they actually had product to fill them, and in truth, that was the hold up. There was no contact from them to me about this order, nor was it updated to show any problem on their website. This is a horrible way to do business. They must take their business model from the airlines. Don't buy from these people.

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