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ST PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I made a complaint on this site because during our slowest time of year, they inappropriately billed my bank account, leaving us with fewer acorns to make it through the winter. The owner tried to pay me off to retract my complaint. He was very antagonistic, and threatening me with complaints against the BBB, and calling the police on me! This company loves to antagonize--they are good at it, and I'm sure the reason why is because they are constantly dealing with disgruntled customers that feel ripped off!

So I went home and read my contract and my billing policy to make sure I hadn't jumped the gun. I hadn't, the billing policy states, "Your application fee of 100 dollars will be credited to the total available balance of your account." It was not. The 2 leads I bought, for a total of 90.00, and tried to return twice but they were still stating that I had a 90.00 balance on my account. So I at least figured that I wouldn't be billed on my bank account because it was not above and beyond my application fee.

The man on the phone, Dennis says he's related to the man on the answering machine with the identical voice called Ron, said "You don't know how we do things here." Well if he disclosed all of his terms on his contract then I would know. Oh yes, and a few days after signing the contract I was sent the notice that I would be billed daily instead of weekly. I'm sure this is a standard form they send out. I really believe that this company moves forward with a methodology of extortion.

Furthermore, and more importantly, and you must read this before signing a contract with this company, there is a term on the contract that I discovered after closer scrutiny, and I believe this is how the owner's ripped off so many people when they were working under At the top of the second page, it essentially and cleverly worded states that in order to recoup the investment of promoting your business that if you don't buy any of their leads for 3 months that you will be upgraded to an EXACT account. This term "exact" is not properly defined, but essentially it means that you will be sent every lead in the area and you will be charged for them!!!

In addition, he threatened to complain to the BBB on me, he can't. I was the consumer not him. He also stated that he would refund me the 190.00. Well I had already received 90.00 from my credit card company. I chose not to tell him this at the time, not because I was trying to get more money than I deserved, but I wasn't ready to resolve this and needed some advice. He later calls, and says, "I see you were trying to get another 90.00. I'm going to call the police unless you take off the complaint from"

You see this company tries to antagonize you and scare you into removing your complaints, I could have taken another 100.00 and removed my complaint, but contractors have to stick together and if I save someone from losing thousands thought their "exact account" program then I will feel great. Read the complaints at and BUYER BEWARE.

Advertisement Used to Be Scamming!
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A scam by any other name is still a scam. This company used to scam under the name of, and they have a lot of complaints. They scammed me for 190.00 under the name of nd after reading all the reviews from their old name, I feel that I got off easy! I know that the two companies are related because there are clues that I don't want to share with them because I don't want them to know how to cover their trail-thieves are usually careless.

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