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My Free Beware Contractors, They are Scammers
By -

Well it all starts out fine by some slick salesman calling you to tell you how the service from My Free Estimates can increase your business. Well being in an economic downturn, what contractor would not want to increase their business right?

So you get on-board with them and give them your credit card number, but what you don't know is that they are all laughing at you over at the My Free office and telling each other how they just got another poor schmuck to sign up for their lead service.

Now that they have your credit card number you have given them a license to steal and that's exactly what they do. First of all they sell their leads to many contractors, not just a few as they tell you. Next when you call the people to set up an appointment, even after you got the lead a minute before, guess what? You are about the 10th contractor that has called. Half of the time the people don't know what you are talking about. They never requested a quote on anything.

When you don't purchase any leads that they send you for a while, well they start to email you leads that you did not even want. When you call and complain, they tell you that they are trying to promote your business and since they already sent them to you, well there is nothing they can do. There is something that they can do and believe me, they do it.

They start to bomb your email with unwanted leads until you block them from sending any more. Then they swipe some more money from your credit card account just for some more good laughs. But there is a saying " He who laughs last laughs the loudest", because what I did is to dispute those charges on my credit card and cancel the card as well so they could not make any more unauthorized charges to it.

You think I am smart don't you? Well I am not! Know why? Well after spending thousands of dollars with them, guess how many jobs I came up with? That's right - NADA, nothing, zip! But after all they did promote business and increase business. Not mine though...theirs.

So people listen up! Take my advice! Don't let it happen to you! I have tried several of these types of lead companies and the only ones that make any money are the lead companies.We all know times are tough, and they know it too which is what allows them to continue to prey on good unsuspecting people. Do yourself a favor and don't fall victim too.

Scammed by
By - is the biggest scam in the world. They take your money even when you say no and when you can't do anything about it, they just laugh at you when you try to get your money back. My story: I was with them in 2006 and quit because the #s they were selling me, 45.00 each, either didn't know why I was calling or not working.

I tried to get credit, they wouldn't hear of it. So I quit even though I had money in my account after 2 or three years. He said was contacted by them, they said I had money in my account and if I would like to buy some leads. I told the story about the last time I was with them - what happened.

He told me it was under new management and promised it wouldn't happen again so I bought a lead. It was a good one, the people were at home. I told myself maybe it has changed so I called and I said I would like to put up 100.00 to purchase a few leads to try them out. He said fine and I gave my debit card # and then he said I would need to put up 350.00 more. I said NO I DIDN'T WANT TO DO THAT. I hung up.

A week later I'm checking my bank and found out he hammered it anyway. The bank said they couldn't do anything about it and I would have to try to get it back from them which I tried and the guy laughed at me. They stole 450.00 from me and laughed at me. So I went ahead and bought 5 leads, I have yet to get 1 app from them 1 wanted material only. 1 just wanted a repair from the company. He bought his windows from the other 4, didn't know why I was calling them. So what I'm saying is they are sorry thieves.

I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM OTHER CONTRACTORS THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM, MABYE WE CAN FILE A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT BECAUSE THEY HAVE STOLEN A LOT OF MONEY. If you would like to contact me my email is **. My company name is affordable windows and siding. Please contact me so we can stop this from happening to anybody else. Believe me, I know plenty of lawyers that would love to sue people like this. Don't let them scam anyone else.

Warning: Do NOT Use MyFreeEstimates!!!
By -

SOUTH BEND, IN, MINNESOTA -- It's just got to be a scam!! When my company signed up for (out of Bloomington, MN) to receive roofing leads, we signed up for a prepaid package that was $450.00 for 10 leads, which turns out to be $45/lead. This is a pretty good rate for leads, so we THOUGHT we had a good thing going here.

We had only accepted 1 lead to date, but recently when we logged into our account thinking that we should still have 9 leads available to use. Much to our surprise, our account balance was at $ 0.00 and all of our leads are used up BUT the thing is, is that we had NOT ACCEPTED any of those 9 leads that we had left!! We couldn't believe the mistake they had made somehow!! We called the company and they said that there is nothing they can do about it because they tried to contact us to add more money to the account and weren't able get a hold of us.

We didn't want to ADD money, for we thought we still had $405 left to use in our account!!! So, we ask HOW DID THESE LEADS GET ACCEPTED??? MyFreeEstimates says that we accepted those leads because that's what the computer says and so we are out of luck, but then we asked them who could have possibly accepted them when NO ONE in our office did.

They have no response except that they will not do anything to help us out but get this!! They tell us that we can add money to receive more leads. WOW. If you ask me it's a total scam and I would not recommend that anyone trust or use this company to manage leads. We ended up paying $450 for 1 lead!!! We focus on roofing leads and the 1 lead we actually accepted was a roofing lead. The other 9 were for windows!!!! We wouldn't have and DIDN'T ever, EVER accept those leads!

MyFreeEstimates also has no record of us actually accepting them...NO copies of the fax that we are supposed to write "accept" on. NO copies of emails that we wrote "accept" on. NO record of phone calls that we said "accept" to.

Then when we asked them what record they had of us accepting these leads, they made a sarcastic remark saying "what are we supposed to keep track of the fingerprint on the faxes?" This was the manager who said this too. It just is downright wrong! MyFreeEstimates made a goof...and they are unwilling to even look at their mistake and/or service their clients! I am amazed and appalled at how this company is handling their business!!

Contractors Beware
By -

CONNECTICUT -- I signed up for MyFreeEstimates to get leads for my home improvement company. Initial sign up was $350 for 10 leads after purchasing 7 leads without even being able to get in touch with any of the people whose information I purchased. On all 7 of the leads, they charged my debit card for $450 saying now lead prices have gone up to $45. I complained but understand that not every lead turns into a sale, but for a lead you are paying for, every lead should turn into an appointment.

At this point I had about $500 in the account and purchased every lead that came through, the only appointment that I got out of these leads was an hour drive and their person wanted one piece of clapboard replaced. What a joke that was. At this time MyFreeEstimates decided it was time to up the charge minimum to $900 so they got me for another $900.

At this time through a lot of swearing and yelling at the person in their customer service department, I canceled my contract with them over the phone which was approved by one of their representatives. I was beat out of the $900 so I tried purchasing more leads with the same terrible results. My account was down to $180 and stayed at $180 for 8 months then out of the blue, they decide to charge my account for $250 then why not another $100 just for good measure. It is the middle of winter and business is slow so they must need to suck money out of people.

I called and complained and they said to me, "yes you did cancel your contract over the phone and yes it was approved by one of our staff members, but they no longer work for the company so you now need to cancel by email or letter, and no we are not issuing a refund."

Do not do business with this company. I hope this complaint prevents another home improvement contractor from getting suckered into this online scam. I am now disputing the charges with my CC company and complaining with the Minnesota Better Business Bureau as well as filing a claim in small claims court in CT.

Advertisement Scammers
By -

MINNESOTA -- This is just a vent because we are already out a "non-refundable" $1800.00. They took $1400 out of our account before we could stop "automatic payments." As soon as we cancelled, they said we still had available leads but they were either weeks old or disconnected.

Customer Service politely explains to you why it is your fault they provide poor leads but becomes progressively more rude and threatening if you persist in attempting to be compensated. We own a roofing company that is doing well but who likes to be screwed with no recourse? As we move more and more from deal-on-a-handshake ethics, BUYER BEWARE.

Replies Is A Thief - Fake Leads
By -

WASHINGTON -- I started with MyFreeEstimates 6 months ago. We went with their program because we needed more qualified leads that could generate revenue for our company. We paid $2000 for nothing. Every lead that they sent was a fake lead. 70% of the information on the contact form didn't lead to a customer with a bad number, a number that rang forever, email addresses that were never returned when accessed.

If I was able to contact the customer in person, every one of them said that they didn't ask to be contacted and never heard of My Free Estimates. I cancelled service and they are still taking money out of our account. They are currently under investigation and if they have your money you will not get any business and ever see your money again. They almost never answer their phones and when they do they make excuses and say they can't help you. They never answer their emails. Fraud!!!

By -

During my membership with my free estimates it was a complete disappointment in every possible way imaginable from the quantity and quality of their leads to customer support. Shown below is a list of problems that happened within a short period of time.

My free estimates guaranteed that I would receive 17 leads per month. The first month I received approximately 4, thereafter it was anywhere from 0 to 2 leads per month. Leads were originally $35.00 each for roofing until my account ran down to zero then I would be billed $40.00 per thereafter. automatically refreshed my account of $350.00 when I still had $145.00 remaining. Since my account still had a remaining $145.00 had the nerve to say, "you'€™re being billed $40.00 per lead now", not as originally agreed.

I complained to my sales representative who said, "you'€™re not receiving that many leads because I see you'€™re not on our premier program which is an additional fee of $240.00€." This now means I would receive leads at a discount fee of $29.00 each and I would receive a text message and email when a lead is available for me.

The sales representative wanted my email address so that he could send a test message and if I don'€™t receive it for me to call him back immediately. I never received the test message so I called him back and all I got was his voice mail. To make a long story short, I never heard from this man again.

After all this frustration, I decided to call the CEO Eric Carstens. This gentleman was very sympathetic and decided I was 100% in the right from my phone conversations with customer service. He decided would refund my $590.00 plus the $145.00 I left in my account. I told him I already disputed the charge of $590.00 and all that you owe me is $145.00. He said, "no problem, I'€™ll mail you a check immediately!"

I told Eric Carsten that maybe in two months I may feel differently about and may rejoin. Eric said, "€œvery good, I'll have a representative call you in 2 months." Now approximately 1-1/2 months go by and no check only a collection notice?

I called and a representative said, I see you'€™re in collection and to have a ** nice day and hung up. I called back and asked about the $145.00 owed, this same representative said, "you'€™re not getting a ** dime!"

My Free Estimates Is A Joke...Beware
By -

My Free Estimates is a company that I would highly recommend to just go away. Not only will they send you disconnected numbers, people that did not give their numbers out and bombard homeowners with 20 other contractors number - but they will charge your account at anytime. Customer service is a joke here. Look into their Better Business Bureau complaints in Minnesota. If you're looking for an honest, respectable company to deal with - then keep on looking!! This is not the company!

Sales Tactics Are A Scam
By -

LAUREL, MARYLAND -- Charged my credit card before I gave them authorization, after reviewing their company. I decided not to go with them, they still charged my credit card without my signature on any contracts. They will tell you anything to get your money, but they are a rip off. Stay away.

Contractor Beware!!
By -

DETROIT, MICHIGAN -- What a joke and waste of time MY FREE ESTIMATES.COM is a total scam and rip off. 1st its not free!!! It's $45 PER LEAD...not even a job. I was signed up for 2 months and didn't get ONE return phone call, much less a paying job out of it!!! CONTRACTOR BEWARE!!! Hey if you want to give someone money, for the "possibility" of a job, give it to me, I'll only charge you 25$ for a phone number!!!

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