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They Lie!
By -

I was flat out lied to by everyone I spoke with at the company over the 20 days (as of today) since my order was placed. My credit card was billed immediately for $3000+ upon the placement of the order on 1/17. I was told twice that the order was to be shipped the next day, then, that they were cancelling the order because they were unable to "get" the camera body, then, when I said I wanted my card credited IMMEDIATELY, I was transferred to a manager/owner ** that told me they had to pay a few hundred dollars more to "get" the camera.

t was not my problem and I would be paying the same, and that it would ship out by 1/30 at the very latest, and to call him back to confirm on his cell phone. His phone has been turned off, and when I sent a follow up email yesterday on 2/5, I was called back and told the order is cancelled, thay cannot obtain the camera, and that my money would be refunded in 3-4 days. The camera was still listed as "in stock" as of yesterday, 2/5/07, while I was having the conversation with the new customer service manager **. As of 11.26 AM on 2/6, it is still listed as "IN STOCK":

I have no reason to believe that I will get the credit on my card as they have not told the truth once. My attorney says this constitutes fraud, my next letter is to the Better Business Bureau in both Delaware and PA since there seems to be some question as to where they are located, and legal action may be taken.

BEWARE - Horrible Service
By -

BEWARE!!! - I ordered a Samsung LCD TV on August 28th. The website clearly stated that most orders are shipped in 1 to 3 days. A week later I called about the status of the order and not only had it not shipped, but they could not even provide me with a possible ship date. I cancelled the order and then was contacted by a sales rep who promised I would receive the TV no later than September 8th if I did not cancel the order. I foolishly agreed and did not order the TV from a more reputable vendor as I needed it for a company party on September 10th.

When the item failed to arrive on the 8th as promised, I called and was assured that the item had shipped - ANOTHER LIE! They never shipped it until September 13th and I never received in until the 18th! Prior to the item shipping, the price dropped $100 and to their credit they refunded the difference at my request. However, since it took so long for me to receive the TV, there was another drop before I got it. Despite the hassle they had caused me they refused to give me the credit. CONSIDER ANOTHER RETAILER!!! I'll be curious to see whether or not the company responds to the e-mail, but I can assure you that I have documentation to support every detail!

Product never delivered
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Ordered a Pioneer car stereo and satellite tuner on 7/17/2006. Full amount was charged to my bank account. The order was never received. Many, many complaints to their customer service department both in email and phone format with zero results. It's now 1 August, 2006 and I still do not have the products ordered nor do I have any idea when they will be shipped. Save your money and stay away from MYTAXFREE.COM. As far as I can tell, they're fraudulent.

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