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Napa: Unprofessional, Inept, and no sense of customer service.
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ALAMOGORDO, NEW MEXICO -- I had the displeasure of trying to get some simple auto parts from Napa today (1 Sept 09) here in Alamogordo, NM. Very rude, incompetent, and no clue on how to deal with customers is the norm at Napa, not the exception. Sadly, I have had this type of experience with Napa many times over the years. They seem to be "put off" when you come in the store like you are interrupting them.

They tried to sell me a fuel pump for $150.00 that I later got from Auto Zone for $44.00. The owner couldn't seem to understand that I had the mechanical fuel pump in my hand as a reference for a fuel block off plate, and that I wanted to go with an electric pump. One of the store clerks repeatedly got distracted from helping me by numerous phone calls and other customers coming up to the counter. I had a fuel filler hose in my hand that another store clerk measured with a micrometer at 1 1/4" diameter, then proceeded to tell me that they didn't have anything that big and their largest hose was 1 1/2".

At one point in time, one of the store clerks stated how he just knew that he got ripped off over the weekend by O'Reilly's and AutoZone. He then proceeded to look up the parts he bought from them in the Napa catalogs to see just how much money he overspent. I suspect he did not over pay, unless there is a significant employee discount. This idiot tried to "advise" me to only buy three feet of fuel line, instead of four feet, because "it's really expensive".

To say I was disgusted with these morons is an understatement. Napa really needs to quit servicing the general public (i.e. US "shade tree mechanics") and put a sign on the door that they only deal with dealerships and shops. In stark contrast is AutoZone and O'Reilly's. When you walk in, the store is clean and well organized. The parts are clearly labeled with the price. And the clerks are very nice and not rude. Napa should take notes. I strongly advise anyone looking for auto parts to avoid Napa.

Refund on Merchandise
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Rating: 1/51

LEESBURG, GEORGIA -- I purchased glue to replace my rear view mirror and it failed to hold. I returned and purchased another type glue recommended by the salesperson. The glue worked and I attempted to return the other glue but was told the manager had to handle the problem. I have been to the store numerous times (4) and the sales people give me a excuse he is not in. I know it is less than $5 but it is my monies. I left the item and my sales ticket with them the first time. I didn't know NAPA managers were trained not to refund monies or solve problems. Someone over this manager needs to retrain them. I will trade somewhere else for my automotive needs.

Modified New Shocks
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YUBA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- December 13, 2011. Napa Auto Care Center on Bridge Street, in Yuba City, CA installed 4 shocks on my stock 1990 Ford Econoline E150. They installed the wrong shocks verified by Gabriel Shock Absorber Company, by drilling out the rubber and steel bushing on the shock absorber, so it would fit, even though this part is not specified for my vehicle. Gabriel Shock Absorber company technical advisor said that if the NAPA service agent had ordered the correct part number shock, it would have bolted in just like the factory shocks. Gabriel said the warranty was now void and they would not insure that the vehicle was safe to operate.

Daniel of Gabriel Shocks said that he had never heard of an auto repair shop doing anything like this. You can see the bolt going right through the yoke of the axle in the mounted position with no rubber and no bushing in place. Always demand that you get your OLD PARTS. Take pictures of anything and everything that is questionable. Maybe I will get my spare car keys that they have, in addition to a worry free repair from a "reputable" company.

NAPA "Warranty" (James in CO) reacted as if this was "no big deal" and wanted to refer me to another NAPA Care Center. No Way... a complaint has been made to the Bureau of Automotive Repair in CA, as well as to Gabriel Shocks and the shoddy work is photographed and witnessed so a formal complaint will be made via the State of California. I will show their work on the net for sure.

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