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Poor Customers Service, Poorly Trained Staff
By -

OKEECHOBEE, FLORIDA -- I recently ordered a new liner. After completing the measurements of their form, I discussed the form with Jim (their salesperson) and how I was confused about the one brake line measurement (box V). Though I made clear to Jim that I wanted the brake line to be where the diagonal was for Box Z. I stated this more than once, he said OK more than once.

After I received and installed my liner, I notice the brake line is in the wrong area and the liner will not work. I call and email customer service. During the phone conversation, the person says the manufacturer built what I had listed on my measurement form, which is true. But they did not build it as I had discussed with Jim, putting the brake line on the 19 foot Box Z measurement. She said there was nothing she could do and to call manufacturer. Absolutely useless customer service dept.

Their response is always, manufacturer built what was on the form. It is irrelevant to them that their staff did not perform or follow policy of telling me to fix and fax back. In essence they are saying, even if our staff doesn't do their job of identifying errors on measurement form, it is still my fault.

First of all, what are they getting paid for in this process, to just take my fax and fax it on to the manufacturer? Do they not train their staff well enough to recognize that the '€œ2'€ I put in Box V should have been a Zero if I wanted my brake line on the Z line. If their policy is as they say and their staff is trained properly, Jim should have said, "OK, if you want the brake line where Box Z is, you need to change Box V to zero." He did not do this. He just said OK when I stated where I wanted the brake line.

I then get an email response from customer service stating that their staff isn't allowed to write on the measurement form and that if changes needed to be made I had to make them and fax back. This after I emailed them and made clear that this is not what their salesperson did. They basically said, "Too bad" and closed the ticket. I was never told this when I told Jim where I wanted the brake line, he just said OK.

When I called Jim back and discussed with him, he was sympathetic and he agreed that I discussed with him where I wanted the brake line. Trying to fair, I said, "I am not asking for liner, all I ask is that you process my order at cost with no markup." This way they don't lose any money and still made the profit from my original order. I even spoke with the manufacturer who agreed to discount the liner to them, but said I still had to purchase through their distributor. I said OK.

Jim agreed to do this on Wed June 2nd. He also agreed to "rush" it so that I would have time to get installed before July 4th. I have since called, faxed and emailed Jim numerous times on Thursday, Friday and today. Now, I cannot get him to respond. I am approaching July 4th with a pool that cannot be used. I think I have been more than fair and yet I seem to be getting the ignore treatment now, and I don't understand why. To make me happy, all they needed to do was process my new order at cost, which would cost them nothing but 5 minutes of their time.

Complete Lack of Customer Service
By -

FLORIDA -- I would have given them five stars if these people had simply delivered the product I ordered from them. I would have given them four stars if they had simply treated their customer with a small bit of respect. So here's the story. Somewhere along the line, somebody lost the product. I called them after two weeks and said "Where is my product?" They said, "I don't know. I'll look into it and call you back." I said, "Great." They called back the next day and said that the delivery company could not locate my package. I said, "Well, then ship me another one." They said, unfortunately, their provider or source for that product didn't have anymore.

I said, "Well, that's too bad, just refund my Visa card, and I will go find another one, no hard feelings." They said, "Sorry, our policy is not to refund your money until we have located the product." I said, "What?" She said, "It is our company's policy not to refund your money until such time as we have located your product." To which I replied, "That doesn't seem remotely fair. Can I speak to your boss, please." To which she nicely replied, "No. This is our company's policy and is not subject to negotiation."

This is a 100% true story. I couldn't believe it. Their deliverer lost the merchandise, and these morons choose to make me dispute the transaction through VISA, instead of just refunding my money and treating the customer with a modicum of respect. I wouldn't buy a scum skimmer from these folks. I doubt it could leave their hands unscathed. Use these morons at your peril.

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