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Bad customer service
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RALIEGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- NC Home Furniture is by far the worst excuse for a business I have ever encountered. My only fault is not reviewing the BBB report before doing business with this company. After ordering furniture and paying all money up front I was promised delivery in 8-12 weeks. After 12 weeks I contacted the store and was informed me furniture would be delivered the following week. When I called the following week I was told that in fact my furniture was not all received and that the person that had misinformed me had been fired and my furniture would all be in two more weeks. I waited and received no more contact from the company. I tried and tried to contact the company with no success. Finally I called and left a message that I was a customer interested in buying furniture and was ironically called back the very next day. I was promised again that I would be receiving my furniture in another week. Having no faith in this company to deliver I told them I would pick up the furniture myself. I was informed the day it would be ready to be picked up so I took time off work and rented a moving truck. I called the day I was leaving to pick up my furniture and was told that again there had been a mistake and that the furniture order was not complete. I told the manager this was the second time that I took time off work and that they could deliver the furniture at their cost. They reluctantly agreed to free delivery and a 10% discount that I could only use towards a purchase at their store. I waited an additional 4-6 weeks and finally was called to inform me of the delivery. NC home furniture set up curb side delivery which was not what was agreed upon. Fortunately the delivery men were prior military and helped me move a full bedroom set up stairs. I asked the movers how much they had been paid for delivery. They informed me only $400.00. This was a shock because the owner had told me it cost him a little over $1200.00 and the manager had sent me an email informing me the same thing. I provided the movers with the email to try to help them collect the money they deserved. Upon unboxing the furniture I found the furniture was damaged! I got a hold of the manager and she sent out someone to repair the furniture. She said the company would pay for the repair and discount the furniture according to the amount of the repairs. The repair man said he was a little apprehensive about dealing with this company so he would do the repairs upon payment from the company. That was the last I heard from the company. It has been a year since my original purchase and I am still waiting. Now all I can get is a voice mail and the web sight is gone. I have all my furniture although some is damaged and this company owes me about $1600.00 in discounts and furniture repair. I am assuming they are out of business and this is just a loss. I don't really know what to do. I am seeking legal advice and I do have the name of the owner or prior owner and manager. If they are still in business in some dark warehouse...Buyers Beware NC Home Furniture in Raleigh is crooked.

No Furniture, No Refund
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I ordered my furniture after finding what I was looking for on their website. They took 100% of my money and said the furniture would be delivered in 4 to 6 weeks. That was in February. After agreeing to at least 3 delays, there was no prospect of the furniture and when I demanded a refund they actually gave me a hard time. When they finally agreed to refund me in July I thought I was done. But I didn't get the refund. In August, no refund. In September, no refund. In October, no refund.

Now, no refund and no furniture. Their answer was to ask for a chargeback because their bank won't allow them to credit back to customers. No one answers the phone when you call them. I was getting emailed responses from the manager assuring me they were looking into the problem. Their satisfactory status was revoked by the Better Business Bureau and they're facing more complaints from other consumers. Buyer beware. It's NC No Furniture, and No Refund either. At least not yet. Nine months and counting.

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