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Set The Records Straight
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My name is Ryan and I have been a debt collector for over 11 years now. I am writing this to clear the air and set the records straight. 1st of all, we as debt collectors are already the villain before we even have a chance to speak a consumer. Actually it's a shame that people have to find us as their scapegoat. Yes is there circumstances where you have a collector go out of the lines. Well I would be lying if I said no, that never happens. But what people aren't aware of when that happens, the collector is immediately spoken to, if not by his supervisor then his fellow collector that sits around them.

Collectors are trained too hard and sharp but they also are human beings with lives and family and friends. At NCB we are so different than any other agency and I've worked at different agencies. Here we are professional and very family-oriented and we do try as much as possible to be helpful. If you knew me personally, I am far from a kiss-ass, but at the time, I have to be honest, the people that write reviews saying that we, I mean NCB, are the nasty evil people that always break laws and harass the consumers are very wrong.

Is there isolated incidents? Probably, but one bad apple can't spoil the bunch. When I get a consumer on the phone I immediately put that person's fear and negativity to rest by letting them know right away that for one, I grew up being as poor as you get and also that I even now owe my creditors money - who doesn't?

I make them feel like a friend calling to give them good financial advice. I never ever demand anything and I never make them feel like they are any less than a human. I explain the situation and tell them what needs to be done to get them right back on track. As a matter of fact, most of the people I speak with thank me after the conversation. Bottom line is this our jobs. This is how we support our families. And we don't make you feel less of a human so stop doing it to us.

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TREVOSE, PENNSYLVANIA -- I had to write a letter today. This is a collections company (Employed by HSBC Bank India/via Nevada ) that abuses people. Get them on the phone and teach them a lesson about harassment to: NCB Management Services, Incorporated, One Allied Drive, Trevose, PA 19053, 1-800-828-1110,

Your business practice of abusive phone calls to innocent individuals is not tolerated in our country. I am an individual who has been HARASSED consistently for months because of a case file you have to collect money from a **. I am not this individual and wish that the contact number for him be removed from your file as he has provided you with wrong information. Your representatives like Mr. ** have foul mouths and no business behavior etiquette.
If he or anyone from your office ever contacts me again I will be filing a Consumer Legislation complaint to the Better Business Bureau for him against your firm.

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2 reviews & complaints.
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NCB Management Services Incorporated
One Allied Drive
Trevose, PA 19053
1-800-828-1110 (ph)
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