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Network Solution Real Quality of service for their customers
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HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- As I had mentioned in my chat sessions with your representative, I refuse to use my cell phone to speak with you for the simple fact it cost me money and that is the only phone I have and I will not drive 35 miles to call you since there are no pay phones in my town and I live in the country!

Bow for the fact I want a total refund on my Unix small hosting package I had paid for a few days since this error message keeps occurring: “com. netsol. workflow. framework. CWIException: Failed in authentication token is invalidcom. netsol. webservices. common. WSCommonException: Secure token mis-match request! Please try again after sometime.”

I had signed out and back in dozens of time but to no avail also now the business profile will not even come up. This Website is for my Attorney and I was to have at least a sample page up and running for him by today! I had tried at least 50 times since I had purchased the package and it is quite obvious your service is not reliable. I had cleared my browser several time & its cookies also. I'm able to edit my other website ** somewhat, however my email is unreliable. When logging in I have to refresh the login window 3 or 4 times. And it's a real pain.

This is the message I get: “Internal Server Error. The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator, [no address given] and inform them of the time the error occurred, and anything you might have done that may have caused the error. More information about this error may be available in the server error log.”

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. This occurs on other computers also. I have a Dell Inspiron One running Windows 7 in which has 4 gig ram and 1TB hard drive and I had paid $1,400.00 + for the computer. I'm highly disappointed in your service - 1st to include that last year when I was away on Duty for the military you had deleted my website and all my emails also for my customer contacts. Like a fool I had paid for a year hosting and I will not continue with Network Solution again. I see by all the complaints on the web that I'm not the only one having issues.

So in closing, I will contact Kansas State attorney and the Better Business here if I don't receive a refund for the Unix hosting ASAP. I will keep the domain names I have **. And I will transfer them as soon as possible before they expire to another hosting company. You know you really dropped the ball here I have other websites that I have to do and some had required advance SSL certs and ecommerce packages. I had probably spent close to $750 with you on names and hosting let alone whatever my lawyer had wanted if I could have got a sample page up and running.

I had also saved all my emails from you from last year on the other issue and my earlier chat session with ** in which he had me wait close to an hour during our session and that was after a 45 minute wait to ask a question in the first place. It's funny that there isn't a time stamp for you chat session like other companies. Many complaint website allow file upload to discuss your issue with a company and I have at least 20 or more pages with my concerns here.

Another Help ticket message that can't be sent and what kind of term is D'oh? You know what this is really amazing. Today I received an email say that my refund will be issued and now my hosting package is closed and the website is gone. What is amazing is on the 12th your representative call me and spoke with me for an hour on my cell phone and she had talked me into staying with your company if the Unix package worked and it did, and I had spent close to 8 hr. in doing the webpage and called the lawyer it was for and he paid me for it come today its gone now.

This is a pain in the A?? Now I have to refund $1,500.00 to him because he's tired of all the BS First of all it was the Unix package not working and when you representative properly config it, it did and I did the website and the Attorney approved the sample to further update it in which I had meant to do today. But guess what, you canceled the package and now I called your representative support and he said I have to repay for the package and such. And guess what the same will happen again.

I had been with you for going on close to 4 years and I had enough. I will speak with an attorney today about filing suit for loss of income and harassment I have over 30 pages of chat about issues and dozens upon dozens of email stored on my flash drive and all my support tickets saved. And to top it off, I had to wait close to 6 hr on your online chat support and still no response after that.

There are many online complaint site and your name comes up on all of them. All my issues will be posted on them and I will now transfer my domains to if I don't get some type of satisfaction here within a day. I will not redo the site again like my other one which I had lost all my customers emails when I was never informed of the due date 2 years ago. I should have transferred my name then and I would not be in this issue no BYE.

After typing all this on the help ticket it will not even come up this is their response: “D'oh! (For real they really say this.) We're sorry but we cannot process your request at this time. Please try again or select from the options below.” And the only time I did get through to the Chat representative here it is: “Hello! Please wait just a moment and a specialist will be right with you! All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.” “You are now chatting with 'Josh'.”

And this is the 6 Hr wait to no avail sorry about it being so long but this is their way of handling business. This is Network Solutions typical response to their tech support chat. Tried at 4:05 pm now its 6:12pm way to go: “Hello! Please wait just a moment and a specialist will be right with you!” “All operators are currently assisting others. Thanks for your patience. An operator will be with you shortly.”“There are currently no available agents to interact with you. Please try again later.”

Bold Face Lies
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Rating: 1/51

LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA -- Network Solutions shut down one of my websites and when I and my tech people called this was the responses we received from our questions. The sad part is I have been a customer of Network Solutions for years and as we began to expand our web hosting we have encountered so many problems with Network Solutions and their techs and customer support. It is sad to say they have many untrained and underskilled people interacting with customers.

I will be pulling all of my business away from Network Solutions and I would suggest that anyone that needs more than just a simple website not use Network Solutions because they do not have the talent or skill to help you grow your business. There are various domain names under this account. Was the spam from the domain I'm working with **? – We don't know. What folder contains this malicious spam email code? - We don't know. What time was the spam email sent out? – We don't know – Huge red flag! Everything on a server is logged.

Do your log files show an unusual amount of email coming out of the domain – No it does not. What email addresses did they spam? – We don't know – Huge red flag! Everything on a server is logged. How many spam emails were sent out? – We don't know – Huge red flag! Everything on a server is logged. What is the ticket number that was issued authorizing the hosting packages suspension? – There is none.

To reactivate a suspended account - is it not strict protocol that redacted or a Developer make certain changes to the account and then email/fax your Legal Team? - Yes. Why was the account reactivated? We've made no changes nor have we contacted your legal team by fax or email – We don't know what proof do you have that any spam what so ever came out of this hosting package? – We don't see anything to prove that.

Finally, I ask once again… Was this account suspended because of spam emails? – We don't know why it was suspended. I've spoken to about 10 technicians, drilling them all the same way. They all break eventually and say - "We don't know what happened."

Deceptive and Fraudulent Business Practices
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Rating: 1/51

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Our company has used the services of Network Solutions when it was owned by VeriSign since 2001. Every now and again we are contacted by their sales department trying to sell us one of their new products. I am not here to slam the company since I am only one of six million or more subscribers, but to tell you the truth of their deceptive business practices.

A few months ago we were contacted by a salesman for their Gorilla Marketing product. What you should know that before you start a conversation with anyone in this organization they have to verify your account. Once this is done you have given them access to your financial information or credit card on file. Now it so happens that we were coming up for our domain and hosting renewal. Whenever you renew the hosting the domain is always thrown in at no charge. Most subscribers know this and also know this would be foolish to set the auto-renew feature because you will be charged full price for both services.

With the end of the month close at hand the salesperson became very anxious to close the sale, promising that if we signed up for the 'Gorilla Marketing' service at eighty dollars per month the fee for the domain and hosting would be waived renewed and your card billed every month. This is a method company'€™s used to develop revenue stream.

So what this slick salesman does is set the auto-renew feature in anticipation of closing the deal. Before we can make a decision we are charged the full amount for the hosting and domain renewal which comes to nearly two hundred dollars. We contact customer service and are told that it will take up to ten days for the funds to be returned.

This is a form of embezzling. To avoid becoming a victim of this scam it is important that if you have a card on file to check the auto-renew feature often to avoid this from happening to you, or better yet do not leave your card on file with anyone. Before making this posting I have discovered that this is a common scam with this company. If there is an attorney that is interested in seeking a legal remedy this is the number for their corporate offices. (570) 708-8700.

Putting Domain Name for deletion before expiry date and nonresponsive to renewal
By -

VIRGINIA -- Our domain name was unexpectedly scheduled for deletion by our Domain name registrar Network Solutions, VA, USA. We received an email earlier this month to remind us that our Domain name was to expire on the 21st May 2011. Thus we decided that we would renew our domain name early and followed the instructions to renew the Domain name on the 8th May 2010. We received a confirmation from Network Solutions shortly and also confirmed that the transaction had gone through from my bank statements. However, on the 11th May 2010 evening, my website and email stopped functioning altogether.

Network Solutions sent an email stating that the renewal order had been cancelled and we would receive a refund and our domain name will be placed for deletion. Their customer support claimed that my credit card had been rejected (Strange thing is that if my credit card was rejected, why would the transactions appear in my bank statement already and why a need for refund?) and in order to redeem my Domain, I would need to pay extra and there is no guarantee that I will get back my domain name anyway.

They even tried to sell me other domain name variations which I declined. They requested for our credit card information again (which I gave them), opened a service ticket for me and informed us that it would take two days on average for them to contact us and they were unable to know about the status at all till then.

The customer support even claimed that they do not even have the escalation team's number within the same company as well. Basically, that there wasn't anybody that we could talk to and the Customer Support team would be also unable to know the status or progress of our situation. Even after two days, I have still not received any response from Network Solutions and we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to contact them as they are currently unreachable on all their contact numbers. We emailed them regarding the service ticket, but there is no response too.

As such, we have decided to move after unlimited unknown status. We have our domain name all over our brochures and printed materials. We have to salvage the damage done due to this sudden move. It seems that even after we have paid for the Domain Name, Network Solutions can expire us before the expiry date, dishonoring the transaction without giving any explanations and force clients not to renew our domain names.

If you are running a business and have Domain name register with them, you may need to think carefully. When problem arises, there is nothing they will do for you and they would tell you outright that there is nothing you can do too. It seems that they are doing some very strange things.

Great customer service
By -

I recently attempted to switch my domain registrar from Network Solutions to Yahoo! I like Yahoo!'s user interface much more and they're generally not as stingy when it comes to the cost of add-on features (whoIS privacy, etc). The problem was that the authorization code that Network Solutions generated for me to initiate the domain transfer contained symbols, particularly an underscore and a plus sign, which Yahoo!'s server instantly spit back out at me, claiming it was incorrect. Yahoo!'s e-mail support was a joke...a lengthy description of the problem resulted in a copy/paste response from their website FAQ which had no relevance to the issue at hand.

I got on the phone with Network Solutions... The wait time to get an agent was a bit lengthy (roughly 20 minutes) but it was well worth it. The agent was knowledgeable and offered to escalate my issue to the proper department to have the symbols removed from the transfer authorization code. I went ahead and just canceled the services without doing a transfer and hoped that I could simply restart the domain name with Yahoo!, which I was able to do.

Particularly, I'm pleased that I didn't have to suffer through a sales pitch after informing the representative of my intention to use a different registrar. He accepted the fact that I just like Yahoo!'s user interface much better. Lastly, I inquired about a refund since I paid to have my domain with Network Solutions until 2014. The agent said he couldn't promise a refund but would go ahead and put in a ticket request to have one issued back to me for the time I had remaining.

I logged into my PayPal account today to see my prorated refund returned to my account. All in all, great customer service from Network Solutions, even though they knew I was leaving them. Even though I left, I hope my positive feedback will get them more business!

Refuse to Refund Registration for Unregistered Domain
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Rating: 1/51

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- They took my money to register my domain, then failed to do so. I only discovered this after my web-hosting company informed me of its UN-registered status. My alleged "registered" domain was subsequently taken and registered with GoDaddy. I informed Network Solutions of their gross negligence, attached the official true registrar and domain-owner's details, and demanded that they refund the money.

They refused on the grounds that it's not their policy to issue refunds, and told me to not renew the domain registration with them at the end of its one-year term. Still, they insist they are the registrants, despite the FACT that they NEVER did register it. This is now a clear case of taking money under false pretenses and fraud.

Network Solutions--Wants $60 to Fix THEIR Web Hosting Mistake
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Rating: 1/51

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- I am fed up and will end the years for which I have been a customer. After purchasing a supposedly-sufficient and complete WordPress blog hosting package, the entire thing shuts down after a minimal number of posts to my blog and I get error message (below) that insufficient memory has been allocated to the package (as packaged and sold by Network Solutions). After untold hours fruitlessly trying to solve it, I call customer service and am told there is nothing I can do EXCEPT to pay $59.95 to change the memory settings.

Obviously, they should know to include sufficient settings in what they package and sell -- rather than do an after-the-fact bait-and-switch to pay them $59.95 to make this simple tweak to THEIR package. There were no options originally offered me to specify a different memory. How many other customers are they ripping off with this $59.95 fee?

Way Overpriced
By -

I transferred my hosting to HostGator earlier this year and paid half of what Network Solutions wanted to charge me after 8 years of doing business with them. I thought that I had transferred my domain name as well but no. So when it expired and I had to renew through Network Solutions. They not only charged me $25 reinstatement fee, but also $38 for one year. That's more than twice what I usually paid and more than twice what hostgator will charge me to renew with them next year. Unless you like paying extra and getting poor service, stay away from Network Solutions.

Manage Account
By -

We are trying to change ‘Primary Account Contact Change' where our domain name is registered. Some years ago people that they were reasonable about all these account are no longer with us. Our hosting company now out of service here in Turkey. We need to change hosting company so we need to DNS relocation. Then we figure out that we cannot do this because no one knows what the account password is.

We get in touch with the Network Solution. They have informed us to fill a form which they call ‘Primary Account Contact Change Form Service Request' so done. Send them with fax. Then message came fax was not readable send them with e-mail. This ‘Primary Account Contact Change Form Service Request' form is a kind of form that is hard to put information in it. So we did.

Message came back saying that document was altered. Then we re send them. No answer. Then again resend them. No response. Then send them mail and asking how we can prove that we are the owner. Before these mails I send them other mail that our company lawyers needs to get in touch with their company lawyer. In the meantime, our old hosting company spare one server and they have done bypass or something like that to keep our web address up and running. It is bit slow but better than nothing. I am still trying to resolve this issue. Any assistance will be appreciated. This company Network Solutions is not helpful.

Long Relationship Gone bad/UPDATED
By -

HERNDON, VIRGINIA -- Have spent thousands of dollars at Network Solutions and recommended them to others, despite high cost and long waits on phone for tech service. Usually, I got good and friendly help. Not now. I found high MONTHLY charge on my credit card for 1 service. Tried to find what it was. Could not see product listed or find way to stop it from my account page.

Called customer service at night -- long wait +1 disconnection (they did call back -- very nice). Was promised service would stop and a refund. Why? SEO service was attached to wrong website: How could Network Solutions help me sell organic beef by analyzing a website that's NOT about organic beef? SEO got high monthly fees for them, but they could not have analyzed my website: site they "promoted" does not pertain to organic beef.

Update: Rep who was refusing refund has helped me a bit. The company has backed off this month's charge on my credit card & canceled SEO package. Certainly a step in good direction, & I appreciate it. But we're still not resolved on craziness of their saying their SEO work promoted our "organic beef" -- but the SEO promoted our website not pertaining to organic beef. I may have won a small battle, but lost an expensive war -- unfair. But a lesson learned. Hope more good news follows... Will still be fighting for it.

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