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NetZero... Might As Well Talk To A Brick Wall!!!
By -

A year ago, I subscribed to NetZero while staying at my Dad's house when my Mom passed away. Being that I was going to be there for about 3 months, and there was no Internet connections there, I decided to subscribe to NetZero and use them temporarily while I stayed there... until I got settled into a new place where I can use my SBC/AT&T DSL service.

NetZero offered a free trial period, after the trial I would be charged only $9.99 per month. Good enough for 3 months. I constantly had sign on problems and connection problems with them. But, I wasn't spending a lot of time on line anyway, mostly just at night, so I put up with it.

Once I got moved and had my DSL service transferred to my new apartment, I called NetZero to cancel. They told me I didn't have an account with them. I explained I did, and I've been using the service for two or three months. They checked and insisted that I had none. They said there was no record of it. I told them I didn't know WHAT their records showed, but I want to make sure I'm not charged any more monthly fees. They said I wouldn't be charged because there is no record. Well... I KNEW there was record of it SOMEWHERE, since I was able to sign on. I uninstalled the program from my computer and didn't use it since I called them.

Next thing I know, I was charged for the $9.99. I called them and told them again, that I had canceled it... gave them the date and time I called and the name of the person I spoke with. I told them they said I had no account. I told this representative that they WILL credit back the charge... they said they can't... I said they WILL... finally they said they would. I wasn't convinced, I just felt they told me that to get me off the phone. When I didn't see any credit given after about two weeks, I called again. No record found of me ever calling and talking to them.

After demanding that they connect me with an 'English speaking US Citizen who lives in the UNITED STATES (yes, that's exactly how I made the request)... I finally got another representative on the phone. I explained the entire situation, she knew right away what the problem was and said, they always have "that problem with them" and she assured me that I would be credited and the account cancelled. I checked my statement and found the credits for two months on it and thought all was finally done.

THEN.. today... a YEAR LATER I got the following Email sent to my SBC account from them: "Dear NetZero Member, Our records indicate that you have not signed in to your NetZero Free Email account in at least one year. Please sign in at within the next 30 days or we will have to deactivate your account. MEMBER ID Use the Member ID below to sign in to NetZero. Member ID: **. If you have forgotten your password, please visit

"DID YOU KNOW? Your Free NetZero Email comes with all these great features: Video Mail or Video Chat - Talk face-to-face with anyone at any email address - even a non-NetZero member. Spam/Virus Protection - Blocks junk mail & helps protect you from viruses. Mobile & Web Access - From any Internet-connected computer or mobile phone. We hope you take advantage of your NetZero Free Email account by signing in at webmail."

My response: Well of course I haven't signed on for a year... I CANCELED IT A YEAR AGO.. not only did I cancel it but I had to call to cancel it THREE TIMES. I canceled it because no one there knew what they were doing and couldn't understand simple English. It looks like nothing has changed!

Lousy. NetZero Was Good, But Now I Get Hundreds of Ads Every Week.
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Rating: 1/51

LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA -- NetZero mail has degenerated into nothing but nuisance messages from telemarketers.

Cancelling Service Almost Impossible - Shame On Them!
By -

These people are criminals! Do not buy this service! I tried to cancel four times only to get advised of hold times exceeding 11 minutes each time. I finally got through this morning and advised that I wanted to cancel, the representative fought me for at least 10 minutes trying to convince me that I needed their basic service as back-up. After emphatically telling her "NO, I WANT TO CANCEL COMPLETELY," she then told me that they would do me a "favor" and keep my computer secure with Norton for free but actually would cost $4.95/month.

After finally getting irate and again refusing this special offer I was treated rudely and when I requested a cancellation confirmation number she put me on hold for at least 5 minutes and I'm fairly sure she was just trying to "punish" me for insisting on getting that cancellation number.

Billed Me for Unauthorized Use - I Do Not Have NetZero
By -

I was desperate after being disconnected by AT&T 4 times, so looked for telecommunications companies that offered internet. NetZero was described on phone and I learned the online internet program could be picked up at Wal-Mart. Instead they sent a disc and I refused it. My postman helped me and it was returned. I did not open.

I just received my Visa bill and NetZero has charged me $17.90 - I do not have the service and was shocked. I decided I could use Charter for my upper unit tenant ** and myself. I am an 81 year old widow who desired quick internet re-connection and Charter provided it. Help When I went on line to write to them I cannot because I do not have an account number. Next step complain to Wisconsin consumer complaint department.

Unauthorized Charges
By -

Exactly 3 weeks ago I discovered a 14.95 charge and another 1.00 charge on my checking account from NetZero. Both of these used my debit card. I have NEVER had any kind of service from NetZero. I called the bank to dispute the unauthorized charges. They immediately canceled my debit card & issued me another. Today, I found another pending 1.00 charge from NetZero using my NEW CARD NUMBER!!! This card has never been out of my possession, & I only received it 7 days ago!

I called Netzero and asked about this, & I was told this account was opened up in my name. I informed them that these were fraudulent charges, twice in three weeks. I was transferred to 4 different departments. I asked them how they got the new debit card number, and they said I gave it to them. I hung up the phone and called the police to file a report. I have called the bank AGAIN and had my debit card cancelled, AGAIN. Does anyone have any ideas, or am I just going to have to cancel my debit card once or twice a month?!

Account Fraud
By -

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- Upon my request to cancel my account with Juno to avoid further charges, I receive confirmation that they would in fact put a halt to my account. Months later, I found that charges continued to take place from Juno. When I called to question this, they admitted that they had a cancellation request from me but did not understand why my account had not been cancelled. On top of this, they refused to credit me the wrongful charges.

In addition, they claimed that I authorized tech support charges when, in fact, they offered them (verbally) to me free to keep me as an account member. They gave me the "runaround" as they transferred me from one operator to another, while constantly putting me on hold until my patience wore thin... United Online, Inc. is headquartered in Woodland Hills, CA, with offices in New York, NY, Renton, WA, San Francisco, CA, Orem, UT, and Hyderabad, India.

Customer Service The Worst
By -

I subscribe to Juno MegaMail for a once a year fee to keep a permanent email address. I have tried to change my password that we are all cautioned to do regularly. They reply back, can only be done through the Juno Software which I don't have since I don't subscribe to their monthly DSL or dial up service. Support on the web leaves MUCH to be desired. The main support requires listing your access number which I DON'T have. And phone service is VERY expensive. My warning: Look elsewhere for email and internet service!!!

ISP Provider Service
By -

I am trying to cancel my free Juno email account. I have spent hours on the phone with customer service who tells me "just don't use it for 60 days and it will go away." I haven't used it for a year and it is still there. I have emailed, called and they all keep saying the same thing. Nobody seems to be able to cancel the account. The customer service at Juno is terrible.

Cancellation/Misleading Avertising
By -

MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY -- Tried to cancel regular dial up in May 2007 and they actually started charging me more per month. So I tried their DSL service and was later told that in order for me to install I would need addition hardware, which they never indicated.

Tried to cancel via phone and they just would not! Could not get last name of customer service agent, nor what company she worked for. I have had enough, these company will do anything to increase short term earnings, it's the old "sue me later" deal. Thaankss.

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