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Swap Return Policy
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LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My boyfriend ** got me a cell phone for my birthday. He add it on his plan this makes 3rd phones that he has now, so Nextel send me the phone out in 2 days. First it was not the phone I wanted, I said I'll use it for a couple of days then return it if I didn't like it that's what Nextel said to do. After one week I really didn't like it so I called Nextel customer care. While I was at work, they kept me on hold forever and they send me to another department I was on hold again. I just got mad and tied of being on hold, cause I was at work and had to do my work.

So the next day I called back on my way to work it was around 7 am hoping since it was early in the morning I wouldn't be on hold, ohhhh what a joke this customer service had me on hold again from one department to another telling them the same information and story over and over again. I just hung up. So now it's 2 weeks since I had this phone that I don't want!!!! I decided to call after work since I knew I had 30 days to return it I said I got to return it for the phone I wanted. I called Nextel customer service. I explain to 4 different departments my story and told 4 different department my information over and over.

I was at the 3rd operator. I was on hold for 25 min before speaking with the 4 person. By this time I was so tied and mad the operator final got on and asked for my information. I said no I don't want to speak with another customer care person just get me a supervisor now. He said he would need to know why and needed my account information. I told him I was tired of giving my account information over and over and over again. No more just get me a supervisor he said the supervisor would need my information before getting on the phone. So there I go again giving him my information and telling him all I want to do is return this phone they send out to me which is the wrong phone.

And I wanted them to send me out the phone that I wanted for my birthday after all it was a birthday gift. So this operator said to me you need to speak to someone in sales I said no!!!! I already spoke with someone in sales, billing, customer care, and return and in return and swap department. I told them what I wanted to do return this phone for the phone I wanted in the first place. I spoke to this person for 20 minutes. She said OK. She gave me a tracking number to return the phone and she said OK. What's the phone you want then we got disconnected after talking for about 20 minutes. I told her I was talking on the phone they send me.

She knew the number since I already told her and all the other sales persons there so we got disconnected. I waited 20 minutes. I thought she would call me back to get the information on the phone I wanted and to finally finish this order. Hell no I waited 20 minutes no one called me so now you know why I don't want to speak with no one but a supervisor. This is so freaking bad. Nextel is so (what they say) is a good company.. is so false. My old phone company T-Mobile never gave me the run around like Nextel service. Why is it so hard to return a phone and get another one is that so hard. Nextel you need to stop transferring customers from one department to another.

Nextel WILL Rip You Off!
By -

SPRING LAKE, MICHIGAN -- I began with Nextel in January, 2006. When I started with them they told me that I had to have a $100 security deposit on my account because my credit is not so great. OK... I agreed. No big deal. I ordered my i265 phone and when it got to my house I called to get it activated. I was told that to get my phone activated I would have to pay $150 to get it activated. I was angry about that because no one told me this ahead of time. OK I have poor credit. So, I went ahead and paid the extra $150 for a total of $250. in deposits before my service became active. It is now August, 2006. I called Nextel yesterday to get another phone on my contract.

I needed two phones on the same line. I upgraded from 800 minutes per month to their "Business 3000" Plan. That would have given me 3000 minutes for each phone. The woman on the phone ** told me that there was no problem for me to upgrade. She told me that all they needed to do is sell me another i265 phone for $49.99 and a $25.00 activation fee, and that the charges would come out of my security deposit and that they would bill me for all of that in my next bill. My phone bill balance was up-to-date, as it has been each month. Today, August 23, 2006 my new Nextel phone came to my home.

When I called Nextel to activate the phone I was told that they could not activate the phone until I paid them $100. I was so damned angry that I told them they could stick their phones and their service up their behind. They are NOW going to keep my security deposit and try to bill me $200 for cancellation of my Nextel account. I told them that they will NEVER get $200 from me, and that I will be telling everyone that I know that Nextel is disgusting. Not only that, Nextel is expensive! I am NOW with AT&T Cingular Wireless. I have 900 minutes for $49.00 per month, plus taxes and service charges.

I was paying Nextel over $100 per month for 800 minutes. Cingular has the same coverage and I have a better phone and the phone is FREE, except that I don't have free incoming calls. Oh well! Goodbye Nextel! NEVER again. NEVER! And you will NEVER get $200 from me for cancelling your lousy service. When your service is lousy and someone at Nextel tells me one thing and then later tells me that I have to pay another $100 to activate a phone when that was never mentioned before I purchased an upgraded contract with you. No Way!

Why would I stay with Nextel (or anyone) when the terms of service are misrepresented.. for the second time! And then, a customer rep began telling me that if my credit wasn't so bad I wouldn't be having this problem. The issue wasn't my credit. The issue is Nextel! To those who are reading this: If you think that this can't or won't happen to you, you are mistaken. Go with Nextel and see just what they do to to you, as well. Good luck! and... goodbye Nextel! My God, Nextel... you suck! Bad!!!

Loss OF My money!!
By -

MADISON, INDIANA -- My husband & I ordered a Nextel phone from Nextel via the internet on 06/05/2006. On 06/06/2006 they took our deposit out of our bank account. We opted for the free 3 to 5 business day delivery of the phone. After 7 days went by we had not received the phone. To make a long story short and many hours on the phone (over a week & half period) with very rude csr's and numerous departments they agreed to send us our phone. We got our phone on 06/15/2006. Two days later the phone was shut off due to the deposit not being paid according to them. I had to fax them copies of my bank statements (numerous times) to show them they took the money out.

I had to give them my debit card numerous times also. Today's date is 07/15/06 and they have still not found my missing money. Today I was told to fax in the info once again that I might add is a costly little expense. They keep telling me to go ahead and pay the $100 again along with my bill and when this is resolved they will credit me. My bill which I received is $85.81 for billing date of 06/13/2006 to 06/17/2006. For which $30 is for shipping and handling. If you go back and read the first part of this I did not get the phone until the 06/15/2006. My question is why was the phone activated & sent to begin with if they had not got my money.

Where had my money gone, which I know they got it because my bank says so along with my statements. My husband and I are over the road truck drivers and we have missed out on about $5000 worth of loads because we was at the end of our contract with a previous cell phone provider and had it turned off when we got our Nextel phone. Our dispatcher was unable to contact us which about cost us our job also. For 2 weeks I had to call them every morning to have them turn it back on to have it shut off in a couple of hours. In order to keep our jobs we had to buy a prepaid to keep in touch with our dispatcher which is also costly.

So every time they had cut the phone off and turned it back on it was a $25 reconnect fee!! So now my bill is extremely outrageous due to their mistakes which will go on our credit!!! I no longer ask for the phone to be turned on because I cannot afford the reconnect fees. I talked to a lady in customer care by the name of ** that had more or less called me every thing under the sun and when I told her this conversation was being recorded she tried to tell me I couldn't do this because of FCC regulations. My comeback was yes I can as long as the other party is aware of this do to me being in law enforcement for years and she transferred me in a bat of an eye.

I have never been lied to, treated as bad as I have, or shuffled around more in my entire life. I have sent an e-mail to consumer affairs, the Attorney General and contacted my news station. Monday I plan on making an appointment with an attorney which will cost me a weeks worth of pay by having to stay at home to take care of this. If anyone has any other suggestions or would like to go in on a lawsuit with me please feel free to contact me!!! From my understanding there are a lot of people not happy with Nextel and I think it is time we stop this nonsense of them walking on us and get what we deserve back!! Under what review does this fall into ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!

Beware of Nextel
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I had a Nextel wireless cellphone for almost 5 years. First with the company I worked for and then my personal phone since I really liked the service and quality. During that period of time I had changed plans many times to meet my travel needs and business requirements. On each occasion the customer service representative said there was no problem with my "contract" and I could change as many times as I wanted without my begin date starting over. I had this last phone for over two years, which is the length of their initial contract period.

In the last year of service with them I acquired a second phone and added it to the first phone's billing statements. Everything was great until I changed banks. I contacted them no less than 8 times to get them to stop the automatic bank drafts. They NEVER did stop even after the account was closed! They caused numerous NSF charges each month and each month I faxed written instructions to stop the ACH debits and followed up with phone calls to their customer service people. I was using the phone quite a lot for business and the charges got upwards of $800 once. So I changed my calling plan again.

SBC (Cingular) was offering TWO cell phones with twice the minutes for less than what I was paying for Nextel's one phone - and had rollover for the unused minutes! I called Nextel to make the arrangements and ask questions - "no problem! sorry to see you leave, you've been with us for a long time". A nice goodbye? Hardly! The next bill I got was for $400 dollars for terminating my contract(s) ahead of time! I called to speak with them four more times about this "policy change" and what their representatives had said. The next bill came in with late fees of $65 - so now they think I owe $465 dollars.

Months pass and I did not pay as they told me BEFORE I changed services there would be no charges or problems with my "contract" since I had been a good customer for so many years. A nasty collection agency is calling and sending letters that they now want $485 for my delinquent bill. I told them the story and they said I need to send notarized copies of my statements, faxes, bla, bla, bla. No way! I still am not paying. Last month I get a REALLY nasty collection agency, a different one and with a letter threatening to sue me for $485 plus court costs if I do not pay up!

This must be why Nextel is being sued in Federal Court for charging consumers for things that became "policy" without notification to the consumer or providing an "opt out" plan. I went back to look at past bills and I had been charged for prime time calls when it was after 9 pm! Their so-called after hours or off-hours rates stopped when they changed the cutoff time without letting consumers know! UPDATE 2/28/2010 - Still getting collection letters and this item keeps reappearing on my credit report...8 years later!!

Bad "connection" with Nextel
By -

Stay away from Nextel. While I have had no problem with the phone itself, I am really disgusted with their deceptive practices for the reasons below:

  1. I had a one year contract (2003) and after that expired, I got a plan that cost less for 18 months (8/2004) - this is what the person in the Cancellation Department told me. I was looking forward to March 2006 when I could end my dealings with Nextel. Imagine my surprise when I found out yesterday that I had a 2 YEAR contract with them and would have to wait another year for my contract to be up (8/2006) The Cancellation person told me one thing and put something else in the computer. This was done over the phone. What proof do I have that I agreed to an 18 month contract? They send you no paperwork, it is your word against theirs, and we all know what that means.

  2. When I changed my service at that time, I was charged $75 for each of my two phones - and that was not disclosed to me until I received the bill.

  3. My son downloaded about 20 ring tones at $1.99 a pop. His phone went kaput and we swapped it for $35. However, no ring tones on the new phone - they are gone. Since Nextel gets them from a third party, I would have to pay for any more ringtones downloaded. I might as well as thrown that money out of the window. Also, about 6 months ago I told the Nextel people I wanted the ability for my son to download ring tones removed and it was not done. Just last month he downloaded 4 more.

  4. Text messaging - my son gets them, doesn't answer them and I get charged for them.

  5. When I told the person (male) in the Cancellation Department today that I wanted to terminate my contract early and pay the $200 cancellation fee for each phone, he asked me what would make me happy, but he would not honor the 18 month contract term I had. He pitched a "deal" where I could suspend my service for up to 3 months at the cost of $5.95 per phone while I try to find someone to "buy" my contract out. When I told him no, he offered me a $35 credit to keep the service for another month to "think about it." No to that too. I told him I wanted to cancel the plan at the end of the current billing cycle and that I would pay the $400 termination fee. I asked him what would happen if I didn't pay it all at once, and he told me I would be assessed late fees.

After reading some of the other problems people have had with Nextel, I am afraid that when I pay the $400 termination fee, I still may be bothered by them. In any event, I sent a nice, detailed email to the Better Business Bureau. These companies commit fraudulent acts yet are allowed to get away with it at the consumer's expense. On a positive note, most of the people I have had contact with at Nextel have been very pleasant on the phone, but really could not help me in this situation.

BOTTOM LINE: Some of the people at Nextel don't say what they mean, and don't mean what they say. Watch out!

Deceptive Billing Practices. Unfair.
By -

HONOLULU, HAWAII -- Voice Mail and Caller ID are commonplace today and go hand in hand with wireless phone service. That's why I was unpleasantly surprised when I received my latest bill from NEXTEL (Invoice Date May 17, 2005). In the “NEXTEL NEWS” section, after 3 marketing messages, there is a notice that the price for Caller ID and Voice Mail will increase to $3.49 each.

In truth, it should read “has” increased. Yes, past tense. I have copied the exact text below. “Notice Regarding Your Caller ID Service. The rate for Nextel Caller ID will increase to $3.49 per month. The new rate is effective with this statement.” “Notice Regarding Your Voice Mail Service. The rate for Nextel Voice Mail will increase to $3.49 per month. The new rate is effective with this statement.”

The statement I received today (Invoice Date May 17, 2005) covers the billing period of April 13, 2005 to May 12, 2005. In the Subscriber Activity Summary section, it shows that I was charged $3.49 for Caller ID service between 04/13 and 05/12 and $3.49 for Voice Mail Service between 04/13 and 05/12. The previous bill from Nextel shows that I was paying $2.99 for each of these services. This is the first notice that I have received regarding a rate increase and yet Nextel has already made the increase effective on April 13, the start of my billing period. In December of last year, NEXTEL made a similar increase.

They increased the price of Caller ID and Voice Mail from $.99 to $2.99 each. As with the current increase, they provided no notice of the increase until after charges had been accumulated for these services. It is like agreeing to stay in a hotel room for a certain price, only to have the hotel raise the rate when you go to checkout. While I do acknowledge that wireless providers do have the right to raise rates, it is not right for them to raise prices for services so important to cellular service and expect me to pay.

If I don't want to pay the increased rates, then I believe I have the right to disconnect. They told me on the telephone I could stop caller ID and voicemail. Why would I want to do that? I'd rather disconnect and sign up with Verizon, T-mobile, or Cingular. After numerous calls to customer service, they would not let me disconnect without a $200 early termination fee for each line. They threatened that if I don't pay $400, it will go to collections. On the back of the contract, it does say that a $200 fee does apply, except for termination in response to Company changes. I have notified NEXTEL that I do not accept the changes on May 17, 2005.

I have continued to pay my bill and use the service since I am paying for it. I feel that NEXTEL is guilty of deceptive business practices. I also believe they are in violation of the CTIA Consumer Code for Wireless Services of which they are a signatory to. Among other things, it states in Item 7, that “Carriers will not modify the material terms of their subscribers' contracts in a manner that is materially adverse to subscribers without providing a reasonable advance notice of a proposed modification and allowing subscribers a time period of not less than 14 days to cancel their contracts with no early termination fee.”

Bad business at Nextel!
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I usually don't post on things like this because everyone gets duped a little by all companies. But Nextel went over the line. I got married in March of 2005. My then-fiance had a Nextel contract, but since the reception wasn't as good at my house as Verizon, I told her we should look into switching it. So we called Nextel and got information on when the contract would expire, and if it would be a while before it did end, how much would the cancellation fee be. A customer service rep told us the contract would end on April 8th, and I think we called on March 27th. I then asked how much to cancel the contract, expecting $150-175.

Imagine my shock when the lady (named **) said there would be no contract cancellation fees! In their defense, I should have asked WHY this was so, as it seemed really weird that we could just 'get out' of a contract with no penalties. But I figured that since this was customer service, they would know, right? She then asked if I wanted to port the number to the new service, and I said yes I did. I then asked about when to notify Nextel if we do decide to end the contract, and she said that when the number was ported to the new company, it would automatically end the contract.

At this point, I began questioning the no-penalty part of the contract termination. ** then again told me that there would be no fee if I broke the contract. I think I asked her about four times if this was true, and I'm sure she was getting annoyed. Only me, my then-fiance, and ** know what was said. But being that I've been screwed around by companies before, I made sure I understood that there was NO PENALTY to break the contract early, and I also got her name (**!) 'just in case' it would come back to haunt me.

Now think about this for a minute--if I had been told it would cost us $200 to break a contract that expired TEN DAYS later, would we have gone ahead an cancelled it?? We make 'OK' money, but we're newlyweds and don't have $200 to throw away! Well, April 15th hits, and we get a $336 bill from Nextel. Why? $200 for breaking the contract, $25 portability fee (we weren't told about that either, but I can live with it), and the rest in phone uses, which I have no problem paying at all. So I call Nextel last night, and after speaking to a very professional customer service rep, she can't do much to help me so I get on with a supervisor.

While being very professional and understanding--and somewhat patient with me during my 45 minute rant--she informs me of the following: SINCE THERE ARE NO NOTES IN OUR SYSTEM THAT SHOW SHE TOLD YOU THERE WOULD BE NO CANCELLATION FEES, THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT THE $200 CHARGE, SIR. Now think about this a minute. It appears to me that Nextel's policy is to avoid putting anything in the notes that could 'hurt' Nextel, because then when a mad customer calls back, if it's not in the "NOTES", there's nothing the customer can do. Hey, let's just record that 'customer x' called, but don't put in what you told him or her. That way, whatever you tell him/her to do can't be held against NEXTEL, and they are screwed.

I tried for 45 minutes to get this supervisor to understand my side, but she kept reverting to the fact that there was nothing in the notes, so I have to pay it. She then informed me that there may have been some misinformation by the rep, or even misunderstanding on MY part. To fix this, she said she would be sure to notify **'s supervisor and coach ** on proper handling of contract terminations. Does that help me? Nope, I just need to pay the bill I was told we wouldn't get. Don't pay it, you say? Can't do that--it'll go on her credit.

And since we want out of this apartment soon, it won't look good to have an unpaid bill on our credit. So, I have to scrounge up some money that would have helped eliminate our credit cards and instead pay Nextel who 'misinformed' us. You can say it's our fault for terminating a contract and not expecting a fee. You know what, the supervisor said the same thing. What should one do in this case? Maybe call the company's customer service and get a quote of what it would cost. OH WAIT, WE ALREADY DID! She then said I should have talked to a supervisor.

No, I did what I was supposed to do--call customer service, and do what they tell me. But since ** didn't put in her notes what she told me (she did put in about me asking about cancelling the contract and porting the number though--how convenient for Nextel!!), ** and I are stuck with this bill. So I'm on a campaign to use the internet to get the message out: Avoid Nextel!!! Go Verizon!!

Did Not Receive Voicemails for a Month!
By -

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- This is the complaint letter I sent Nextel: I am writing to express my complete dissatisfaction with the quality of service which I am receiving from Nextel Communications. My cellular number is **. The reason I am writing is that I did not receive my voicemail message for AN ENTIRE MONTH! I am a single woman who lives alone and I have no land line in my home. I am 100% dependent on my Nextel cell phone to keep me in contact with business associates, family and friends. This afternoon, while I was at work, I received a call on my Nextel cell phone. However, due to a deadline, I was unable to answer the phone in that moment.

A minute later, the phone chimed again, letting me know that I had received a voicemail. When I checked the voicemail, I discovered, to my complete horror, that I had 19 voice mail messages. I sat at my desk, stunned, as I listened to messages dating all the way back to mid-December 2004 until the present time. This was the very first time that I was listening to these messages. I had never received any of these messages previously! I immediately called Nextel Customer Service and Customer Support. I was told that there was nothing wrong with my Nextel cell phone.

I was given a very vague explanation about how Nextel noticed a problem on their end and had subsequently "pushed" the voicemail messages through to me. I was told to call back if I ever experienced this problem again! I am OUTRAGED. I depend entirely on this cellular telephone as I do not have a land line in my home. I need to receive my voicemail messages in a TIMELY manner. Some of the messages I received were from my personal physician, who was calling to give me test results that I was anxiously awaiting. She and her staff members left SEVERAL messages.

Do you know that pain and anguish that I experienced while I waited to hear from them? Do you know how embarrassing it is that she believes that I ignored several calls? There were many holiday greetings from friends and family that I never received until today. Some had called more than once. I will now have to make many phone calls to apologize to many people for not responding to their voicemail messages, messages that I never received until today! I have been very dissatisfied with Nextel Communications in the past. I experience dropped calls most of the time.

Check my records. You will see that I often have to call a party SEVERAL times in order to complete a conversation. This is NOT acceptable. Next week, I will be traveling to Puerto Rico. I can make calls to Puerto Rico through Nextel's Nationwide Long Distance network but for some inane reason I have been told that my cell phone will not work on the island. This is just another example of the inadequacy of Nextel Communication's service. Not receiving my voicemail messages for an entire month is totally UNACCEPTABLE. There is no excuse for negligence like this. I expect to be released from my service contract IMMEDIATELY, so that I can seek a RELIABLE wireless service provider.

Customer Service and Service Managers Who Cannot do their jobs correctly, or in a timely manner!!
By -

FLORIDA -- Nextel has become the most customer unfriendly company in the world. I guess since their merger with Sprint, us little guys just don't matter as the make the millions/billions (from us little guys). My phone was recently stolen/lost, and the first problem I encountered was there was nobody available to shut off the service until the following day, allowing unauthorized usage to cost me ridiculously (should Nextel have made international calls, long distance calls, or just went over my minute plan).

That's not the issue, the fact of the matter is that there was nobody available to service a customer in distress trying to do the right thing: STOP SERVICE ON A MISSING PHONE!! LET'S PROCEED TO THE NIGHTMARE ON NEXTEL STREET. We notified the customer service dept, and advised of the situation, and was notified at that time that our contract had repair/replacement insurance and would be easy to resolve the situation. Calling the customer service center a little later, to confirm that all details were finalized, I was told by another customer rep that we did not have insurance on the phone, and would have to pay full price on the replacement phone.

I made another call to the customer service line, and was ignorantly placed on hold for more than an hour, as the message stated that the calls were answered in the order they are received. Finally I got tired of holding on for nothing, and recalled another phone number for customer support, and was speaking with an agent within several minutes that was less than knowledgeable in their job description.

After several requests, I was FINALLY TRANSFERRED to a customer service supervisor, who, based on the circumstances of the inefficiency of their own customer service agents agreed to compute (credit) me with the cost of the replacement phone, and further agreed to upgrade the unit for no charge at all. The Supervisor transferred me to the shipping dept, who advised that there was no order posted on my account to credit or to ship me a replacement phone of any type.

When asked to transfer me back to the supervisor, that person couldn't be located, and I was transferred again, this time to a supposed member of management, who failed to stand behind his/her own Customer Service Supervisor, claiming that there was no insurance on the account. How many sets of contracts do they keep at Nextel, as each agent reads something different from the other?!

I am now requesting a copy of the "taped" conversations we had, including the outrageously long on ignore. I will not let Nextel treat me like this, as I pay my bill, at the rate Nextel charged me for minute usage. Now it's up to Nextel to honor its own Commitment of Customer Service, even if they have to spend some out of pocket money. No Phone In Hand. 12/18/06.

By -

HUNTINGDON VALLEY, PENNSYLVANIA -- Where do I begin. My husband got a Nextel i530 phone a year ago. He liked Nextel phones because of the walkie talkie feature. I had Verizon (never, ever should have switched). I decided to switch to Nextel. I got the i710 phone a year ago. My husband gets about 7 dropped calls a day, no service in a lot of areas in PA, when someone tries to reach him, people get "please hold while the Nextel subscriber you are trying to reach is located". It goes right into voice mail. God for bid if there was an emergency. We take both phones to the Nextel Service store. The guy at the store said my husband's phone was discontinued because a lot of people have complained about this phone.

Also, he takes the phone in the back to check out the battery. He comes back and shows us a dent in the battery. My husband has to pay for phone. He doesn't get one for free. He checked out the battery the day before and there was no dent in the battery. We both got new phones. The guy said you should upgrade your phones every year. He also said that phone my husband got, he should not get dropped calls, he should get service in all areas in PA. Well, he still got dropped calls, no service in areas of PA and that annoying message when someone tries to call him. We decide to send both phones back. My husband goes to the store to return the phones, they can't help us.

We have to call Nextel to see what we need to do. My husband calls Nextel and they say the place we got the phones has to send the phones. My husband goes back to the store and they can't help us. We have to send the phones back. My husband has his old phone and Nextel's service is the worst. Dropped called, no service, etc. Luckily his contract is up. My phone needs a new battery. I have to pay $60.00 for the battery. Mind you, the phone is under warranty. I get no service in certain areas of PA. I am fed up with Nextel. I never should have switched.

My husband has lost business due the bad service. In order to break out of the contract, it is $200.00 which I think is ridiculous. The service sucks, so why do we have to pay the termination fee. Nextel is the WORST!!! I will never recommend anyone to go with Nextel. They lie!!!! Whoever is thinking about going with Nextel, think again. You will have problems. Trust me!!!

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