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Ripped off 200 dollars worth of Virtual Console games
By -

I've had a Wii since the moment they came out; I bought one on the midnight release in Nov. of 2006. Since then MANY games have been purchased for the console, wiiware, and virtual console. As well as being a fan since the NES days (still have all of my Nintendo systems from the past) I was more of a fan than ever. When the new black Wii was announced I knew I was going to buy one. Since I don't understand "Terms and Agreements" I called Nintendo customer support to find out if purchasing one would be possible.

I specifically asked about selling my old one to go towards the new black one and I was told after being put on hold just to "call when you get the new Wii." "And I will be able to get my games?" "Yes, just call us back." Apparently operators aren't trained to know Nintendo's policies because I know now that would never happen. Why would somebody give away 200 dollars worth of Virtual Console games for a different color Wii? Nobody. Not even me. I thought, "Its fine, Nintendo's customer support is the best in the industry. They'll fix this for a customer loyal as me." Wrong.

After speaking to numerous people they seemed to Dodge the fact that I was lied to, as if they think I'm lying. I have no reason to lie, I just want what I've paid for twice already: the actual game cart and the download the first time. Nope, nope, nope. Policy is policy. They tell me there isn't ANYTHING they could do, but I know that's a lie. The content is a digital download not one of a kind software. How about sending my console in and adding them? It's not that they couldn't do it, it's against policy. And this is where the loop begins: "We can't do anything without the old console."

But, I realized that I never would've been in this situation if Nintendo's customer support was properly trained or at least care enough to forward the call to somebody who did know. If I was told correctly I would've never bought a new Wii, I would still have my games, and I would still be happy. Thanks Nintendo.

American Consumers Held Hostage Again!!
By -

NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have been a "victim" of abuse both ethically and from business practice point of view, by Corporate America consumer retail stores, as well as the manufacturer of Wii- Nintendo. I understand the supply vs. demand rule, and I also understand when corporate America place an order with their suppliers that, a "promise date or a delivery date " is provided to the buyers by their suppliers, but this particular product had me puzzle for months that absolutely not one department stores; Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target, Sears and many other stores has any clues on ETA of this product? Why?

That is because the American buyers are too chicken and powerlessly unable to obtain a delivery date from Nintendo, since Nintendo do not have an answer nor production schedules to fulfill a contractual requirement of a purchase order. They are holding the American consumers hostage. And laughing at our corporate buyers for their desperations and anxiously awaiting product to suddenly appear on their docks???

I'm at a point now shifting my "love" for this product into "HATE" because I just absolutely refused to be held "HOSTAGE" by incompetent American buyers and the manufacturer - Nintendo. I joined the gym today for $349 per year, yes, with an indoor swimming pool. And, eBay, you guys are just too greedy, just like the OPEC oil scenario, don't think I will bend over to buy your "greed" product either. What I would like to see is we boycott this item. I really would like to see the American consumers united together and send a message back to Nintendo (president is Iwata) and tell him where he can go..

Meantime, you large retail idiots, you need to understand how consumer behavior works, love-hate, we can learn to hate you very quickly!! I hope you guys are not going to be looking for bail-outs, because you won't get it from us. Finally, message to all your buyers - DO YOUR JOB!!!

Numbers on the back of the points cards get scratched off too easily.
By -

I like to buy the kids the Wii Points cards so that they can download the classic games off of Wii Shop. You can download Mario games from NES and Super NES as well as N64 and Sega. You can also download Wii games with the cards so that you don't have to go out and by them. For the third time now I've scratched off the back of the card to reveal the numbers, only to have the numbers scratch off too. It's very frustrating and very upsetting. These cards are not cheap. They cost 20.00 a piece for 2000 Wii points. Double that when you have to go out and replace them for another because the numbers scratch off the back.

It has nothing to do with scratching too hard, you scratch it like you would a lottery ticket. We love our Wii console, just downloaded Uno the other day, but am very tired of having to buy two cards instead of one on the off chance I've received another bad card.

This is what customer service should be
By -

I bought a Nintendo Wii on launch day (11/19/06). Every day since then, excepting the two weeks I was on vacation, it has been lovingly used in our house. It has traveled to spread the gospel of Nintendo-style gaming in the homes of friends and relatives. It has been lent out as the star of children's birthday parties. And all this time, its optical drive was a little louder than I liked, but I thought maybe they were all that way. Over the past few weeks it started getting louder. I knew I should get it looked at. It wasn't damaging game discs, but it was really annoying when the vibration noise was louder than the game sounds.

I just hated the idea of explaining to my 6 year old that when he does want to play - because he does a lot of things that are not playing video games, but it's a tradition for us to have a quick round of Monkey Ball or Mario Party in the evenings, and I traded in the GameCube for the Wii since the Wii plays all the GCN games - that it would be out for a few weeks getting repaired. I finally resolved to send it in over this coming weekend, when we had lots of outdoor outings planned.

So I called the Nintendo customer service telephone number, located right there on their web site (you would be surprised how many companies, and especially repair departments, don't list their phone number on the web). The message telling me I had to wait for a CSR didn't even finish playing before a rep was on the line. I explained my problem and she said she'd get me an RMA right away to get it fixed.

She asked for my phone number. I gave it to her. She did a bit of a verbal double-take and said, "Are you here in Washington?" "I'm in Redmond, as a matter of fact [location of Nintendo of America's campus]," I replied. "Well then, let's not bother with the RMA and the shipping labels and all of that. Just bring it on in to Nintendo," she said. Wh-what...? She assured me she was not kidding. She gave me directions to the Nintendo campus building where the Customer Service Center was located, and five minutes later I was looking at an unassuming door. I took a deep breath, told my son to hold on to the Wii with both hands, for goodness' sake, and opened the door.

A life-size Mario and a larger-than-life Pikachu greeted us. So did a really nice, cheerful woman behind the sales counter. I related my telephone conversation to her, still certain that I'd been had.

"Oh, yeah!" she said. "We do that!"

"Awesome," I blurted. I really did say "Awesome." I'm embarrassed about that now.

"It's going to be about 30 minutes, though," she went on. "I'm really sorry."

She wasn't Japanese, but clearly Nintendo is a Japanese company. Only a Japanese service center would apologize for taking 30 minutes to repair a piece of electronics when my expectation going in was that I'd be without it for two weeks.

The boy played games in the waiting area while I sat under the watchful eye of Mario. 25 minutes later I saw her emerge from the back room out of the corner of my eye, but I was watching the boy playing a particularly suspenseful level of Wario Ware Twist. She waited until she heard the "level complete" sound to get my attention.

In those 25 minutes, they'd transferred all of my Miis, friends, and saved games from the old console to a new one. She logged on to make sure my 500 points transferred to the shopping channel. She sent me out with a $0.00 invoice showing a warranty replacement of my Wii and a reset of the warranty clock, meaning the Wii I took home has 15 months of coverage from today, even though I bought my original one almost 3 months ago.

So this is my Valentine to Nintendo. That was the most awesome customer service experience I ever, ever had.

Hard For Left Handed
By -

ILLINOIS -- We were all having fun with the Wii udraw game until it was my turn because I'm left handed and there is no way to draw on the game!!! Is there a remedy for this?

Excellent Tech Support
By -

MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- This morning at about 10:00 my son and I decided to get in a quick game of Wii Boxing before lunch. He proceeded to kick my butt for about 3 games before we decided to play bowling. Again he proceeded to kick my butt, however, 20 minutes into playing the screen went black, an error message came up and both Wii controllers started vibrating and blinking. After 2 unsuccessful attempts to fix the problem as per the manual that came with the Wii console, I decided to call up Nintendo thinking that the console was having a bigger issue.

I called the 800 number, pressed 2 buttons and in literally 25 seconds was transferred to a tech support representative. Not only was I shocked at such a minimal hold time, I was more shocked that the person I was speaking with was not outsourced from India. This person was located in California! (I hope you're reading this Microsoft). I told her what the problem was and said that I tried twice to fix it as per the manual. She was very polite, told me what to turn off the power and unplug it from the wall for 25 minutes. She stayed on the phone with me the entire time!

I was finally able to get the game disc out of the console and found out the reason for my error message, she said a scratched game disc was the culprit. A new game will arrive on Friday along with a box to send out the old one that caused the console to freeze. And none of this is at my expense. I am very satisfied with this product and the companies customer service, so much so that I will recommend this product to anyone. Nintendo gets an A+ in my book!

Great Product. Why do they advertise a product that is not available?
By -

OHIO -- Retiree here. Purchased this game December 30 at Walmart. Absolutely wonderful with no quality issues. I would like to purchase additional games for my married children. Almost impossible. Neighbors have played mine and want one. No chance. Why do they spend money advertising the product on TV, when people can't buy them at the regular price? Nintendo needs to put advertising dollars into new plants. Absolutely ridiculous management.

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